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Wikitravel:Destination of the Month candidates

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Revision as of 22:50, 30 July 2004 by Chipuni (talk | contribs)
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Here we determine which pages are featured as the Destination of the Month on the Main Page. Add your nominations to the list below, and add votes of support or objections below each item.

A few basic guidelines:

  • The nominated article should be fairly complete
  • The nominated article must have at least one picture
  • The nominated article must not have been a Destination of the Month (see Previous Destinations of the month to check)

It looks like Black Rock City wins for August, 2004... Chip 18:46, 30 Jul 2004 (EDT)


  • Perhentian Islands (Malaysia)
    • Self-nomination by Jpatokal 10:06, 18 Jul 2004 (EDT)
  • San Francisco
    • Nominated by Chip 10:14, 18 Jul 2004 (EDT)
    • Support with two caveats: the Districts section should give brief summaries of what to expect, and the picture needs a little work (poorly scanned?) Jpatokal 11:15, 18 Jul 2004 (EDT)
    • I think San Francisco needs some cleanup work. --Evan 20:06, 18 Jul 2004 (EDT)
  • Black Rock City
    • The Burning Man festival is at the end of August, and it might make this a good topical article. --Evan 20:06, 18 Jul 2004 (EDT)
    • Agree. That's a good and topical article (unless the Athens article suddenly improves). -- Colin 20:18, 18 Jul 2004 (EDT)
    • Needs a "Do" section. Otherwise, this would be a good Article for August. --Nils 01:33, 19 Jul 2004 (EDT)
    • One day left until August! Does somebody want to fill in the blank? Jpatokal 13:27, 30 Jul 2004 (EDT)
      • Arg, that's a hard job... but I'll add a few. Majnoona 14:14, 30 Jul 2004 (EDT)
  • New Orleans (United States)
    • Nominated by Jpatokal 10:06, 18 Jul 2004 (EDT)
    • The "See" section is a little too minimal. -- Nils 08:09, 23 Jul 2004 (EDT)
    • It's getting to be a great article, so I hesitate to say no, but... No. I think New Orleans has such a natural DoM time -- spring, before Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest -- that we should do it then. --Evan 08:45, 23 Jul 2004 (EDT)
Thanks for the nomination. Featuring it around either Carnival or French Quarter Fest/Jazzfest time makes sence to me. I'll add info on those other festivals well in advance (unless someone else beats me to it). -- Infrogmation 14:45, 24 Jul 2004 (EDT)