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There are many different currencies in the world. In order to ensure consistency, certain style codes should be recognized.

Currency symbols

Prices should be listed with the currency symbol that travellers will encounter, specifically the local formatting. Travellers should be able to assume that symbols used for multiple currencies (like $, £, €) apply to the local currency.

Unless prefixing is common, don't use a prefix for local currencies. For example:

  • $100 in Detroit , not US$100 or 100 USD or 100 dollars
  • $100 in Vancouver, not CAD$100 or 100 CAD or 100 dollars
  • £100 in London, not 100 GBP or UK£100 or 100 pounds
  • €100 in Paris, not EUR 100 or 100 EUR or 100 euros


Use a "." to mark decimals, and use a "," to separate thousands groups.

  • Right: $100,000,000.00
  • Wrong: $1000000000,00
  • Wrong: $1000000000.00
  • Wrong: $100 000 000.00

Number words

A billion is a thousand million (American style), not a million million (Commonwealth style).