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Wikitravel:Cooperating with Wikevent

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Wikevent is a project with the goal of creating a Free, worldwide calendar of public events like concerts, lectures, and sporting events.

The site is organised according to artists and venues which are cross-referenced wherever possible. Each venue lives in a geographical hierarchy which cooresponds more-or-less exactly with the geographical hierarchy on Wikitravel, so it should be quite easy to coordinate venue listings.

You should note that Wikevent uses a license (the Creative Commons attribution license) which has one-way compatibility with the Creative Commons attribution-sharealike license used here at Wikitravel. This means that you may copy any venue information you wish from Wikevent to Wikitravel, but you may not copy venue information from Wikitravel to Wikevent, unless you are the sole author of that particular information.

You can, however, help Wikevent by pointing out to those contributor who insert unwanted links to events calendars that there is a related project for creating such a calendar. You may also help by promoting Wikevent at venues when you travel. There will be promotional materials available at

Of course there is one more way you can help: Create pages for your favorite venues and artists!