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The Graffiti wall is a place for newcomers to practice How to edit a page. Please try to keep your edits below the following line, but otherwise plunge forward!

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Red table.

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Kutte kameene .... Username x 07:42, 27 October 2009 (EDT)* ok i want to add to the page...what do i do?


  • nada (what does nada mean?), [2].

The name Lismore comes from the old irish, lis (church) more (large) meaning Large church.


Where did it all go?

The place to practice...

It is all pretty self-explanatory once you hit the edit button.

Test test test

Yes it is a great place for testing my knowledge.

Oh! I see what you did there.


hers was mine

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What does this do? And not do?

Aliens have landed in London: read the full report at


| And this ... Graffiti wall

[[File:noframe|250px|frameless|Graffiti wall]]
Quick Facts
Capital Kim Jong Il Ville
Government dictatorship
Currency Kim (NKK)
Area 200,000something sq km
Population 9,445,567,890 (July 2099 est.)
Language Language1, Language2
Religion Religion1, Religion2
Electricity xxxV/yyHz (Z plug)
Country code +CC
Internet TLD .xx
Time Zone UTC +N

Country is in Region.


South Not much going on there

North this areas rocks.

West This area deserves some attention as well. Most of the time the West is the rainy part of the country.

Central Mostly populated by hippies and other politicians.

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Many recommend this media source [] as a staple for tourism. still looking ghjdgyh tjy)))))))))

Just messing around with editing. :)

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Rmtrarus 06:58, 13 September 2010 (EDT)==Other destinations== Parque del cafe

* Punta del diablo, [3]. . This place rules.

New Zealand's east coast is also referred to as the East Cape (internal link redirection)

Quito is a big city in Ecuador.

Get in

By plane


Jumbo Jet 747

By spaceship

ridesup testing still testing all

scottish runts==

By car

In Beijing it is really easy for people to travel around by car. Taxis abound, and it is also very easy to hire a car for a day. However, when taking a taxi always agree on a price before hand or ask the driver to turn on the meter.

By bus

When traveling by bus, be sure to avoid sitting near the toilet. There is some ghastly spelling on this page, which I am correcting to try to learn edit functions.

That's for buses having toilets. Local bus in Laos would simply stop in counyryside when a passenger needs it.

By submarine

Snorkels provided. Shark.jpg

By boat

Don't forget to bring a towel...

By bicycle

Avoide saddle sore

By TukTuk

Amazingly cheap but very illegal.

Renting a bike

most towns have a bike shop. Many rent bikes.

Get around

>Wonder what this punctuation does. [link me up!]

Getting around by Taxi is quite cheap.


I thought talk is cheap, but sometimes is not.


  • Red table. The red table is a table painted red. Then there's a second sentence. And a third. And a fourth? The red table was painted blue after the bull tried to charge it.
  • Lazy Lizzard (The split), 111 End Alley. 12. Just rum & coca cola ! 25.
  • This Place, 1 Street Avenue, 616-444-4444, [4]. W-F 11-6, Sa Sun 11-5. Come to this place, it's fun. $5.
  • The Computer Doctor, Broad Street, 570-296-5477, [5]. M-S 10-6. The Computer Doctor $.
  • Testing (??), newcomer street (next to what to do now), [6]. I have no idea how this will turn out
  • The trails on the Sunshine Coast are world class. There are 100's of them.


  • ABC Restaurant, Anyplace. A restaurant which serves food and has chairs and tables
  • XXX SuperGrill, beachfront. Serves grilled meat in several kinds. Provide no fork and knife.



  • Coffee milk, Available everywhere. Coffee milk is one of two major drinks in RI.



hi this is a link link title singapore

punta del diablo

UK Cottages has holiday cottages in Clacton and across Essex [8].

  • Not Real. This is a link to the singapore inside the description. (47,122)
  • mmmmmmFood, [7]. Food



Something you can learn here is to insert links Wikipedia

Link to a website [10]

buying milk==

many people think milk comes in numerous varieties, yet milk is largely divided into skim, "two percent" and whole versions of any cow's product. choose the appropriate version for your household needs. [[Image:Media:Example.jpg[[Media:<math>Example.ogg</math>--Malaprops 00:26, 20 May 2011 (EDT)



These districts are a part of the city of Los Angeles. See also Los Angeles County for destinations in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

  • Downtown — The central business district of the city of Los Angeles, Downtown is also home to the city's Grand Avenue cultural corridor. Like many city centers, the advent of the automobile and freeways led to the neighborhood's slow decline. However, in recent years, the area has seen a booming revival led by new residential buildings, with trendy hotels, bars, shops and restaurants.
  • Eastside — A funkier area north of downtown and east of Hollywood that's rapidly gentrifying.
  • Hollywood — The place where movies are made. It has received quite a makeover in recent years, sparked by the construction of Hollywood & Highland and the return of the Academy Awards.
  • San Fernando Valley — The northern suburban portion of Los Angeles, lying in a valley northwest of downtown, containing various districts.
  • South Central — It's long had a reputation for gang violence and is famed for the Rodney King riots, but while it remains off most peoples radar, there are a handful of things to see and it's slowly working to repair its bruised image.
  • Westside — Generally more affluent area of town near the ocean
  • Wilshire — Home of the historic architecture of the Miracle Mile District, the Farmer's Market and The Grove shopping areas, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, CBS Television City, and the famous La Brea Tar Pits.