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Dattatreya Temple
  • Tradition asserts that the Dattatreya Temple, in the Nepalese city of Bhaktapur, was built from the trunk of a single tree.
  • If you buy clothes at the Chlorophylle Montréal retail outlet in Montreal's Quartier Latin, you may try them on first in a dressing room made of recycled sheds from northern Quebec.
  • Holy mackerel! The fish market in Gothenburg, Sweden is called Feskekôrka (Fish Church) because of the shape of its building.
Echmiadzin Cathedral
  • The altar at 1,700 year old Echmiadzin Cathedral in Central Armenia, the mother Cathedral of Armenians is built over a preserved fire worshiping pit.
  • The international airport for Brisbane, Australia is at the community of Eagle Farm, appropriately enough.
  • Ukraine is generally glad to be out from under the Soviet Union, but its capital Kiev still hosts a Soviet-themed restaurant -- called СССР (USSR), of course.
  • So-called "Hotel Laurier" at Waterloo (Ontario) isn't so much a hotel as the off-season rental of residences at Wilfrid Laurier University.
  • Opened December 2008, the Jumbo Hostel in Stockholm is a Boeing 747-turned-hostel. (Book early to spend the night in the deluxe cockpit room!)
  • Le Conte Lodge, the only lodging within Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is reachable only via a 5-mile trail, and the lodge's supplies must be brought in via llama or helicopter.
  • The name of Rambutsiwi Temple in Negara, Bali literally means "Hair Worship".

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  • The tallest flagpole in the United States of America is in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and is nearly 340 feet tall. (destub)
  • The town of Kristinestad, Finland has a road called Kattpiskargränden, which means Cat Spanker Alley.
  • By tradition, the sand spit of Amanohashidate, one of Japan's Three Views, is best viewed upside down from between your legs. (de-outline)
  • Northern Kentucky is home to the Creation Museum, which teaches the Book of Genesis as literal truth. (de-outline)
  • The name of the Japanese town of Shiojiri means "Salt Butt". (destub)
  • Mt. Angel recently built the largest glockenspiel in the United States. Also hosts a Bavarian-style "Oktoberfest" complete with traditional German bands every September (de-outline, wait for September, 2008 dates are Sep.11-14)
  • A street in Lancaster, California was modified for a Honda commercial so that all cars driving over it at 55 miles per hour would hear the William Tell Overture due to grooves cut in the road.

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  • Menton Fête du Citron: There's a lemon party and you're invited! Lemon-related festivities over several days in February. (wait for Feb)