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* [[Wikitravel:Destination of the Month candidates]]
* [[Wikitravel:Destination of the Month candidates]]
* [[Previous Destinations of the month]]
* [[Previous Destinations of the month]]
* [[Previously Off the beaten path]][[de:Wikitravel:Ziel des Monats]]
* [[Previously Off the beaten path]]
[[es:Wikitravel:Destino del mes]]
[[fr:Wikitravel:Destinations du mois]]
[[it:Wikitravel:Destinazione del mese/Archivio]]
[[pt:Wikitravel:Destinos do mês]]
[[ro:Wikitravel:Destinaţia lunii]]
[[ru:Wikitravel:Направление месяца]]

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Each month, Wikitravellers choose a Destination of the month to feature on the Main Page of Wikitravel. It showcases an interesting destination and one of the best of Wikitravel's articles.

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