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In general, for Wikitravel, we rarely delete pages. It's not often necessary to do so. This article talks about how to delete a page, and what to do when you think you need to delete a page, but you actually don't.

Understanding deletion

Many people, when they first start using a wiki like Wikitravel, think of pages on the wiki like files on their own computer. You can create them and edit them, so therefore you should be able to delete them just as easily, right?

But Wiki pages are different from normal files. Anyone can modify the page, and sometimes, through malice or accident, they do a bad job of it. We mitigate this by keeping a history of all the different versions, so other people can fix bad modifications and revert to old versions if absolutely necessary.

When a page is deleted, however, nobody else can do this. We usually try not to delete pages, for this reason, unless they are really messed up.

Fake deletions

It's possible to get the effects of deleting a page without actually deleting it. These are some things that anyone can do to "delete" a page.

  • If a page has content on it that you think is incorrect or badly written, you can simply change it.
  • If a page is for a travel subject, but has a name that doesn't fit with our article naming conventions, you can rename it.
  • If a page has a good name, but there's no good content on it, you can just blank it. Edit the page, and delete everything in it. It'd be nice if you could add some stub information to get things started, but if not, just leave it blank, and the next person coming through will add some data.
  • If a page is a duplicate of another page (it covers the same subject as another page), you can change it to redirect to the other page. If two or more pages are duplicates of each other, merge their content onto the page that has the "best" name (according to the article naming conventions), and redirect all the other ones there.

Permanent deletion

It's sometimes necessary or desirable, though, to permanently delete a page. For practical reasons, our software doesn't allow anyone to permanently delete pages unilaterally. If you think that a page should be deleted, according to the deletion policy, then you should add a link to the page to the votes for deletion ("VFD") page.

On VFD, say why the page should be deleted. Date your vote (see using talk pages for how to do this). After 7 days, if nobody can give a convincing argument as to why the page shouldn't be deleted, an administrator will permanently delete the page.