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* metre or metres: {{o||'''m'''}}
* metre or metres: {{o||'''m'''}}
* centimetre or centimetres: {{o||'''cm'''}}
* centimetre or centimetres: {{o||'''cm'''}}
* mile or miles: {{o||'''mi'''}}
* mile or miles: {{o|gray|'''mi'''}}
* inch or inches: {{o||'''in'''}}
* inch or inches: {{o||'''in'''}}
* Celsius: {{o||'''°C'''}}
* Celsius: {{o||'''°C'''}}

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In the body text of articles, the first occurrence of a term to be abbreviated should be spelt out in full with the abbreviation to be used in the rest of the article following immediately afterwards in parentheses. An exception to this rule are those abbreviations and formats listed at Wikitravel:Currency, Wikitravel:Time and date formats and Wikitravel:Measurements

Abbreviations should be uniform and consistent and generally should not include full stops or periods.

In prose, do not use an ampersand (&) instead of spelling out and in full.

Using abbreviations is encouraged in listings.

Editors may want to choose the appropriate abbreviation from those below which are both widely understood and unambiguous. However, don't knock yourself out "correcting" Rt to Rte - there is more important work to be done in plunging forward and writing an up-to-date and accurate free Travel Guide!


See: Wikitravel:Currency

Dates and times

See: Wikitravel:Time and date formats


  • Air conditioning: air-con
  • Dormitory: dorm
  • Double: dbl
  • Single: sgl
  • Wireless internet using access points (hotspots): Wi-Fi


Underhand chop.jpg
  • North: N
  • East: E
  • South: S
  • West: W


  • Avenue: Ave
  • Boulevard: Blvd
  • Crescent: Cres
  • Drive: Dr
  • Expressway: Expy
  • Freeway: Fwy
  • Highway: Hwy
  • Jalan: Jl (Road in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore)
  • Junction: Jct
  • Lane: Ln
  • Mount: Mt
  • Mountain: Mtn
  • Parkway: Pkwy
  • Place: Pl
  • Road: Rd
  • Route: Rte
  • Street: St
  • Square: Sq
  • Turnpike: Tpke


  • Building: Bldg
  • 1st floor: 1F, 2nd floor: 2F, etc

US routes

Numbered highways in the US may be abbreviated like the following examples:

  • Interstates: I-80
  • National highways: US-395
  • State highways: CA-49
  • For country routes or other smaller roads, spell them out completely.


See: Wikitravel:Measurements

  • kilometre or kilometres: km
  • metre or metres: m
  • centimetre or centimetres: cm
  • mile or miles: mi
  • inch or inches: in
  • Celsius: °C
  • Fahrenheit: °F
  • year or years: yr
  • month or months: mo
  • hour or hours: hr
  • minutes: min

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