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Wikitravel:9 February 2005

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Scheduled downtime 12 Feb 2005 18:00 UTC

In the weird catastrophes of 25 November 2004, the server we ended up on at Canaca turned out to have pretty crummy PHP support (CGI interface, no Turck or Zend Optimizer -- see for a full info page). I've scheduled some time with them to move the site to a more PHP-friendly computer this weekend.

There will also be a lot of file-upbacking and data-outdumping and all that fun stuff. Canaca quoted me 2 hours for their work, and I'll estimate about the same amount of time on my side, for a total of about 4 hours of downtime. It's going to require a change of IP addresses, but since will be on the same DNS server, there shouldn't be much of a propagation delay. Therefore, we should be back on the air by 00:00 UTC.

Yes, this is the third scheduled work in a week, but there's a pretty serious backlog of sysadmin problems to deal with. Hopefully we'll end up with a faster, more responsive Wikitravel. (Note also: in the next couple of weeks there should be some fixes to the caching-related bugs noted on Wikitravel:Bug reports 1.3.5.) --Evan 07:40, 9 Feb 2005 (EST)