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Wikitravel:How to create a user account

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You may want to create a user account to give yourself an identity on Wikitravel. Wikitravellers with user accounts get a User page, and their user name is used for page histories. They also have the ability to mark their changes as minor, can add pages to a watchlist, and have the ability to turn off advertising. They can also communicate with other Wikitravellers through their personal talk page.

You can set up a user account by following the Log in link on (practically) any page on Wikitravel.

You'll need to choose a user name for yourself. This should be short, unique, and not obscene. It can have upper and lowercase letters and numbers, but you should avoid using spaces or punctuation marks. Above all, do not use the ampersand symbol (&) as this will make your user pages almost inaccessible, after you create them.

You also need a password. Choose a strong password with letters, numbers, and punctuation characters. Enter your new password in the fields labeled Your password and Retype password. (Note that, unless you have specified an e-mail address for your account, lost passwords cannot be recovered for the time being.)

Optionally, enter an email address where you can be reached in the Your e-mail field. This is entirely optional, but can be helpful if other users want to send you email through Wikitravel. On extremely rare occasions, Wikitravel Administrators may need to contact you, and having your email helps. See our Privacy policy for more info.

Also optionally, you can enter your "real name". This will be the name used for crediting you for your work on Wikitravel, and will appear at the bottom of the pages you edit. If you don't want to have your real name shown, just leave this blank, and your user name will be used for credits instead. Google loves wikitravel, and if you enter your real name and make a few edits, it may quickly become the top google ranked result when searching for your name. You can always put your real name on your userpage instead, if you don't want this to happen.

You can change your password, email address, and real name later with the user preferences tool. Your username cannot be changed (easily), so please think twice about what name you choose.

Once you have a user account set up, you may want to use the Preferences page to customize the way Wikitravel behaves for you.

Describing yourself

Once you are registered as a Wikitraveller, you can describe yourself if you want to. Other contributors may find it easier to communicate with you and may even ask for your help sometimes.


Internal administrative accounts all begin with the letters "IB", such as IBobi. This is because the company that hosts Wikitravel is called Internet Brands. Usernames starting with "IB" are reserved for this reason. Please do not select a username starting with IB.

It takes a Bureaucrat to change your user-name. If you need your user-name changed, make a request on shared:Requests for username change.

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