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Warwick (Rhode Island)

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* '''China Inn''', 2788 Post Road, +1 401 738 8885. One of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA.  The China Inn offers some of the best Chinese cuisine in Rhode Island.  Dine in or take out.
* '''China Inn''', 2788 Post Road, +1 401 738 8885. One of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA.  The China Inn offers some of the best Chinese cuisine in Rhode Island.  Dine in or take out.
*"'Corner Bakery Cafe"', 21 Universal Blvd, Warwick, RI 02886, (401) 262-5134.  This is a new restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  They also carry pastries and different coffee options.  The prices are very reasonable.  This is a great place for families to go and if you are looking for a good, quick meal!
*'''Corner Bakery Cafe''', 21 Universal Blvd, Warwick, RI 02886, (401) 262-5134.  This is a new restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  They also carry pastries and different coffee options.  The prices are very reasonable.  This is a great place for families to go and if you are looking for a good, quick meal!

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Warwick[6] is a city in Rhode Island just south of Providence. It is the second largest city in the state, with 85,808 people. Warwick is home to Rhode Island's main airport, T. F. Green Airport, which serves the Providence and Boston areas. It was founded in 1642 by Samuel Gorton, and played an important role in the Revolutionary War. It is popular among tourists for its colonial history and its location near beaches and saltwater bays.

Get in

By air

  • T.F. Green Airport (IATA: PVD) (ICAO: KPVD), Exit 13 off Interstate 95, Phone: +1 401-737-4000, ext 283, [7].

By car

Interstate 95 passes through Warwick. Interstate 295 also passes through Warwick, with exits at convenient locations for getting to the malls and other popular centers. Or if looking for a more scenic view of the area, US Routes 1 and 2 follow the length of the coast just off the highways in communities just like Warwick. Routes 113 and 117 also pass through Warwick and are fairly heavily-traveled. Route 2 passes through Warwick and is known for its extensive retail shopping locations.

By train

With the construction of the Warwick Intermodal Facility in December 2010, the commuter rail service at T.F. Green Airport gained access to the MBTA[8], which provides a one-stop ride to downtown Providence and Boston.

Get around

  • R.I.P.T.A. (The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority), Phone: +1 401-781-9400, [4]. Services across all of Rhode Island. The Main RIPTA bus station is located at Kennedy Plaza in Providence, RI. The bus travels through Warwick and the rest of Rhode Island. Bus stops are placed accordingly throughout the city.
  • Rent a car. "Budget Rental Cars" (http://www.budget.com) 2000 Post Road #27, “Enterprise” (www.enterprise.com) 1101 Post Road Warwick, RI 02888, “Priceline” (rentalcars.priceline.com) 1074 Post Road Warwick, RI 02888, “Dollar Rent A Car” (www.dollar.com) 700 Jefferson Boulevard Warwick, RI, “National Car Rental” (www.nationalcar.com) 2053 Post Road, Warwick
  • Taxi Cab. "Apponaug Cab Inc."(401) 737 6400, “Airport Taxi” (401) 737-2868, “Bay Taxi” (401) 461-0780, “Best Taxi” (401) 781-0706, “Dave’s Taxi” (401) 965-0070, “Friendly Cab” (401)821-2500, “A-1 Local Cab Company” (401) 821-3338


Warwick is a very seasonal location, considering a good portion of its outdoor locations appear along the Narragansett Bay. For this reason, finding things to do can sometimes be difficult, particularly during the winter. Still Warwick is one of the state’s biggest cities and there is plenty to discover - from galleries, to villages to colonial monuments, Warwick provides a myriad of exciting places.There are many historical landmarks within Warwick because of its colonial history.

Museums and Galleries

The museums and galleries of Warwick provide a balanced presentation of modern and historical subject matter.

▪ Complements Art Gallery, 50 Lambert Lind Highway, +1 401-739-9300. [5]. Complements Art Gallery is one of the largest art galleries in New England. The gallery features artists from all over the world in all types of media and styles. The styles range from old world traditional to contemporary. It which also offers professional art consultation and framing services, and will present the art in your home.

▪ Historical Warwick Museum of Art, 3259 Post Road, +1 401-737-0010,[6]. Tu-Sa 12PM-4PM. Free. As Warwick's largest non-profit arts organization and the area's cultural center since 1976, the Warwick Museum of Art provides a performance and exhibition space for the most talented artists, writers and performers in Rhode Island. It is the host of a wide array of cultural and artistic activities including comedy, theater, music, poetry and literature as well as monthly visual arts exhibitions. The Warwick Museum of Art was named both "Most Underappreciated Museum in Rhode Island" and "Best Place to Hear a Reading" by the 2004 Providence Phoenix Reader's Poll. The museum is the home of Bring Your Own Improv, an interactive family friendly improv group. They perform every Sunday evening at 6 p.m. In addition, the museum offers art classes to all skill levels and ages.

'▪ Warwick Historical Society, 25 Roger Williams Ave, +1 401-467-7647. [www.yelp.com/biz/warwick-historical-society-warwick-2]. The Warwick Historical Society is a museum inside of an old house. The house was built in 1786 and still has all of it’s original detail. The House has been restored, but the original structure is still in tact. It is a nice place to be if you want to take a journey back in time and learn some of Warwick great history. ▪ Clouds Hill Victorian House Museum, 4157 Post Road, +1 401-884-9490. [7]. Clouds Hill has been referred to as one of Rhode Island's "hidden treasures." It is available for tours seven days a week, day or evening, but requires prior notice. It is a private home that has been kept in the family for generations, and is now a museum and open to the public. It is a great place to visit for a look into the history of Warwick. Clouds Hill is dedicated to educating Rhode Islanders while providing them with an enjoyable experience.


There are many interesting colonial villages located throughout the city of Warwick.

  • Apponaug Village Located off Route 1. Apponaug Village is a historic center settled in 1696. It was the center of trade and politics after the Revolutionary War, and was an important shipping port to Rhode Island. Today it is commonly referred to Warwick’s downtown area. Included in the village are Warwick City Hall, multiple churches, and the Warwick museum.
  • Conimicut Village West Shore Road. Conimicut Village’s history can be traced back to the founding of Warwick in1643. It was once a fishing village, but today features Conimicut Point Park and Conimicut lighthouse. While the lighthouse is not open to the public, it is still in use and is a historical structure. Conimincut Point Park is open to the public and is a great place to visit or take a drive through on a nice summer day.
  • Pawtuxet Village Located off Broad Street.[8] Pawtuxet Village is the oldest village in New England, and one of the first constructed in Warwick. It is where rabble-rousers once burned the British ship, The Gaspee, at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. It was also one of the stops on the Underground Railroad for runaway slaves before and during the Civil War. Walking tours of the village are available to the public. The village is also home to many small shops and restaurants. Many people visit this village during the summer when they are able to take in all that the village has to offer.


  • Warwick Public Library, 600 Sandy Lane, +1 401-739-5440, [9]. The library has special sections for teens and children. Small private rooms are available to study or work on group/individual projects. The Library provides free internet access. Computers are also provided for those who may not have a personal laptop. Many programs are held at the library featuring musicians, artists, and story tellers. The Warwick Public Linrary also offers free museum passes to many attractions around Rhode Island. Within the library, there is a café in which many people visit during their time there.
  • Aldrich Mansion, 836 Warwick Neck Avenue, +1 401-739-6850. [9]. The Aldrich mansion was originally built in 1896 for Senator Nelson W. Aldrich. It spreads over 75 acres and overlooks Narragansett Bay. The French chateau has 70 rooms and features a long marble staircase, antique furniture, elaborate paintings and wood carvings. It includes a Carriage House, Caretaker’s Cottage and Boathouse.
  • Warwick City Hall, 3275 Post Road, +1 401-738-2000. The City Hall building was built in the late 19th century and features a six-story clock tower which can be seen from miles away. Tours of the building are available. Council meetings are held at this building and open to the public.
  • John Waterman Arnold House, 25 Roger William Circle, +1 401-467-7647. W 9AM-9PM. Home of the Warwick Historical Society, the 1786 John Waterman Arnold house is a classic clapboard structure. With many features of late 1700s architecture including a beehive oven. The house is open to the public. It is used as an educational tool for Rhode Islanders.
  • Warwick Neck Lighthouse. Built in 1827, the Warwick Neck Lighthouse is last the traditional lighthouse built in Rhode Island. The lighthouse is located along the Narragansett Bay. Though not open to the public, the lighthouse is still in use today and is an impressive sight to see.
  • Salter Grove Memorial Park, Off of Narragansett Parkway, Warwick, RI 02888. Salter Grove is both a park and a place to sit by the sea. A lot of people come to fish by the breakwater rocks, watch boats out on the Narragansett Bay, launch their kayak, or to watch the swans and ducklings. Please be aware of the rising of the water when on the breakwater rocks because the water rises high enough to block the path back sometimes.
  • Conimicut Point Park, Conimicut Point Park, Warwick,+1 401-738-2000.‎ This is a quiet little park by the beachside. It's nearby the Conimicut Lighthouse, and offers a beautiful shoreline that overlooks the Narragansett Bay. During low tide a sandbar connects the park to the lighthouse so you can actually walk to it. It is a great place for a picnic, or to watch the water and just relax. A play ground is located inside the park, therefore, it is a great place for families to visit. Swimming in the water is not recommended due to heavy traffic of boats. At night you can see the Providence city lights, and the Mt. Hope bridge off in the distance.
  • Pawtuxet Memorial Park, Off of North Country Club Dr., +1 401-781-4600. A small park that is kid and sport friendly. The park has a baseball and a soccer field for neighborhood competitions that are usually held on weekend evenings. There are also swings and a slide, along with several benches to sit down on. The park is a nice area surrounded by mostly woods with an open sky perfect for cloud watching or relaxing.
  • Passeonkquiss Coveland, off of General Hawkins St. on Narragansett Parkway, Warwick, RI 02888. Offers an open area usually for fishing and boat launching into the Bay. Marine life and vegetation along with geese and ducks can be observed here as well.
  • Posneganset Pond, off of Warwick Ave. A large pond open for fishing or swimming. It is a great place to go when the weather is nice. Be careful during the winter as this pond freezes over and can be considered dangerous.
  • Pawtuxet Cove, off of Narragansett Parkway. Located adjacent to Pawtuxet Village. A hot spot for fishing and boat launching, as well as some occasional Cove is about a mile northward of Gaspee Point through a channel.
  • Rocky Point Amusement Park Located in the heart of Warwick Neck, This amusement park was originally opened in 1847 by Captain William Winslow. It quickly became a hot attraction for people all around the state. The park was in its prime in the mid 1900's with such rides as a Log Flume, "Free Fall" , and a loop roller-coaster named "Corkscrew". However, in the 1990's, due to some poor business decisions, the company went bankrupt. Finally in 1995 the park closed, but had a "farewell" opening a year later in '96. Rides were auctioned off and some are still in use in other amusement parks. Recently, in 2011 the park has re-opened. However there are no rides, no cotton candy stands; it's simply a mile long asphalt walk-through of a piece of Rhode Island history that overlooks Narragansett Bay. Since its closing, there have been multiple fires and vandalism attempts. Because of this, much of the park is fenced off from the public.


Warwick provides a number of fun activities for both residents and visitors to participate in throughout the year. There are many events and places to be noted.

  • Apponaug Harbor Marina, 17 Arnolds neck Drive, (401) 739 5005. If you are someone who loves the water and owns a boat, this is the marina for you. It's right in the heart of apponaug, Warwick's most commonly known villiage, and has a beautiful view of the bay. It is surrounded by a few restaurants and is equipped with 204 slips and 30 moorings for easy come and go access.
  • Kent County YMCA, 900 Centerville Rd, 4018280130, [1]. 5AM-10pm. Offers family swim and gym hours daily in addition to free childcare in the newly renovated Kids Gym. Workout, swims, air bounce, board games, blocks, video games, books and hundreds of new toys available. Those interested in the wide array of classes at the YMCA (from water exercise to pilates) should consider a family membership. $5.
  • Showcase Cinemas. Hours Vary. Two locations: Showcase Cinema Warwick (1200 Quaker Lane, near Division St.) or Showcase Cinema Warwick Mall (400 Bald Hill Road). Both theaters have several screens showing the most up-to-date movies, plus DLP and Dolby Digital technology, 3D movie capabilities, stadium seating, game room, free parking, and food courts. Both theaters are in walking distance of popular restaurants and shopping locations. Prices: Children/senior - $7.75. Adult - $10.50. Adult matinee - $8
  • McDermott Aquatic Center. 975 Sandy Lane. The pool is open from 5:30 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. Public Swim times vary, however, there are many times during the day that the public is welcome to swim. It is a great place to come and relax while taking a swim, or enjoying family time with your kids. All sessions are $5 adults, $3 for children 5-17, and free for children under 5 years old.
  • Tennis Rhode Island. 636 Centerville Road. Offers 6 indoor tennis courts. They are available from $18-$25 an hour. Equipment rentals, locker rooms, and showers are also provided to people using the facilities
  • Launch Indoor Trampoline Park. 150 Pace Blvd, "+1" 401 828 5867. Located on Route 2. An indoor trampoline “room” for kids and adults alike. Features a dodge ball zone, bouncy room, and foam pit. Referees present and areas for parental supervision closeby. Expect loud music, chaos, and fun. Hourly rates, shoes included in price.
  • Rocky Point Blueberry Farm. 130 Rocky Point Ave., "+1" 401 732 6206. Located in the heart of Warwick Neck. A quaint, family owned blueberry farm where you can either pick your own, fresh blueberries or buy them pre-picked. Pay by the pound. Tasting while picking is encouraged. Open seasonally (summer only).
  • Teamworks Warwick. 170 Jefferson Boulevard. Provides Rhode Island Families with sports and recreation programs. The facility is 80,000 square feet that offers a wide range of activities for the whole family. There are youth sports leagues, camps, adult sports leagues, special events.
  • Thayer Arena, 975 Sandy Lane, (401) 738-2000 x6811. Ice skating facility that offers lessons and public skating. They offer public skating, private group rentals, school day rentals, league and associate rentals, introduction to skating program, and off season rentals to different programs such as dog shows and skating competitions. This is also where local high schools hold their games and practices.

Events and Places

  • Morris Farm and Greenhouses, 2779 Warwick Avenue ("Take). Spring - Sun-Wed 9am-5pm / Thurs-Sat 9am-6pm. Founded in 1915,this 43 acre farm is an oasis in bustling suburbia. Morris Farm offers seasonal activities ranging from holiday decoration making in December to hayrides and a corn maze in October and also hosts school tours, birthday parties. Lines form at the farm stand which sells fresh, local produce. Locals often leave it up to Mrs. Morris to make their holiday pies and side dishes. (,-71.3901}})
  • Gaspee Days Festival The Gaspee Days Festival is held over Memorial Day weekend. It celebrates the history of Warwick’s colonial villages and features an arts and crafts fair, costume contests, a golf scramble, fireworks, and a reenactment of the burning of The Gaspee. There is also an essay contest, proclamation ceremony, colonial encampment, road race, parade and raffle.
  • Kayak Regatta The kayak regatta is held in Pawtuxet usually in Mid-June at the Aspray Boat House. It is meant to commemorate the colonial longboats rowing down the river to attack The Gaspee. Prizes are awarded in many categories.
  • Summer Concert Series, +1 401-738-2000 x6504. The summer concert series features a variety of artists. The events are held at various parks in Warwick on Wednesday nights from Mid-June to Mid-August.
  • Annual Indoor Powwow The Warwick Annual Indoor Powwow showcases traditional costumes, dances and foods of the native people who first populated the region.
  • Warwick Heritage Trail The Warwick Heritage Trail provides numerous routes for sightseers to follow throughout the state. The trail runs from upper Narragansett Bay to the western hills of Rhode Island, and includes numerous historical sites along the way.
  • Conimicuit Beach, Off of West Shore Rd., Conimicuit Beach offers a relaxing view and small park. In the summer a lemonade truck is a constant sight, and so are families flying kites, children in the playground and couples watching the sunset from one of the many benches overlooking the ocean.
  • Oakland Beach This location offers a sea wall and extensive free beach access. There are festivals and carnivals that take place throughout the summer and visitors can take part in casual and fine dining right on the boardwalk. The park is great for children to play on. Surrounding the beach there are many restaurants so you wont go hungry. A Baseball field and Basketball Court is located on the way out of the beach.
  • Warwick Cove, Wharf Road. Boating is one of the most popular activities in the summer in Warwick, since the city is set along 39 miles of coast. In Warwick Cove, sailors can pilot their own crafts, rent one, or take instructions. Fishing for both marine and freshwater fish is also very popular here.
  • Buckeye Brook Marsh and Pine Tree Preserve, Draper Avenue. The Buckeye Brook empties freshwater into the southwestern end of Mill Cove, creating a large salt marsh. The brook houses herring, mute swans and herons. The pine tree preserve borders the salt march.
  • Warwick City Park/Buttonwoods Beach, Asylum Rd., +1 401-738-2000 x6404. The 126-acre beaches of Buttonwoods once hosted parties in the 1800s that popularized New England clambakes. Today the park features bike paths, nature trails, open fields, and sandy beaches. In addition, there is a dog park with separate sections for large and small dogs.
  • Goddard Memorial State Park Beach, 1095 Ives Road, +1 401-884-2010. [10]. In addition to sun bathing, the Goddard Memorial State Park beach also features swimming, surfing, boogie boarding and other water sports. The golf course features a nine-hole course which is open to the public. The park also provides hiking trails, an equestrian show area, bird watching activities and a performing arts center.
  • Mickey Stevens Sports Complex, 975 Sandy Lane, +1 738-2000-0173. The Mickey Stevens Sports Complex features two bocce courts, two basketball courts, six tennis courts, a baseball field, an indoor pool, and a jogging track. Two indoor ice rinks for year-round skating, except for a few weeks each year when a dog show is hosted.
  • Winslow Fields Located in between West Shore Rd. and Main Ave , Winslow Fields are a popular location for mainly a Girl's Softball League, but also sports a soccer field across the street. The baseball area has more than 5 separate fields, all with dugouts and the standard baseball diamond. When league games aren't in session, the fields are open for public use but strictly prohibit any sort of animal to accompany you. In the center of all the fields is a snack stand that only runs during league games, but when it is open it is a quick, delicious substitute for the fast food joints in the area. Along with fully functional restrooms there is also a playground area for younger children of the area. These fields are a big part of a lot of local residents lives, but with the airport attempting to expand, it could be in danger. T.F. Green Airport has an expansion plan and one of the runways happen to be directly next to the fields. The airport has already bought out many houses surrounding the field and demolished them so one can only wonder when they will strip the community of this wonderful outlet for our youth.
  • St. Rita’s Memorial Day Festival, Oakland Beach. The St. Rita’s festival features an annual carnival over Memorial Day weekend. At the end of the weekend, they showcase one of the best fireworks displays state-wide.


  • Harbor Lights 150 Gray St., Phone: (401) 681-4133. This 9-Hole public course offers an enjoyable layout with holes that will cater to skills of any golfer. It will provide you with a challenge, yet allow you to concentrate on efficient shots. Under new management it has recently undergone major improvements in the grounds and service. It is part of the Harbor Lights, complex which also includes a clubhouse, 200 slip Marina and 30 x 50 ft Infinity Pool overlooking the Bay.
  • Warwick Country Club 394 Narragansett Bay Ave., Phone: (401) 737-9878. An 18-hole, private course which offers breath taking views of both Narragansett and East Greenwich Bay. It has a great facility complete with practice areas, multiple clay and hard top tennis courts, and a swimming pool.
  • Valley Country Club 251 New London Ave., Phone: (401) 821-1115. Valley is a championship course with 18 breath-taking holes to challenge a golfer at any level. Although it is a private course, they are constantly offering deals for members to bring in people from the outside. A perfect mix of difficulty and ease, Valley will provide you with an incredibly enjoyable golf experience. Greens Fees M-F:18 holes- $50, 9-holes- $25 and Weekends/Holidays: 18-holes- $60, 9-holes $30.
  • Monster Mini Golf 33 Lambert Lind Hwy (Rte. 5) Phone: (401) 921-5472. An establishment for kids of all ages, Monster Mini Golf offers a great atmosphere year-round with their full indoor course. Black lights, glow in the dark paintings and costumed dummies add to the fun. A great place to while away a rainy afternoon with the kids, and even play some arcade games all for less than $10 a head.


Warwick has gone from being a small suburb of Providence to becoming a busy city in itself. Many major retail chains have moved into locations in Warwick as it is in the center of the state, but more accessible than Providence.

Bald Hill Rd, RI Rt. 2, has become a retail hotspot. The Warwick stretch of Rt. 2, is littered with chain restaurants and retail stores. Along the stretch are Best Buy, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Modell’s, Barnes and Noble, Target, and more. They are part of number of large outdoor shopping centers, within a few miles of one another. All are located a short drive from the Warwick Mall, but traffic is often heavy.

  • Warwick Mall, 400 Bald Hill Rd, Phone: 1+732-2160. The Warwick Mall offers a variety of stores including Macy's, JCPenney, Target, Old Navy, Sports Authority, American Eagle, Bath & Body Works, Brookstone, Express, Foot Locker, GameStop, and much more. The Warwick Mall was destroyed in a historic flood in Rhode Island in March of 2010, and the mall had to be completely renovated. The mall was reopened in the fall of 2010 with a completely new look. There is a carousel and food court in the main entrance of the mall, which offers fast food restaurants like Subway, Burger King, Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, and more. In the surrounding plaza around the mall, there is a Showcase Cinemas, Longhorn Steakhouse, Red Robin, and Fat Belly's Pub.
  • Trader Joe's, 1000 Bald Hill Rd., Phone: 1+ 401-821-5368. This specialty foods market from the west coast has recently taken root onto Rt. 2. It is a nice alternative to expensive and predictable Stop 'n Shop and Shaws.
  • Dave's Marketplace, 18 Airport Rd., Phone: 1+ 401-738-8300. Dave's Marketplace is local, family run business that is expanding quickly. Dave's has long been "the other market" in Warwick. The often sell fruits, vegetables and other products from local growers and manufacturers.
  • Sandy Lane Meat Market, 459 Sandy Ln., 1+ 401-737-4246. Sandy Lane has seemingly always been around. It is by far, and undoubtedly the best place in town to buy fresh deli fare. Also, Sandy Ln, offers an array of locally grown produce.
  • Ocean State Job Lot, 3030 West Shore Rd., 1+ 401-739-6821. [[11]] Hours: "Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 9am-8pm". Known as the "home of adventure shopping", Job Lot is a Rhode Island grown company that sells almost anything imaginable at incredible prices. At the Buttonwoods location they have a great food section that offers many unfamiliar, but delicious items at close-out prices. At the website you can sign up for weekly coupons what make the savings even more irresistible. Other departments include, but are certainly not limited to: automotive, pet supplies, home goods, clothing, stationary, gifts, toys, seasonal, and health & beauty.
  • Aldi, 444 Quaker Lane. Aldi is somewhat of a new grocery store in Warwick. It is similar to something like Priceright, but it is much cleaner and has better products. you need to bring your own bags, and pay a quarter to use a carriage, but overall it works out in the end because it's stuff like that that allows the store to keep it's prices so low.
  • Stop and Shop, 575 Greenwich Ave and 300 Quaker Ln and 2470 Warwick ave. There are actually three separate stop and shop locations in Warwick alone. It is Rhode Island's biggest grocery store. The stop and shop on Quaker lane is the more commonly known one, and the biggest. However, the one on Greenwich ave is the newest and therefor, the nicest. Stop and Shop has great prices and both name brand and store brand products. Most people in Rhode Island do their grocery shopping at Stop and Shop.
  • Five Below, 300 Quaker Lane, Warwick, RI 02886, [2]. A slight step up from a dollar tree or a regular dollar store, with a slight step up in price. Five Below has more items, such as video games, DVDs, iPhone cases, clothes, athletic equipment, and backpacks, for a price range between $1-$5. You can find items currently being sold in more expensive stores for nearly half the price.
  • Target, 1245 Bald Hill Road, +1 401 821 0121. Very large store. Located on Route Two. The store offers a variety of things to buy such as clothes, jewelry, accessories, food, electronics, houseware, and more.
  • DSW, 1350 Bald Hill Road, +1 401 826 7624. Located on Route Two. This store is great for purchasing shoes for any event. Prices range, but I would highly recommend visiting this location because sometimes there are great steals.
  • Guitar Center, 1245 Bald Hill Road, + 11 401 823 4433. Located on Route Two. This store is a great place to buy instruments and music. It’s a fun store and there are lots of great finds inside.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond, 1500 Bald Hill Road, +1 401 826 0750. Located on Route Two. This store is great when shopping for bedrooms, bathrooms, dorms, or just fun new things. The store is huge and you cant leave without buying something. I would recommend this store to anyone, the employees are kind and always willing to help.
  • Ross-Simons, 136 Lambert Lind Highway, +1 401 738 6700. Located right next to the Warwick Mall. A great place to get jewelry for someone special. The store is very large and you can find anything you are looking for. Prices range and can get very expensive depending on what you are looking to purchase.
  • Dockside Seafood Marketplace, 2275 Warwick Ave., +1 401 737 5250. Fresh seafood and meat market. Very reasonable prices, especially when buying in bulk.
  • Sandy Lane Meat Market, 459 Sandy Ln., +1 401 737 4246. Small, hole-in-the-wall market with great, quality product. Fresh, hand-cut meats at a value price. Other prepared foods and produce items available as well. Very friendly staff and service.
  • Wal-Mart, 840 Post Rd and 650 Bald Hill Rd. There are currently 2 locations in Warwick. The store sells a variety of products such as food, electronics, and clothing.
  • Shaw's Supermarket, 320 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI 02886, (401) 941-4553. There is currently only one location in Warwick. This market is directly across the street from Stop and Shop. Shaw's has reasonable prices and offers store brand and name brand items.


There are plenty of restaurants to choose from and the beauty of it all is they never really get expensive.


Budget is usually a quick stop, something you're craving but don’t want to spend a lot of money. Prices range from $2-$8.

  • Cafe Tempo Coffee House, 32 Tollgate Rd., +1 401-737-0109 https://cafetempocoffeehouse.com/home-1.html Restaurant offers breakfast and lunch. Many different flavors of bagels to choose from, including asiago cheese and cinnamon crunch. Lunch menus include meats from Boarshead Deli as well as salads and pizzas. The Bagel Factory also serves specialty coffees in as many flavors as their bagels.
  • Five Guys Burgers And Fries, 300 Quaker Lane, Warwick, RI., +1 401-828-3100 A simple burger and fries joint with big taste. Five Guys is very popular, having delicious burgers, hot dogs, and fries (fried in pure, no cholesterol, peanut oil). While you're there, be sure to try the poplar bacon cheese dog and their specialty Five Guys style fries. The Five Guys website offers the ability to order your meal online and pick it up in the restaurant, giving you the ability to skip long lines.
  • Crusty's Pizza, 1331 Warwick Ave., +1 401-463-5123 " "Closed Monday, Crusty's serves delicious pizza with a Greek touch along with grinders, trojan horses, and more. Friendly staff with a real "personal" atmosphere. One of the few places you can get two large pizzas for under twenty bucks (special does not apply in July and August).
  • Dear Hearts Ice Cream, Open seasonally (usually beginning in late April) with three locations around Warwick (Pawtuxet Village, Norwood, and Wildes Corner) serving delicious and reasonably priced soft serve, cones, and cups of ice cream in additional to milkshakes. A wide variety of flavors to appeal to all.
  • Del's Lemonade, 2050 Warwick Avenue and 919 Warwick Avenue ., Open seasonally. Del's is more than a Rhode Island tradition: it is a way of life. Each spring lines form as Del's Lemonade stand opens its doors. A favorite outing for many Rhode Islander's is to get Del's and take a stroll on one of the local beaches. To avoid looking like a tourist make sure you drink it like the locals. Since Del's lemonade is a soft frozen drink, many tourists tend to ask for a spoon or straw. Every Rhode Islander knows that you squeeze the cup from the bottom in the palm of your hand as you drink. Squeeze, shake and enjoy the cool refreshment!
  • Don's Pizza, 2105 Warwick Ave., +1 401-732-3838" "Closed Monday, Tu-Thur 11am-9:30pm, Fri & Sat 11am-11pm" Great little pizza place to bring the kids. Has an old school diner feel with the best tasting pizza around.
  • Eastern Star Restaurant, 3301 Post Rd., +1 401-738-6162. Su 12:30pm-9:30pm, M-Th 11am-9:30pm, Fr-Sa 11am-10:30pm. Chinese cuisine and South Asian dishes. Dine in, take out, & delivery. Full bar. Great food for great prices.

 There are quite a few Chinese restaurants in Warwick, this is the best for takeout.
  • George's Pizza, 2912 Warwick Ave., +1 401-738-5776. Pizza and sub shop- great for lunch or dinner. Small family owned pizza parlor.
  • Han Palace, 2470 West Shore Rd., +1 401-738-2238. [12]. "Su-Th 11:30am-10pm, Fr-Sa 11:30am-11pm". Han Palace serves Cantonese, Szechuan & Hunan cuisine, take-out orders & exotic drinks. This little, nondescript restaurant is a local secret. It is less flashy than its neighboring Asian restaurants but offers much more authenticity, value and hospitality. This restaurant has an online menu, takes reservations and takes credit cards.
  • Harry's NY System Restaurant, 2168 Elmwood Ave., +1 401-785-9907. Great place to come for weiners (hotdogs). Very fast, affordable and great staff. Here is where the local regulars go for lunch.
  • Iggy's Doughboys & Chowder House, 889 Oakland Beach Ave., +1 401-783-5608. Best doughboys, chowder and clam cakes around. In the summer expect to wait in line for a long time, especially during the carnival or holidays. Famous for New England clam chowder and clam cakes. Come to this location to enjoy the food and the view of the Narragansett Bay.
  • Islander Restaurant, 2318 West Shore Rd. +1 401-738-9861. "Su-Th 11am-10:30pm, Fr-Sa 11am-11:30pm". Limited deliveries available. Offers party-sized containers of favorites. Multi-winner of RI Monthly Magazine's "Best Chinese Restaurant" Award.
  • Jade Dragon Restaurant, 1982 Warwick Ave., +1 401-732-9595. Large menu includes Chinese and American cuisine. They are fairly priced. Their employees are very friendly and provide a welcoming atmosphere.
  • Lakewood Ice Cream, 140-152 Chambly Ave. Lakewood Ice Cream carries both soft serve and regular ice cream. They offer a variety of flavors and sundae options. This facility is CASH ONLY.
  • Lakis Pizza Parlor, 3003 W Shore Rd., +1 401-737-1080. After any local little league game you will find at least 1 team at Lakis. This place has great pizza and a very casual atmosphere.
  • Library Cafe, 600 Sandy Ln., +1 401-921-0010. Cafe located inside Warwick Public Library. They offer affordable deli style sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, and desserts including pastries and ice cream.
  • Newport Creamery Restaurant, 2680 W Shore Rd., +1 401-732-6569. / 1256 Warwick Ave., +1 401-463-8317. Decent food, great for ice cream. Don't leave without getting an Awful-Awful- Traditionally coffee flavored is a Rhode Island favorite.
  • Nick and Joan's Place, Warwick Ave., For over 25 years Nick and Joan's place has functioned as Warwick's hole in the wall diner. Offering wieners, sandwiches, breakfast fare, and a hot cup of coffee this family run establishment is a budget friendly place to relax for breakfast or lunch.
  • Pam's Pizza, 2739 Post Rd., +1 401-732-3193. Best Chicken Parmesean Grinder in the state.
  • Panda Express, 400 Bald Hill Road, +1 401 738 0152. Located inside the Warwick Mall food court. It is a great place to grab a bite after shopping. The Panda Express is cheap and the food is prepared and ready to be served.
  • Picasso's Pizza & Pub, 2323 Warwick Ave., +1 401-739-5030. [13]. Nice place to hang out. Good food. Pool tables and fun for sporting events. Twice voted Warwick's Best Pizza.
  • Ronzio's Pizza, 2424 W Shore Rd., +1 401-737-8800. At Ronzio they make their dough fresh in each shop several times a day. The sauce is a special recipe developed specifically for Ronzio Pizza, with 100% all natural cheeses.
  • Spike's Junkyard Dogs, 1623 Warwick Ave., +1 401-732-5858. M-Th 11AM-11PM, F-Sa 11AM-1:30AM, Su 12PM-10PM. Spike's offers all beef hot dog selections like "The Patriot Dog" and "The German Shepherd" as well as subs, salads, and fried finger foods. Fun atmosphere that is great for families.
  • Sunnyside Restaurant, 2428 West Shore Rd., +1 401-739-0199. Sunnyside has been run by the Oliver Family for the past 27 years, with it's large servings for such a low price, its easily the smart choice for breakfast if your in the Warwick area. Located directly across from "Warwick Veterans High School" it is a hot spot for the locals to come and grab a delicious bit of breakfast, no matter what time of day it is. It's got the largest omelet's in the area and "Loaded" hash-browns that are nearly impossible to compete with.
  • Happy Garden, 959 Namquid Dr Warwick, RI 02888, +1 (401) 463-8202. Small take out or dine-in Chinese restaurant. Offers a wide selection of dishes, and is vegetarian friendly. They cook the food right in front of you to insure it is piping hot and as fresh as it can be.
  • Jersey Mike's Subs, 1350 Greenwich Ave ., +1 401-921-4488. Jersey Mike's is a Sub shop that is throughout the United States, but we do have a couple here in Warwick. It is a little pricier than Subway, but still a great bargain for great sandwiches.
  • Antonio’s Bakery & Charlie’s Deli, 2448 West Shore Rd., +1 401-738-3727. Delicious pastries, breads, special occasion cakes, deli sandwiches, and soups. Voted 2013 best place in Warwick for Zeppole by GoLocalProv.
  • Mousie’s Deli, 1619 Warwick Ave., +1 401-737-3696. Tucked in a strip plaza near Hoxie Four Corners (intersection of Warwick Ave. & Airport Rd.). Small, busy deli offering an extensive list of uniquely-named, delicious and reasonably-priced sandwiches.
  • Papa’s Ice Cream, 2987 West Shore Rd., +1 401-739-4975. Located at the intersection of Buttonwoods Ave. and West Shore Rd. This family owned, soda-shop-style ice cream parlor offers many flavors of Hershey’s ice cream, soft serve, frozen yogurt, and cupcakes. Staff is extremely friendly and personable. Offers indoor and outdoor seating. Cash only!
  • Papi’s Tacos, 750 West Shore Rd., +1 401-681-4336. Located in the heart of Conimicut Village. Tiny, authentic Mexican restaurant offering freshly made burritos, tacos, nachos, taquitos, tostadas and quesadillas. Clean location and friendly staff. Seating available, but limited. Vegetarian friendly.
  • Sandwich Junction, 86 Kilvert St., +1 401-738-0559. Located at the end of a dead-end street, directly next to the Amtrack railway (hence, the name). Adorable little eatery decorated with old photos. Great sandwich selection and servings. Delicious, homemade desserts. Cash only!
  • Seven Seas Chowder House, 26 Palmer Ave., +1 401-737-8368. Tucked away in a residential neighborhood area. Excellent seafood, doughboys, clam cakes, and chowder. Don’t be fooled by the run-down appearance; beat the winding lines at Iggy’s and stop here instead. Open seasonally (summer only).


Mid-Range consists of mostly the chain restaurants or restaurants very similar to chains. These are places you want to sit and eat as a family or just take your significant other to but are still a pretty quick fix. Prices range from $7-$16.

  • Bistro Teahouse and Tavern, 1094 Centerville Road, +1 401 821 1105. Evolved from a flower creations company to a restaurant, they serve breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, cocktails, and dinner. The 1860’s farmhouse and their new barn set the perfect tone to get away and relax.
  • Chelo's of Warwick, Inc., 2225 Post Rd., +1 401-737-7299. Great selection of classic American cuisine. Part of Rhode Island's largest family-owned restaurant chain.
  • Chelo's Waterfront Bar & Grill, 1 Masthead Dr., +1 401-884-3000. Seasonal. Great selection of classic American cuisine, plus a beautiful view of the Greenwich Bay. Part of Rhode Island's largest family-owned restaurant chain. Live bands and entertainment are featured on the weekends during the summer. It is a great place to bring the family and enjoy the nice weather.
  • China Inn, 2788 Post Road, +1 401 738 8885. One of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the USA. The China Inn offers some of the best Chinese cuisine in Rhode Island. Dine in or take out.
  • Corner Bakery Cafe, 21 Universal Blvd, Warwick, RI 02886, (401) 262-5134. This is a new restaurant that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. They also carry pastries and different coffee options. The prices are very reasonable. This is a great place for families to go and if you are looking for a good, quick meal!

  • Cornerstone Pub, 255 Lambert Lind Hwy., +1 401-732-4750. Good food, usual hangout for "Baby boomers".
  • Dave's Bar & Grill, 2339 Post Rd., +1 401-739-7444. Home of the "infamous" grilled cheese, Dave's offers standard pub fare at reasonable prices. Huge selection of beers available including over 40 draft beers, single malts, and wines. Dave's regularly carries the seasonal beers. Plenty of TVs to watch the game or just hang out and play some pool.
  • Friendly's, 2080 Warwick Ave, +1 401-739-8190. Su-Th 7AM-11PM, F-Sa 7AM-12AM. At this New England staple you will find comfort foods like grilled cheese sandwiches, clam chowder, and patty melts. Follow it up with their classic sundae, first scooped in 1935.
  • Good Fortune Chinese Restaurant, 3301 Post Rd. +1 401-738-6162. Great food and reasonably priced. Nice atmosphere.
  • Greenwood Inn Inc, 1350 Jefferson Blvd., +1 401-738-3334. Serves American, seafood, and Italian cuisine. A great place to go for a family or to watch the game. The prices are reasonable and alcohol is served.
  • Gregg's Restaurant, 1359 Post Rd., +1 401-467-0122, [14]. Amazing cakes made from scratch, great family dining. One of the most popular places in Warwick so please expect a wait or call in advance to see how busy they are. Great for kids and adults.
  • Hometown Buffet, 1245 Bald Hill Road, +1 401 826 4494. Hometown Buffet offers a large array of food choices. From American to Italian to Chinese cuisine they have anything you could desire. It is a great place to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner with your family. Located on Route Two.
  • Ironworks Tavern, 697 Jefferson Boulevard, +1 401 739-5111. Step back into history and visit the Ironworks Tavern. Here you can experience the best contemporary American cuisine. The restaurant is located in the original main office building of the Rhode Island Malleable Iron Works factory.
  • Legal Sea Foods, 2099 Post Rd., +1 401-732-3663, [15]. Local Boston chain.
  • Lemongrass, 1138 Post Road, +1 401 941 1388. They serve Chinese cuisine by picking only the freshest and natural ingredients to make their food healthier than their competitors. A great family owned business. Dine in or take out.
  • Libiations Restaurant, 2081 Post Road, +1 401 739 3000. Located inside the Radisson Hotel, the Libiations Restaurant offers fine dining at a great prove. They offer fine cuisine slecions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu showcases contemporary American cuisine with New England taste.
  • Marley's on the Beach, 885 Oakland Beach Ave, ☎ 401-736-0400, [19]. Tropical themed restaurant and bar overlooking the bay. Located in the heart of Oakland Beach. The restaurant has an outdoor section with tables and a volley ball net. Truly a great place to go on a nice summer’s day. $8-16.
  • Music Lane Café, 10 Music Lane, +1 401 739 1154. Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant is tucked away from the busy city just off the Greenwich Bar. A great place to escape and grab a bite to eat. They serve American Cuisine.
  • Norwood Grill, 1325 Post Road, +1 401 780 9989 edit
  • Ozzi’s Steak Burger’s, 1795 Post Road, +1 401 921 6994. Voted Best Burger in New England by Phantom Gourmet. This restaurant offers great burgers at an awesome price. With their “build your own burger” menu they offer 100 million combinations of burger toppings along with different types of cheeses. They have a fully stocked liquor bar and multiple TV’s.
  • Pinelli's Cafe at Night, 701 Quaker Lane, +1 401-821-8828.
  • Red Robins, 400 Bald Hill Road, +1 401 736 0700. Located in the Warwick Mall Parking lot, this is a great place to go after a day of shopping. They offer a large array of American cuisine with a focus on gourmet burgers.
  • Remington House Inn, 3376 Post Rd., +1 401-736-8388. Really beautiful spot to eat. Lovely view of the water and ambiance in general.
  • Rigatoni's Family Restaurant, 1229 Warwick Ave., +1 401-463-5580. This restaurant has a wonderful setting that would be great for a family dinner or casual date. Food is great, affordable and comes in huge portions. I strongly recommend getting the pizza or calzones they are known for. They also sell red sauce and soup by the quart. Don’t forget to bring a few quarters for the mini juke box at each booth.
  • Rocky Point Pub, 1709 West Shore Rd., "+1" 401-738-0558. A family oriented restaurant and bar by day, a local rock concert by night. "The Pub" is famous for it's pizza but has a very broad menu of delicious cuisine. Karaoke is hosted on Sundays and Wednesdays, and each Friday and Saturday a local band comes in and rocks the doors off.
  • Smokey Bones, 31-B Universal Blvd., +1 401-821-2789. Nice southern restaurant atmosphere. Great ribs and steaks. A great place to go with the family during the week or on the weekend. This restaurant is also a great place to watch sporting events, but get there early because it gets packed for games.
  • Timmy's One Bay Avenue Restaurant & Landing, 6 Bay Av., +1 401-738-4777. Good food, friendly services, reasonable prices. Great location overlooking the bay. Optional outside dining. Located in Oakland Beach. It is a great place to go on a nice summer night. American cuisine and seafood is served. Entertainment is provided on the weekends in the summer.
  • Top of the Bay (formerly Cherrystones), 898 Oakland Beach Av., +1 401-732-2532. Great location overlooking the bay. Optional outside dining.
  • Twist, 336 Bald Hill Rd, +1 401-734-4440. M-T 11:30AM-11PM, W-Sa 11:30AM-12AM, Su 4PM-11PM. Drinks, appetizers, and entrees with a "twist" like Guinness baby back ribs and chicken walnut and prosciutto ravioli. Children's and gluten free menus are available.
  • Uncle Tony's Pizza & Pasta, 1800 Post Rd. #27, +1 401-738-1322. Good Italian restaurant.
  • UNO Chicago Grille, 399 Bald Hill Road, +1 401 738 5610. This restaurant is located right next to the mall. They offer American and Italian Cuisine. It is a great place to watch the game at the bar or enjoy a nice date. The prices are reasonable.
  • Thai Excursion, 1565 Post Rd Warwick, +1 401-921-5582. Features both a restaurant and bar at a medium price range. This restaurant offers authentic Thai dishes, and their own take on Thai-styled curry. Vegetarian friendly. Has a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. M–Sa 11:30AM–10PM, Su 3PM–9PM.
  • Ward’s Publick House, 3854 Post Road, +1 401 884 7008. They serve traditional Irish seafood, steaks, and burgers. I great place to remember your heritage while indulging in great Irish cuisine.
  • Buttonwoods Fish & Chips, 416 Buttonwoods Ave., +1 401 738 7571. Charming, family-owned diner tucked away in the Buttonwoods residential area. In addition to fish and chips, also serve great breakfast and lunch items, as well as dinner on Fridays. Friendly and attentive staff.
  • Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet, 1245 Bald Hill Rd., +1 401 828 4600. Located on Route 2, this large, Asian style buffet serves a huge variety of fresh food. Offers traditional Asian dishes, sushi, and American cuisine. Also includes a raw bar from which you can select items and watch them be prepared by cooks at the hibachi station. Loud atmosphere, very kid friendly.
  • Sunrise Café, 1155 West Shore Rd., +1 401 737 8111. Located at the beginning of Conimicut Village. Quaint breakfast joint with excellent food. Great weekly specials and an extensive omelet selection. Walls are covered with historic war photos and Rocky Point memorabilia. Sit at the bar and watch the owner prep your food right in front of you, truly entertaining in itself. Table seating available also. Cash only!


Splurge consists of a few popular Warwick restaurants that are not outrageously priced. You can only get these in Warwick! They are still a nice place for a family to go and have a good time. They are very popular and great for special occasions such as birthday celebrations or anniversaries. Prices range from $10-$23.

  • Bassett's Inn, 2227 W Shore Rd., +1 401-737-6073.
  • Crow's Nest Restaurant, 288 Arnolds Neck Dr., +1 401-732-6575, [16]. The servers are fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable. The view is beautiful, and you get a lot of food for your money. One of the best places to do lunch. Go early and you won't have to wait.
  • Elizabeth's Portofino, 897 Post Rd., +1 401-461-8920. Reservations recommended.
  • Eleven Forty Nine Restaurant, 1149 Division St., +1 401-884-1149, [17]. Offers lunch, dinner, jazz Sunday brunch, live music.
  • Ferns & Flowers Teahouse, 1094 Centerville Rd., +1 401-821-1105.
  • Governor Francis Inn, 1251 Warwick Ave., +1 401-463-8227. Serves guests Italian cuisine and is especially known for seafood. Casual dress.
  • Shogun Steak & Seafood, 76 Jefferson Blvd., +1 401-270-3608. Sushi is served. Hibachi style restaurant. On the expensive side, but definitely worth it. Interesting to watch them cook in front of you.
  • Sophia’s Tuscan Grille, 1729 Warwick Ave., +1 401 732 6656. Darling little Italian restaurant with Mediterranean décor and delicious, fresh food. BYOB. Can get very crowded, so make reservations ahead of time.


Rhode Island has a large and diverse number of bars many of which are located in Warwick. From family bars and grills to taverns to watch your favorite Sunday football games, With the variety of bars you're sure to find one that suits your style. Whether you want a fuzzy navel or Budweiser you can find it all in Warwick.

  • All Stars Bar & Grill, 605 Airport Rd, +1 401-384-6002.
  • Bottom Line Bar & Grill,415 Palmer Ave, +1 401-737-9834.
  • Carousel Grill (formerly Groucho's), 859 Oakland Beach Ave., +1 401-739-7856. Nightclub/lounge, near beach with waterviews and ample parking.
  • Cornerstone Pub, 255 Lambert Lind Hwy., +1 401-732-4750.
  • Dave's Bar & Grill, 2339 Post Rd, +1 401-739-7444. A lot of TV's. Great place to watch a game on Sundays.
  • Eddie's 529 Club, 529 Warwick Av., +1 401-461-1770 Prices are right ice cold beer.. Friendly fast affordable prices! Play pool watch the game..A local hang out for artist and musicians !
  • Grav's Pub, 10 Brookside Ave., +1 401-821-2130. Great bar with a big dance floor and disco lights.
  • Hal Mac's Bar, 41 Roseland Ave, +1 401-739-1446.
  • Hops Restaurant-Bar-Brewery, 444 Quaker Ln, +1 401-826-4600, Fax: "+1" 401-826-4600.
  • Hour Bar,1193 Main St # B, +1 401-826-5200.
  • Old Boulevard Cafe, 1288 Greenwich Ave, +1 401-738-5433.
  • On the Roch's, 1595 Centerville Rd, +1 401-821-3262, Fax: "+1" 401-821-3262.
  • O'Rourke's Bar & Grill, 23 Peck Ln, +1 401-228-7444.
  • Pop's Place & His Son's Pub, 115 Cowesett Ave., +1 401-828-4350.
  • Prata Bar & Grill, 1599 Post Rd, +1 401-384-6969.
  • Sean & Bud Inc, 415 Palmer Ave, +1 401-732-6084.
  • Tavern 12, 2299 Post Rd, +1 401-490-2340.
  • Track 84, 84 Kilvert St, +1 401-739-8484.
  • Village Corner Tavern, 941 W Shore Rd, +1 401-739-9785.
  • Ward's Publick House, 3854 Post Rd., +1 401-884-7008.
  • Whalen Cafe, 2647 W Shore Rd, +1 401-737-9646.
  • Longshots Bar & Grill, 293 Providence St., +1 401-828-3340. M-Th 3PM-1AM, F-Sa 11AM-1PM, Su 12PM-1AM. Sports bar with 16 beers on tap. Flat screen TVs, pool table, video games, and live music make for entertainment. Menu includes standard bar fare as well as specialty pizzas and burgers.
  • Picasso's Pizza (Picasso's Pub), 2323 Warwick Ave, +1 401-739-5030, [3]. Cheap, good food and cheap, good drinks, Picasso's has what you're looking for every night of the week. Karaoke on Thursdays and a permanent feeling of being with friends, Picasso's is a local sports bar hotspot that you should catch at least one home game in their hole-in-the-wall
  • Biki’s, 2077 West Shore Rd., +1 401 921 3377. Located at the top of Oakland Beach. Small biker-bar with good drinks and food. Pool table, DJ, and live music for entertainment. Two bars and three bathrooms to accommodate crowding on weekends. Parking lot fills quickly.
  • Bottom Line Bar & Grill, 415 Palmer Ave., +1 401 737 9834. Located up Warwick Neck near the former Rocky Point Amusement Park. A little rough around the edges, a totally down-to-earth neighborhood hangout. Decent food and drink selection. Rustic feel with pool tables, loud music, and local people.
  • County Cork Irish Pub, 50 Water Front Dr., +1 401 732 2675. Waterfront location overlooking Brewer’s marina. Small, inviting atmosphere with outdoor seating. Offers a small lunch and dinner menu of Irish cuisine, seafood, and basic items such as burgers, wings, etc.; breakfast available on Sundays only. Great place for families and local boaters. Live Irish music on Sundays.
  • Gridiron Ale House and Grill (formerly Prata Bar & Grill), 1599 Post Rd., +1 401 384 6969. Sports bar loaded with flat-screen TVs. Decent beer selection and typical bar fare.
  • Shannon View Inn, 1901 Post Rd., +1 401 732 0999. An intimate, Irish pub with an excellent craft beer selection. Also offers outstanding an breakfast, lunch & dinner menu; especially well-known for great burgers. Live music. On St. Patty’s Day, this is the place to be.


  • Residence Inn Providence Warwick, 500 Kilvert Street, +1 401-737-7100, Fax: +1 401 739-2909, [18].
  • Best Western Airport Inn, 2138 Post Road, Phone: +1 877-634-1780 [19].
  • Courtyard Providence Warwick, 55 Jefferson Park Road, +1 401-467-6900, Fax: +1 401 467-2666, [20]. $140.
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel, 801 Greenwich Ave., 401-732-6000, [21]. $140.
  • Fairfield Inn Providence Warwick, 36 Jefferson Boulevard, +1 401-941-6600, Toll-free: +1 800 228-2800, Fax: +1 401 785-1260, [22]. $140.
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, 901 Jefferson Boulevard, +1 401-736-5000, [23]. $120.
  • Motel 6 Providence - Warwick, 20 Jefferson Boulevard, +1 401- 467-9800, Fax: +1 401 467-6780, [24]. $80-$92.
  • Hampton Inn & Suites, 2100 Post Rd, Phone: +1 401-739-8888. $130.
  • Homestead Studio Suites, 268 Metro Center Blvd., Phone: +1 401-732-6667. $95.
  • Homewood Suites by Hilton, 33 International Way, Phone: +1 401-738-0008. $150 & $170.
  • Radisson Airport Hotel Providence, 2081 Post Rd., Phone: +1 401-739-3000.
  • Sheraton Providence Airport, 1850 Post Road, 1-401-738-4000, [4]. Sheraton Providence Airport is located less than a mile from T.F. Green International Airport and provides a complimentary airport shuttle. This smoke-free hotel has 206 guestrooms and in-hotel dining.
  • NYLO Providence / Warwick, 400 Knight St (Warwick, Rhode Island 02886), 1.401.734.4460, [5]. The chic new NYLO Providence / Warwick hotel near downtown Providence, Rhode Island attractions offers ultramodern lodging, event space and vacation packages for business and leisure travelers.
  • Hilton Garden Inn. Small refrigerators, microwaves & coffee pots in the room. Lobby has apples & cookies. Business center, workout room, indoor pool. Iron Works Tavern connected to hotel.

Stay Safe

Warwick was once listed as the 19th safest city in the country. Warwick is still a very safe community and little violence or crime is committed. Feeling safe in this city is something that you don’t have to worry about.

Get out

If you're looking for additional activities just outside of Warwick some additional places of interest include AMF Lanes (1450 Elmwood Ave, Cranston, RI 02910) and Roger Williams Park (also accessible from Elmwood Ave.) The Providence Place Mall is located just 20 minutes away and is a great destination for shopping as the mall is larger than the one in Warwick.

Adjacent Providence or nearby Newport make good next destinations.

Routes through Warwick
New HavenWest Warwick  S noframe N  CranstonProvidence
LincolnCranston  N noframe S  END
New HavenEast Greenwich  S noframe N  CranstonProvidence

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