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see [[Wikitravel:Measurements]]
See: [[Wikitravel:Measurements]]
* kilometre or kilometres: '''km'''
* kilometre or kilometres: '''km'''
* metre or metres: '''m'''
* metre or metres: '''m'''

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Using abbreviations is encouraged. These abbreviations should be uniform and consistent.


  • United States of America should be abbreviated as US without periods, not U.S.A. or U.S.
  • United Kingdom should be abbreviated as UK without periods, not U.K. or GB.

Streets and roads

  • Street: St
  • Avenue: Ave
  • Drive: Dr
  • Court: Ct
  • Road; Rd
  • Boulevard: Blvd
  • Freeway: Fwy
  • Highway: Hwy
  • Expressway: Expwy
  • Lane: Ln
  • Jalan: Jl (Road in Indonesia and Malaysia)


  • Building: Bldg
  • 1st floor: 1F, 2nd floor: 2F, etc

Date and time

See: Wikitravel:Time and date formats


See: Wikitravel:Measurements

  • kilometre or kilometres: km
  • metre or metres: m
  • centimetre or centimetres: cm
  • mile or miles: mi
  • inch or inches: in
  • Celsius: °C
  • Fahrenheit: °F
  • Hour or hours: hr
  • Minutes: min


  • Wi-Fi is used for wireless internet using access points (hotspots)

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