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Things To Do in Istanbul

STANBUL is the only city in the world where you can travel from one continent to the other (from Asia to Europe / Europe to Asia) in just a few minutes.

Istanbul is a very rich city with both this feature and the places that must be visited before death, thanks to the traces left by different religions and cultures that have been hosted for centuries.

There are a lot of things to say about places to visit in Istanbul, but this time we want to compile things that you can not see anywhere else on Earth under the title of "Things to be done before dying in Istanbul" and only in Istanbul.

1- To make a Istanbul boat tour from Europe to Asia or from Asia to Europe

Istanbul Bosphorus tour is one of the most popular tours in Istanbul. Every tourist who comes to Istanbul should definitely participate.

A relaxing tour, if you participate Istanbul Bosphorus tour you can see Europe and Asia sides of Istanbul. You can see many historical places in Europe and Asia side.

Rumeli Fortress, Maiden's Tower, Kuçuksu palace, Dolmabahce palace are some of these.

2- Traveling to Istanbul Princes Island and ride a phaeton

There is no better way to escape the bustle of Istanbul for a day than with a visit to the idyllic Princes’ Islands.

Istanbul Kinali Islands Kinaliada,smallest of these four islands,has beautiful summer homes which people rent it for the season,and a large Armenian community prefers this island for their summer vacations.Its name Kinali, meaning Henna, comes from its reddish colour because of the iron and copper that has been mined here in the past.Its nice beaches attract many people from the city, Ayazma beach is one of them.Hristos Monestery is located up on a hill and was built by the Byzantine emperor Romanus IV (Diogenes) while he was exiled here and where he was buried. The monestery is open to the public only on Fridays. There are no horse carriages here because of the size of the island.

Istanbul Heybeliada (Islands) Heybeliada, second largest island in the archipelago was knows as Khalkitis or chalki during the Byzantine period and had many copper mines which are shut down today. There are some interesting buildings on the island such as the Naval Academy founded in 1773 and the Greek Orthodox High School.The High school is a large building up on the northern hill and in the middle of pine trees,but it'sclosed today.It is possiable to tour the phaeton on this island.

Istanbul Buyuk Ada (Istanbul Big Island) Buyukada is the largest and the most popular of Princess Island,having an area of 5,4 square kilometers and a population of 7.500 approximately,which goes up to 10-15 times more in the summer. Earlier name of the island was Prinkipo.There are some historical buildings such as Aya Yorgi Church and Monastery from 6th century Ayios Dimitrios Church, Hristos Church and Monestery and Hamidiye mosque builty by sultan Abdulhamit II. When you rent a horse-drawn carriage, you can choose between a long route or a short one to visit the island. During our tour we give the longest break at the Buyukada (Great Island).

3- Going to the Galata Tower and drinking coffee in the view of Istanbul

Exploring Istanbul is a great experience but to see it from up high is something completely different.

The best place to do this is Galata tower, a landmark that dominates the skyline.

While drinking your coffe at Galata tower you will see Istanbul like a bird over the sky.

4- Drink coffee or tea on top of Pierre Loti with a Istanbul Golden Horn view

Pierre Loti Hill is a great tourist area in Eyup and one of the most popular sights and places to visit and see for both locals and tourists in the Golden Horn region of Istanbul.

Pierre Loti Hill offers great views for the visitors. The hill is about 55 meters from sea level. Drinking your tea or Turkish coffee at the Pierre Loti Cafe and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Golden Horn is a great activity at the Pierre Loti Hill.

5- To visit Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace is one of Istanbul’s most popular tourist sites. Serving as the main residence to the Ottoman Sultans for approximately 400 years the palace is today part of Istanbul’s UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Topkapi Palace was the house of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, who were once ruling over lands spanning 3 continents. It was built during the reign of the sultan who conquered Constantinople, Sultan Mehmed II; used as the headquarter of the empire until the Dolmabahce Palace was built, and converted to a museum in 1924.

The palace museum was visited by over 3.3 million people in 2013, making it the most visited site in all of Istanbul.

6- Visiting Hagia Sophia

Once a church, then a Byzantine cathedral, later a mosque and now a monument, this iconic building is a national treasure.

The Hagia Sophia has had a history as complex as Istanbul itself. Starting its life as the Hagia Sophia Church (Church of Holy Wisdom), it was turned into a mosque after the Ottoman conquest and is now a museum.

Facts about Hagia Sophia

30 million gold tesserae (tiny mosaic tiles) cover the church's interior The Hagia Sophia is the most-visited site in Turkey The Hagia Sophia was the largest church ever built until St Peter's Basilica was constructed in Rome 1,000 years later. The stone cannonballs outside the entrance to Hagia Sophia were used by Mehmet the Conquerer in 1453 to save the city

7- Visiting Blue Mosque

The Sultan Ahmet Camii or Blue Mosque, this fantastic building is one of the most majestic Ottoman mosques in all of Turkey.

The Blue Mosque was built between 1609 and 1616, by the architect Mehmet Aga, instructed by Sultan Ahmet I. It was designed as an imperial show of strength to complement the imposing Hagia Sophia, which faces it across Sultanahmet Square.

The mosque is most famous for its six minarets, accompanied by one large dome and eight smaller domes.

The 20,000 blue tiles adorning the interior were made in Iznik, an area that was famous during the Ottoman Empire for its expert production of ceramic tiles. These tiles also gave themselves to the name of the mosque.

8- Join historic mansions and palace tours

If you enjoy visiting historic sites, Istanbul is a city that you like all you want.

On each corner you will find many historical sites of Ottoman and Byzantine Empires. Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Galata Tower, Topkapi Palace, Maiden's Tower, Grand Bazaar and Dolmabahce Palace some this.

Just join our Full Day Istanbul Ottoman and Byzantine Historical Sites Tour with Entrance Fee Included.