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Wikitravel:How to re-distribute Wikitravel content

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How to re-distribute Wikitravel content

There are several options to redistribute our content and remain in compliance with our CC-by-sa license. Please note that any violation revokes the CC license in effect, so please be sure to accomodate the requirements up front:

  1. Using MediaWiki or GetWiki, you may XML import all or part of the Wikitravel corpus; Your legal notice must either make all further edits CC-by-sa (so they may be reintegrated into the Wikitravel corpus or other CC-by-sa- works), or default edits to that license, or clearly mark every page if the default is to another license such as the GFDL. Note: neither MediaWiki nor GetWiki exports the list of authors (the GFDL requires up to five to be named), it is actually impossible to meet the terms of the GFDL this way. If you block IP of any users whatsoever, you must likewise provide the source or the URI where the source can be retrieved - not allowing users to edit is not an excuse to deny them access to the source for their own purposes.
  2. Using other software, including any you have authored yourself, which does not allow arbitrary edits by ordinary users, you need only include the legal notice that "a version" (if you have edited it) or "this version" is from Wikitravel - you must provide the standard wiki URI of that page ( at Wikitravel, to let users retrieve the page's wikitext standard source.

If attribution or share-alike is easier at Wikitravel than at your own web service, you should encourage your users to participate in editing pages here, so that your own service may focus on presentation and added value services.

Regardless of the software, source page access, attribution display and share-alike capability, the following provisions apply to every page that you import:

(add provisions from Wikitravel_talk:Non-compliant_redistribution, general CC-by-sa interpretation and markings, issues with GFDL mixing and other CC and open content license mixing)