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Wikitravel:Don't tout

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In many countries business owners hire touts to solicit customers. Touts go to train stations, airports, or open plazas and urge travellers to visit their employers' business.

Wikitravel is not a tout for any business, city, or service. Business employees, like everyone, are welcome to add information to Wikitravel, but we're making a travel guide, not a business brochure. Our tone should reflect this, so please don't tout in your writing.

Try to avoid language that urges or pushes the traveller to do this or that. Instead, give the traveller the information they need to decide on their own. Rather than speaking from the point of view of an advertiser or marketeer, use the voice of an experienced traveller sharing knowledge with another.

Some specific points:

  • Use the indicative mood for descriptions ("The food at Restaurant X is good.") rather than the imperative mood for commands ("Come to Restaurant X and sample its delicious fare!").
  • Avoid using flowery, vague terms in descriptions
  • Avoid superlatives (the best, the biggest, the tastiest, the most fascinating) unless they can be sourced and are of interest to the traveller

See also: Tone, Neutral point of view, The traveller comes first