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''The contents of this page have been moved to [LOMBOK HIKING)
''The contents of this page have been moved to [[:shared:Category:Feature requests]]. You can add a new request on [[:shared:Technical requests]].''
==LOMBOK HIKING +6281916030327 Welcome  To LOMBOK HIKING We are a new travel agency in Senaru. We Organize trekking in the Rinjani mountain and surrounds, Lombok tours and volcano trekking. We can help you choose from a variety of programs delivering a tour to suit your individual needs. We have the experience and personnel for a leisurely stroll or a more demanding trekking adventure. Our environmental qualifications ensures we maintain the natural beauty by removing all litter and minimizing the impact of our programs. “Clean and Green” are concepts we embrace and your cooperation in this initiative is requested. The preservation of the natural beauty of Mount Rinjani National Park and its surrounds ensures future visitors will also enjoy their stay and indigenous wildlife protected.
[[:Wünsche an MediaWiki]]
[[de:Wikitravel:Wünsche an MediaWiki]]
[[it:Wikitravel:Richieste nuove caratteristiche]]
[[it:Wikitravel:Richieste nuove caratteristiche]]

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The contents of this page have been moved to shared:Category:Feature requests. You can add a new request on shared:Technical requests.