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Use ''italics'' to delineate foreign words that have not been adopted in English. Don't use any formatting or punctuation to delimit words that '''have''' been adopted in English.
#REDIRECT [[Wikitravel:Foreign-language names]]
*kung fu
*''tuk tuk''
If you're giving a translation of an English word, use the same format as for [[Wikitravel:Foreign-language names|Foreign-language names]]. For example:
* The subway (French: ''Métro'') is very convenient.
Alternately, you can use the foreign language word, and provide the English translation in parentheses but no italics afterwards, as in:
* The ''rathaus'' (city hall) is in the center of town.
If there's just no translation for a foreign word, or the word has been explained already, just use it without a translation.
See also: [[Wikitravel:foreign-language names]], for proper nouns

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