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A disambiguation page lists the full titles of several different articles, and allows the traveler to choose between them.

It can be useful to create a disambiguation page in several different cases:

  • When destinations share identical names, for example Perth refers to several different cities and towns.
  • For geographical regions that do not form part of the hierarchy, for example New Guinea.
  • When bodies of water and other geographical features have information about them in several other articles, but do not have a destination guide of their own.

If you reach a disambiguation page by following a link in an article, it means that the original article isn't linked directly to the right article. You can help make Wikitravel better by going back and editing the link on the page that directed you to the disambiguation page. Before you do you might like to read the naming conventions, especially those on disambiguation.

If an article that should be listed in the disambiguation page is not, this might mean the article does not exist yet or that it has not been added to the disambiguation page. If you can find the article by searching, please add it to the disambiguation page. If you cannot find the article and want to write or link to a new article, please ensure the correct format for the the link on the original page and add that link to the disambiguation page as well.


Disambiguation page maintenance features

This guideline asks that links that point to disambiguation pages be changed to point to the correct articles. When a link that leads to a disambiguation page is changed to point to a new article, it means the disambiguation page can become unlinked.

Unlinked disambiguation pages show up as orphaned pages. To prevent this happening they should be added to the Links to disambiguating pages page.

Putting disambiguation in articles

See Wikitravel:Naming conventions#Disambiguation for guidance on how to name (or rename) articles to make it clear which destination the article refers to.

If you have a page that is so much more famous than the other places of the same name that it deserves the simple article name, consider putting {{otheruses}} in the article intro. This will insert a message like,

For other places with the same name, see Paris (disambiguation).

See number 4 in Wikitravel:Naming conventions#Disambiguation for detailed guidelines on such cases.

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