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* <drink name="Organza" address="ul. Sienkiewicza 4" phone="+49 (0/22) 827 50 70" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="!new/index.php" hours="" price=" lat="" long="" tags="Bar">Organza, adjacent to the Lemon Bar, is well done club.  The dance floor on the ground floor with tables on the floor below and above for clubbers to take a break from the dancing.  The bouncers seem to do a decent job of making sure no one gets in too drunk which makes the party a more enjoyable for everyone.  To get in, you'll need to be decently dressed, since some of Warsaw's more attractive clubbing females tend to frequent Organza and sister clubs - Sheesha and Bollywood.</drink>
* <drink name="Klub Opium" alt="" address="ul. Wierzbowa 9/11" directions="Pl. Teatralny, near Metro station Ratusz Arsenał" phone="+48 (0/22) 827 71 61" phoneextra="" tollfree="" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" hoursextra="" price="" lat="" long="" tags="Club">Opium scores extra points for having a decent interior design, which really adds to the atmosphere.  The music is so-so.  Somewhat weirdly, the place seemed to be empty during peak clubbing hours.</drink>
* <drink name="Klub Opium" alt="" address="ul. Wierzbowa 9/11" directions="Pl. Teatralny, near Metro station Ratusz Arsenał" phone="+48 (0/22) 827 71 61" phoneextra="" tollfree="" email="[email protected]" fax="" url="" hours="" hoursextra="" price="" lat="" long="" tags="Club">Opium scores extra points for having a decent interior design, which really adds to the atmosphere.  The music is so-so.  Somewhat weirdly, the place seemed to be empty during peak clubbing hours.</drink>

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Warsaw's picturesque Old Town Square at dusk.

Śródmieście [62], meaning roughly the Inner City, is the central district of Warsaw. Although it constitutes a mere 3% of the city area, it is the most important part of Warsaw in every aspect. It is further divided into the Old Town (Stare Miasto), New Town (Nowe Miasto), Muranów, Powiśle, Solec, Ujazdów and Śródmieście proper - north and south.

Get in

Warsaw's Śródmieście district in dark red.
  • Most bus and tram routes pass through Śródmieście.
  • So are the railway stations Dworzec Centralny (for long-distance trains) and Dworzec Śródmieście (for suburban trains and Warsaw Commuter Railway).

By subway

From the Mokotów, the last subway before entering Śródmieście is the Pole Mokotowskie metro station. The first stop in Śródmiescie from this direction is Politechnika. The last northern stop in Żoliborz before entering the district is Plac Wilsona. The first stop in Śródmieście from this directions is Dw. Gdański.

Get around

Śródmieście is a relatively small district. The entire width of Śródmieście could be walked in roughly 25 - 35 minutes. The length of the district, however, would be longer by approximately an hour or so of non-stop and brisk walking. The district's geographical location and size makes it the easiest district to get around. Being home to many well-known businesses, governmental institutions, universities, and the center of a tourist's universe means that public transportation is well built up in the district.

By foot

Considering that the strict city center is a flat area whose sides measure only some 2 km, it is a good idea to take a stroll through it. There are two streets that serve the purpose of a promenade, ul. Chmielna, which is fully pedestrianized and ul. Nowy Świat , which is closed to traffic on summer weekends

If you start your walk from Metro Centrum (this is a popular place where people arrange to meet one another), you can get to the other side of ul. Marszałkowska through the underpass. The round building adjacent to the intersection is called the Rotunda. It is a bank branch and the pavement in front of it is another popular meeting place. Going along the ul. Marszałkowska you'll pass some department stores and after 500 m or so, turn right into ul. Chmielna. At the end of it, turn left into ul. Nowy Świat and go straight ahead. This street, which then changes into Krakowskie Przedmieście, will lead you to Castle Square and the Old Town.

By car

  • Main streets parallel to Vistula: Wyb. Kościuszkowskie and Wyb. Gdańskie - more often referred to as Wisłostrada, ul. Solec, ul. Marszałkowska, al. Niepodległości-ul. Chałubińskiego-al.Jana Pawła II, ul. Raszyńska
  • Main streets perpendicular to Vistula: al. Armii Ludowej - more often referred to as Trasa Łazienkowska, Al. Jerozolimskie, ul. Tamka-ul. Świętokrzyska-ul. Prosta, al. Solidarności, ul. Słomińskiego

By bus

Dworzec Centralny is also a big bus terminus. Note that the stops are named either Dw. Centralny or E. Plater but they are really just next to each other.

By tram

By metro

Within Śródmieśćie, there are five subway stations that moreorless cut through the midsection of the district in a North to South direction. From North to South are: Dw. Gdański (at the district's northern border with Żoliborz), Ratusz, Świętokrzyska (north of the ul. Marszałkowska and ul. Świętokrzyska intersection), Centrum (lies at the intersection of ul. Marszałkowska and al. Jerozolimskie), and Politechnika (located near the Technical University).


The sprawling Palace of Culture and Science complex houses two universities, two theaters, a movie theater, a museum, and a concert hall.
Castle Place in the Old town
The Royal castle's clock tower

For sightseeing purposes, Śródmieście is divided here into these areas: Old Town, Royal Road, Contemporary Center and Jewish Quarter. The Highlights section below is to help you prioritize the sights - only the most important are listed there. More sights are listed in the itineraries for their respective areas. This does not apply to museums and parks, which are listed further below.


  • Palace of Culture and Science (Palac Kultury i Nauki), plac Defilad, +48 (0/22) 65 67 676, [1]. 9AM-6PM daily. Built in the 1950s as a "gift" to the Polish people by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin the Palace of Culture and Science is Warsaw's most recognizable building. The building elicits mixed feelings from Poles - on one hand, the building has a controversially beautiful architectural style, however, the building was built by the man who helped Hitler rape the Polish countryside, then continued a campaign of senseless murders of the Poles when the Soviet-Nazi Germany relations soured. Today, the building is home to a movie theater, museum, restaurant, and college. Visitors can take an elevator to an observation deck, which provides a great view of Warsaw. Admission to the observation deck: zł 18/12.
  • The Parliament (Sejm and Senat) ul. Wiejska. Sejm is the name for the lower chamber of the Polish parliament (the name has also been adopted by Lithuania and Latvia).
  • The Palm Tree [63] at the intersection of Al. Jerozolimskie and ul. Nowy Świat, probably the only palm tree in the world that has its website.
  • Umschlagplatz, ul. Stawki. A contender for the most sinister place in Warsaw the Umschlagplatz was the location Nazi officials herded Jews into cattle cars to be murdered at the Treblinka extermination camp. Estimates place the total number of persons transported from the Umschlagplatz at 300,000 or more.
  • Tomb of The Unknown Soldier (Grób Nieznanego Żołnierza), pl. Piłsudskiego. Built in 1925, the tomb holds the remains of a Polish soldier who died in battle at Lwów, now Lviv, Ukraine. It also holds soil from 38 battlegrounds Poles fought at. During the period communists controlled the country's political structure, the authorities removed references to battles Poles fought against the Soviets. After Poland regained its independence in 1990 the references to the Polish-Soviet War were again added to the memorial.
  • The Royal Castle (Zamek Krolewski), pl. Zamkowy 4 (Following Krakowskie Przedmieście northbound will take you into plac Zamkowy), +48 (0/22) 355 51 70 (), [2]. Tu. - Sa.: 10AM - 4PM. Su.: 11AM - 4PM. Entrance is zł 12 for a normal ticket or zł 6 for students. Entrance on Sunday is usually free, except when there are special exhibitions.

Religious buildings

  • Nożyk Synagogue (Synagoga Nożyków), ul. Twarda 6, +48 (0/22) 652 28 05 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 652 28 05), [3]. Open for visitors Su. - Th. from 9AM until 3PM. Warsaw's only Orthodox Jewish synagogue that is still in operation. 6 zł for entrance. (52.235,21.002)
  • Jesuit Church (Kościół Jezuitów), ul. Świętojańska 10 (Old Town), +48 (0/22) 831 16 75. From the outside it seems like a large church, but step over the threshold and you'll see a rather modest and relatively small worship hall.
  • St. John's Cathedral (Katedra św. Jana), (Old Town).


  • Center for Contemporary Art, Al. Ujazdowskie 6, +48 (0/22) 628 12 713 (+48 (0/22) 628 76 83, , fax: +48 (0/22) 628 95 50), [4].
  • Zachęta Gallery, pl. Małachowskiego 3, +48 (0/22) 827 58 54, [5]. A cool little gallery that mixes graffiti, sculptures, experimental painting, and photography.
  • Yours Gallery ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 33, tel. +48 22 890 95 00
  • Bank Square Gallery (Galleria Na Placu Bankowym) pl. Bankowy 3/5
  • Graphics and Poster Gallery (Galeria Grafiki i Plakatu) ul. Hoża 40, tel. +48 22 621 40 77
  • House of Culture (Dom Kultury) ul. Smolna 9, tel. +48 22 825 26 86
  • Kordegarda Gallery (Galeria Kordegarda) ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 15/17, tel. +48 22 421 01 25
  • Le Guern Gallery (Galeria Le Guern) ul. Widok 8, tel. +48 22 690 69 69
  • Lufcik Gallery (Galeria Lufcik) ul. Mazowiecka 11a, tel. +48 22 827 76 88
  • Nusantara Gallery (Galeria Nusantara) ul. Nowogrodzka 18a, tel. +48 22 629 24 41
  • Obok Gallery (Galeria Obok) pl. Zamkowy 8, tel. +48 22 831 23 39
  • Pokaz Critics' Gallery (Galeria Krytyków Pokaz) ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 20/22
  • Pracovnia ul. Popiełuszki 16, tel. +48 22 833 44 50
  • Test Gallery (Galeria Test) ul. Marszałkowska 34/50, tel. +48 22 622 70 97
  • XX1 Gallery (Galeria XX1) al. Jana Pawła II 36, tel. +48 22 620 78 72
  • ZPAF Old Gallery (Stara Galeria ZPAF) pl. Zamkowy 8, tel. +48 22 831 03 86


  • National Museum (Muzeum Narodowe), Al. Jerozolimskie 3, +48 (0/22) 621 10 31, [6]. The museum has a wonderful collection of paintings, sculptures, and depictions of the passion of the Christ. Several of Poland's most iconic paintings call this museum home. Be certain to catch Jan Matejko's Stańczyk painting, which depicts a famous jester to the Polish royalty in dispair after Lithuania lost the city of Smolensk to Russia in 1514.
  • Fotoplastikon Al. Jerozolimske 51 (near Dworzec Centralny). Established 1905, it is an "IMAX one hundred years ago"; a collection of unique 3D stereoscopic images from the 19th and 20th centuries. M-F 12PM-5PM, Sa 11AM-2PM.
  • Warsaw History Museum (Muzeum Historyczne Warszawy), Rynek Starego Miasta 20, [7].
  • Frederic Chopin Museum (Muzeum Fryderyka Chopina), ul. Okólnik 1 (Located in Ostrogski Castle), +48 (0/22) 826 59 35, [8]. Tu.-Su.: 12:00 - 20:00 (Closed Mondays and holidays (including Easter Saturday and Christmas Eve)). Displays in English and Polish. The museum's design favours interactivity at the expense of information, giving the impression it would best be suited to children with ADHD. 22/12 PLN, free on Tuesdays. (52.2364,21.0227)
  • Marie Curie Museum (Muzeum Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej), ul. Freta 16 (In Warsaw's New Town), +48 (0/22) 831 80 92.
  • Technology Museum (Muzeum Techniki), pl. Defilad 1 (In the Palace of Culture and Science), +48 (0/22) 656 67 47.
  • Polish Emigration Museum (Muzeum Wychodźstwa Polskiego), ul. Agrykoli 1, +48 (0/22) 621 62 41.
  • Asia-Pacific Museum (Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku), ul. Freta 5, +48 (0/22) 635 28 11.
  • Chopin Family Living Room (Salonik Chopinów), ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 5, +48 (0/22) 320 02 75. Open from 16 April - 15 October Tu.-Su.: 9AM - 5:30PM (Open from 16 October - 15 April Tu.-Su.: 9AM - 4PM. Closed Mondays, Easter Saturday, the first day of the Easter holidays, 1 November, 24 - 26 December, and New Year's Day).
  • Polish Military Museum (Muzeum Wojska Polskiego), Al. Jerozolimskie 3 (just before the bridge, next to the National Museum), +48 (0/22) 629 52 71 (+48 (0/22) 629 52 72, fax: +48 (0/22) 629 52 73), [9].
  • Independence Museum (Muzeum Niepodległości), al. Solidarności 62, +48 (0/22) 826 90 91 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 827 03 23), [10]. (52.24601,21.00431)
  • Adam Mickiewicz Literature Museum (Muzeum Literatury im. Adama Mickiewicza) Rynek Starego Miasta 28/42 [64] (Old Town Market)
  • Earth Museum, Polish Academy of Sciences (Muzeum Ziemi PAN) al. Na Skarpie 20/26, tel. +48 22 629 74 97
  • Etnographic Museum (Państwowe Muzeum Ethnograficzne), ul. Kredytowa 1, +48 (0/22) 827 76 41 (+48 (0/22) 827 76 42, , fax: +48 (0/22) 827 66 69), [11]. Open from Tu. - Th.: 10AM - 6PM. Fr.: 10AM - 4PM. Sa.: 10AM - 5PM. Su.: Noon - 5PM (Closed mondays and holidays). Exhibitions that tell the stories of various societies and cultures. Normal tickets cost 10 zł or 5 zł with a discount.
  • History Meetings House (Dom Spotkań z Historią) ul. Karowa 20, tel. +48 22 876 51 95
  • Hunting and Horsemanship Museum (Muzeum Łowiectwa i Jeździectwa) ul. Szwoleżerów 9, tel. +48 22 628 42 05


Łazienki Park on a warm spring day.
  • Saski Garden (Ogród Saski). Ogród Saski is a lovely park in central Warsaw. It's small in comparison to Łazienki, but nonetheless relaxing with its forested landscape. Prior to WWII, it housed the Saski Palace, which like the rest of Warsaw was destroyed in the insane Nazi vengeance for the Warsaw Uprising. Plans to rebuild the palace have failed to materialize due to funding. Nowadays, one of the draws aside from the escape of the city is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is on the park grounds.
  • Łazienki Park (Park Łazienkowski), ul. Agrykoli 1, +48 (0/22) 621 8212 (fax: +48 (0/22) 629 6945), [12]. hoursextra="". Łazienki Park was built and designed for a Polish politician, but became King Stanisław Poniatowski's, the last king of Poland, residence for much of later half of the 18th century. During Poniatowski's reign, much of the buildings on the park grounds were built. The most interesting buildings are the Łazienki Palace, Roman theater, and the so called Little White House, where the King sought the worldly comfort of mistresses. The park is a wonderful escape from hustle and bustle of the city streets that surround the park and can be the setting for a picnic or a wedding. Strangely, it's a great place to find peacocks and occasionally, a rat.
  • Ujazdów Park (Park Ujazdowski), Al. Ujazdowskie (Lies south of ul. Piękna, east of Al. Ujazdowskie, and north of Al. Armii Ludowej). Ujazdów Park, another beautiful park, lies just north of Łazienki, but is far less known and visited by tourists. One of the big draws to the park is the Ujazdów Castle, which dates it orgins back to the 13th century. Over the centuries, the castles has housed princes, politicians, queens, kings, soldiers, and it's current resident - The Center for Contemporary Art. Free admission to park grounds. (52.221944,21.025556)


ul. Kubusia Puchatka or Winnie the Pooh Street in Warsaw's central district.
  • Ulica Kubusia Puchatka, (Enter from ul. Świętokrzyska, 100m west of the intersection with Nowy Świat). A nondescript street in central Warsaw, whose claim to fame is that it's named after the children's book character Winnie the Pooh. (52.2366,21.01647)


Performing Arts

  • The Warsaw Philharmonic (Filharmonia Narodowa), ul. Jasna 5, +48 (0/22) 551 71 11.
  • Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera (Teatr Wielki - Opera Narodowa), pl. Teatralny 1 (close to pl. Bankowy and the Ratusz metro stop), +48 (0/22) 692 02 00, [13].
  • Warsaw Chamber Opera (Warszawska Opera Kameralna), al. Solidarności 76b, +48 (0/22) 831 22 40 (), [14].


  • Ateneum ul. Jaracza 2, tel. +48 22 625 73 30
  • Teatr Dramatyczny, pl. Defilad 1 (Palace of Culture), +48 (0/22) 656 68 44, [15].
  • Bajka ul. Marszałkowska 138, tel. +48 22 826 69 66 (for children)
  • Kwadrat ul. Czackiego 15/17, tel. +48 22 826 96 37
  • Polonia ul. Marszałkowska 56, tel. +48 22 622 21 32
  • Polski ul. Karasia 2, tel. +48 22 826 79 92
  • Prochoffnia ul. Boleść 2, tel. +48 22 635 89 64 (unorthodox)
  • Roma ul. Nowogrodzka 49, tel. +48 22 628 03 60 (musical)
  • Scena ul. Żelazna 51/53, tel. +48 22 620 82 88
  • Teatr Studio, pl. Defilad 1 (Palace of Culture), +48 (0/22) 620 21 02 (), [16].
  • Studio Buffo ul. Konopnickiej 6, tel. +48 22 625 47 09 (unrelated to the one above)
  • Syrena ul. Litewska 3, tel. +48 22 628 50 93
  • TR (Rozmaitości) ul. Marszałkowska 8, tel. +48 22 629 02 20 (unorthodox)
  • Współczesny ul. Mokotowska 13, tel. +48 22 825 59 79
  • The National Jewish Theatre (Teatr Żydowski), plac Grzybowski 12/16, +48 (0/22) 620 62 81 (+48 (0/22) 620 70 25), [17]. Jewish theatre located adjacent to the Nożyk Synagogue. Teatr Żydowski is the only theatre in the world that regularly performs plays in Yiddish.


  • Kinoteka, pl. Defilad 1 (Palace of Culture and Science with the entrance facing Al. Jerozolimskie), +48 (0/22) 551 70 70 (+48 (0/22) 551 70 00, ), [18]. Comfortable cinema in the heart of Warsaw.
  • Multikino, ul. Złota 59 (On the top floor of the Złote Tarasy mall), +48 (0/22) 201 16 11 (), [19]. The super-chic cinema in Warsaw. It can get obnoxiously crowded in the evenings or on the weekends. That aside, it's one of the most advanced cinemas around.
  • Kino Luna, ul. Marszałkowska 28, +48 (0/22) 628 98 64 (), [20]. This cinema's marquee displays a wide variety of films from Polish films to Hollywood productions to other more independent and "foreign," that is to Poland, films. On Thursdays, the films are shown with English subtitles.


Off-the-beaten-path shops

Neat little shops can be found all over Warsaw, especially for those who are looking for a shopping extravaganza in Warsaw other than snobby upscale shopping malls, where the experience becomes lost.

In Śródmieście, and the Centrum area, in fact, there are several streets that see fewer tourists, but have interesting boutiques of all sorts. These same streets boast some of the best and most intimate restaurants and cafés. Plac Trzech Krzyży is an excellent starting point. The streets that branch out from the square are host to numerous of such shops and restaurants. Ul. Bracka, ul. Nowogrodzka, ul. Żurawia, ul. Krucza, ul. Mokotowska, and ul. Hoża would all be great streets to start wandering up and down. As you progress down ul. Hoża, drawing closer to ul. Marszałkowska, the shops will likely become of less interest, but the closer you remain to Pl. Trzech Krzyży the more boutique shops you'll find.


  • Złote Tarasy, (Adjacent to the Warszawa Centralna train station), [21]. An enormous mall in the middle of Warsaw, Złote Tarasy has many interesting shops, but its food court lacks any luster. The most interesting thing about it from the architectural point of view is the roof. Another interesting aspect to this mall is that a Polish talk show is filmed on the "first" floor. (52.230,21.002)
  • Arkadia, al. Jana Pawła II 82 (Metro Dw. Gdański), [22]. Hours: M-Sa 10AM-10PM; Su 10AM-9PM. Arkadia has an interesting collection of shops, plus a much better selection of restaurants in its food court than Złote Tarasy. Arkadia also has several restaurants located on its outside, at its main entrance.
  • Galeria Centrum [65] at the so called "eastern wall" (ściana wschodnia) at ul. Marszałkowska between Al. Ujazdowskie and ul. Świętokrzyska - designer's clothing.



  • Szwajcarski ul. Nowy Świat between Al. Jerozolimskie and pl. Trzech Krzyży
  • Prasowy, ul. Marszałkowska 10/16, +48 (0/22) 628 44 27. Mo. - Fr.: 10AM - 9PM. Sa. - Sun.: Noon - 9PM. Prasowy is a comical place, where the insane gather for meals, so if you stake out a seat and wait, you'll see someone do something insanely stunning and comical. It's recommended that your seat is arranged so you dash out of the milk bar, should too many crazies come in simultaneously. As for the food, the food is cheap and decent. In its better days, it was frequented by journalists, hence the name. 10 zł. (52.2156,21.0207)
  • Bambino ul. Krucza 21
  • Green Bar, ul. Zielna 6 (Located a few meters from the Świętokrzyska Metro station with the entrance facing toward Marszałkowska). Simply put, Green Bar serves one of the best kebabs in the city. If you're looking for a great kebab and at a great price, look no further. The restaurant is operates at a level known to few other restaurants, even among most other "professional" restaurants, because Green Bar is operated by friendly Iraqis, who will befriend anyone and everyone, but they also believe in cleanliness. zł 7 - 25. (52.2365,21.0068)

  • Złota Kurka, ul. Marszałkowska 55/73, +48 (0/22) 622 46 78. Mo. - Fr.: 7AM - 7PM. Sa. - Su.: 9AM - 5PM. Small milk bar located near Plac Konstytucji. This particular milk bar serves up decent, but not good food, although it can be a tad difficult to find a place to sit and the kitchen can take a while. 10 zł.
  • Wook, al. Jerozolimskie 65/79 (Housed in the same building as the Marriott. The entrance is below street level and should be approached from ul. Chalubinskiego), +48 (0/22) 630 7474 (), [23]. Wook is a good and cheap place to grab Chinese. Soups and sides cost 4 zł, while all main courses cost only 6 zł. Wook also throws off the stereotypical European restaurant experience. OK, so while the service isn't amazing, it's effective, but the trademark difference between Wook and nearly any other restaurant on the continent is that the food will be on your table before you've even completed ordering. About 27 zł for a three course meal.


  • Red Orange, ul. Grzybowska 9 (Opposite the Radisson Hotel), +48 (0/22) 890 98 25 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 620 47 01), [24]. Great Chinese restaurant that not only serves excellent food, but also has a relaxing interior and great atmosphere for a casual or intimate meeting. The menu has a wide selection of treats for you to choose from and the food is served piping hot. The restaurant also offers free Wi-Fi for its guests, but don't expect an amazing connection, which can be very weak and may cut out. About zł 42 per person. (52.237183,21.001396)
  • Krokiecik, ul. Zgoda 1, [25]. fast food, but pre-prepared on premises. Very good soups, steaks, pancakes with fruits and whipped cream. Try bogracz, a hungarian hot soup or żurek, a traditional Polish soup. 12-20 zł.
  • Chłopskie Jadło, ul.Wierzbowa 9/11, +48 (0/22) 8270351. A chain of restaurants from Kraków, literally: "peasant's food".
  • Warsaw Tortilla Factory, ul. Wilcza 46 (The address is somewhat misleading. The entrance to the restaurant is actually on ul. Pozańska), +48 (0/22) 621 86 22 (), [26]. A great place for those craving Tex-Mex food. The prices are a bit pricey, however, you get good food. The atmosphere is great too with a variety of music playing and makes for a great meeting spot, or a place to take a date, especially later in the evening. Be warned: if you order the spicy sauce, it really is spicy! About zł 30 - 45 per person.
  • Casa Mia, ul. Poznańska 37 (Located just a few steps from Al. Jerozolimskie and the Hotel Polonia Palace), +48 (0/22) 621 61 01. A small, cozy pizzeria, Casa Mia is a great little restaurant to seek refuge and satisfy your hunger. Somewhat appallingly, especially since this is Poland, but Casa Mia doesn't serve alcoholic beverages, though they have non-alcoholic beer.

  • Sunanta, ul. Krucza 16/22, +48 (0/22) 434 22 16 (), [29]. Thai restaurant with well designed decor and good food, albeit a bit pricey. The lunch menu, however, has some good deals.


  • Karczma na Grzybowie, pl. Grzybowski 12/16. A kosher Jewish eatery.
  • Kmicic ul. Piwna 27. Polish.
  • Menora pl. Grzybowski 2. Also Jewish.
  • Pasieka ul. Freta 7/9. Serves Polish meads.
  • Tradycja, ul. Belwederska 8a, +48 (0/22) 840 09 01 (fax: +48 (0/22) 840 09 50).
  • U Fukiera, Rynek Starego Miasta 27 (Old Town Market), +48 (0/22) 831 10 13 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 831 58 08), [30].
  • Absynt ul. Wspólna 35 (Kręgliccy). French.
  • Akashia ul. Jana Pawła II 61. Japanese and Korean.
  • Bruno ul. Wierzbowa 9/11. Italian.
  • Cesarski Pałac ul. Senatorska 27. Chinese.
  • Chianti ul. Foksal 17 (Kręgliccy). Italian.
  • Compagnia del Sole ul. Żurawia 6/12. Italian, partly self-service.
  • El Popo ul. Senatorska 27 (Kręgliccy). Mexican.
  • Freta 33 ul. Freta 33/35. Partly Italian.
  • Kompania Piwna ul. Podwale 25. Bavaria-style.
  • Le Cedre al. Solidarności 61. Lebanese.
  • Papaya ul. Foksal 16. Japanese and Thai.
  • Puszkin ul. Świętojańska 2. Russian.
  • Rubikon ul. Książęca 6. Italian.
  • Santorini ul. Egipska 7. Greek.
  • Smaki Warszawy ul. Żurawia 47/49. Polish and International.
  • Ryżowe Pole ul. Zgoda 5. Japanese, sushi.
  • AleGloria pl. Trzech Krzyży 3 (Gesslerowie).
  • Belvédére Nowa Pomarańczarnia (Łazienki Royal Gardens)
  • Kużnia Smaku ul. Mazowiecka 10
  • Melodia ul. Nowy Świat 3/5
  • Quchnia Artystyczna Al. Ujazdowskie 6 (Gesslerowie) ('Center for Contemporary Art)
  • Studio Buffo ul. Konopnickiej 6 (Maciej Kuroń)
  • Sense, ul. Nowy Świat 19, +48 (0/22) 826 6570 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 826 9071), [31]. Hours: M - Th.: Noon - 11PM. F - Sa.: Noon to 12:30AM. Su.: Noon - 10PM.
  • St Antonio ul. Senatorska 37
  • Tandoor Palace, ul. Marszałkowska 21/25 (The entrance is on Al. Armii Ludowej), +48 (0/22) 825 23 75 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 825 76 77), [32]. Great Indian restaurant not too far from the Centrum.


Nowy Świat
Located about a ten minutes' walk from the Palace of Culture and Science is the street Nowy Świat. The street is lined with cafés, restaurants, and shops. If you're intent on visiting the Old Town, you can walk down Nowy Świat and follow it as it turns into Krakowskie Przedmieście – which will take you directly into the Old Town. It's an excellent walk, especially if you'd like to stop for an espresso or some food on your way to or from the Old Town. Chances are you'll find the prices better at the cafés and restaurants on Nowy Świat rather than in the Old Town.


  • Cafe A. Blikle, ul. Nowy Świat, +48 (0/22) 826 66 19 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 826 05 69), [33]. A café and confectioner, stepping inside elicits memories of a turn-of-the-nineteenth-century café, which is more than charming in Warsaw, where a well-made coffee has been replaced by iced mochas and in-and-out coffee shops. This particular building is divided into two parts: the café/restaurant and the confection shop. Walking into the confection shop may stun your senses with the wonderful smells of delicious sugary treats.
  • Kawiarnia CAVA, ul. Nowy Świat 30, +48 (0/22) 826 64 27 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 826 64 27), [34]. (52.233766,21.019292)
  • Cafe Bar Bla-Bla, ul. Nowogrodska 22 (The cafe isn't on a proper street and is actually next door to the Novotel), +48 (0/22) 621 35 76, [35]. A cozy cafe in the center of town. Cafe Bar Bla-Bla is a great place to hang out with friends.
  • Starbucks, ul. Nowy Świat 62, [36]. Within minutes of opening Starbucks became an instant hit in Warsaw with quite a queue forming inside. The service is actually relatively speedy, which may come as a shock for those who have ever experienced a line in Poland and what's more is that there actually seems to be something called customer service here.


  • Cafe Kulturalna, Plac Defilad 1 (Located in PKiN, in the entrance to the theater, which is to the left of the main entrance of PKiN), +48 (0/22) 656 62 81, [37]. A really cool bar in the Palace of Culture and Science. A DJ spins the beats which is occasionally enhanced by a drummer and keyboard player. They also host live music on occasion. Kulturalna attracts the college aged intelligentsia type, but can bring in the elderly, but hip too who all end up grooving on the dance floor or chill out on chairs all night. Occasionally charges a door fee.
  • Jimmy Bradley's Irish Pub, ul. Sienna 39 (Ground floor of the Warsaw Towers, behind the Holiday Inn), +48 (0/22) 654 66 56 (), [38]. A decent Irish bar located in the dead center of the city. It's one of the few decent places that claim to be Irish (there's even an Irish guy that works here, although, most employees are Polish!). Bradley's is great for a drink, but don't order food, as it's expensive for the portions and quality that you receive. If you need to catch a soccer match, this will be the place to go.
  • Jazz Bistro, ul. Piękna 20 (Located on the same street as the U.S. Embassy and on the same side of the street), +49 (0)22/ 627 41 51 (fax: +49 (0)22/ 627 41 501), [39]. M-Fr.: 8AM - Midnight, Sat. & Sun.: 10AM - Midnight. Good restaurant in the city center, near the US Embassy and comes equipped with free Wi-Fi access. The restaurants hosts live musicians several times a week. The only downside to the restaurant is a side door, which leads into an office building. Bright lights from the office building shine into the restaurant, which somewhat diminishes the atmosphere of the restaurant and its music.
  • Tam Tam, ul. Foksal 18 (Just off of Nowy Świat), +48 (0/22) 828 26 22 (), [40]. A fairly large bar/restaurant. Good place to hang out with friends over a beer.
  • Living Room, ul. Foksal 18, +48 (0/22) 826-39-28 (), [41]. A trendy bar that serves up good food and has a wide variety of elaborately created drinks.

  • Warszawa Powiśle, ul. Kruczkowskiego 3B, +48 (0/22) 474 40 84 (), [42]. The cool factor of Powiśle lies in the fact that its essentially an outdoor bar. There are no tables inside and most people either grab up the limited number of chairs that sit on the sidewalk or they straggle around underneath the nearby bridge, on the staircase leading upto the train station above (from which the bar takes its name), or off on a side street. Powiśle attracts huge crowds nearly every night.


  • Klub Opium, ul. Wierzbowa 9/11 (Pl. Teatralny, near Metro station Ratusz Arsenał), +48 (0/22) 827 71 61 (), [43]. Opium scores extra points for having a decent interior design, which really adds to the atmosphere. The music is so-so. Somewhat weirdly, the place seemed to be empty during peak clubbing hours.
  • Kamieniołomny. Not entirely well known, but a great night out. The club does a good job of mixing up DJs and getting good beats that gets students grooving. For the current academic year, Wednesdays will see a larger crowd of intoxicated crowd of Erasmus students, but weekends are usually excellent. Entrance is usually free or reasonably priced.

Concert venues

  • Tygmont, ul. Mazowiecka 6/8 (Located on a side stree off of ul. Świętokrzyska), +48 (0/22) 828 34 09 (), [45]. Open Sa. - Th. from 6PM - 4AM; Friday 6PM - 5AM. Tygmont is Warsaw's best known jazz club and for good reason – the musicians it hosts are good, however, there are a few caveats. On occasion, Tygmont has a weird atmosphere and can be disappointing. There are nights when one floor will be dedicated to hip hop, which seems completely out of place, while the other is dedicated to musicians playing obscenely loud music. If the club brought the decibels down, it would be near perfect. (52.2372,21.0133)
  • Palladium, ul. Złota 9 (Located off of ul. Marszałkowska), +48 (0/22) 822 87 02 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 822 30 03), [46].



  • Hostel Helvetia, ul. Kopernika 36/40, [47]. Helvetia is a cool hostel, a stone's throw away from the University of Warsaw's main campus, Nowy Swiat, and a ten minute walk to the Old Town. The staff are pleasant and helpful and the hostel occasionally hosts vodka and beer parties for its guests.
  • Etap Hotel Warszawa Centrum, ul. Zagórna 1, +48 (0/22) 745 36 60 (fax: +48 (0/22) 622 55 01), [48]. Etap is a bare minimum, every expense spared budget hotel chain. Don't expect the door to manned all night and if you will arrive after the check-in deadline, you better arrange to be let into your room, because Etap hotels may or may not have anyone on duty to let you in after a certain time. Now, don't necessarily condemn Etap outright, especially if you are on a budget. The great thing about Etap is that it's a step up from hostels offering private showers, private rooms for just you and anyone you are traveling with, plus you're likely to have more security at an Etap, so there's no worrying about some drunk backpacker waking you up all night or worrying about your belongings being stolen like there would be in a hostel. Rates start at zł 159 per night. (52.2204,21.0261)
  • Ibis Warszawa Stare Miasto, ul. Muranowska 2 (Old Town), +48 (0/22) 310 10 12. (52.2539,20.9986)
  • Logos ul. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie, tel. +48 22 622 55 62
  • Oki Doki Hostel, pl. Dąbrowskiego 3, +48 (0/22) 82 65 112, [49]. checkin: 3PM; checkout: 11AM. From the outside this big grey, ugly building doesn't look promising, but once inside you are greeted by a friendly, chatty member of staff on the 24hr reception. Directly opposite is the bar/café/breakfast room which serves some very cheap drinks. Each room has been individually decorated by a different artist and they are given names such as 'House of the Maiden'. Also equipped with kitchen, free Internet access, car/bicycle rental and a little shop. Rooms vary from a 5 bed dorm (50 zł each) to a double room with shower and toilet (90 zł each).
  • Nathan's Villa, ul. Piękna 24/26 (Located on the same street as the main entrance to the U.S. Embassy), [50]. This hostel offers a cable tv room, and free laundry service, however, since they do not have a dryer it may take a day or two for clothes to dry. The manager will sometimes take guests to clubs. This hostel is open all day and is located only a few blocks from the city center.
  • Powiśle ul. Szara 10a, tel. +48 22 621 03 41
  • PTSM Hostels [66] (IYHF-recognized) are at ul. Smolna 30, tel. +48 22 8278952 and at ul. Myśliwiecka 9, tel. +48 22 6229105
  • Tamka Hostel, ul. Tamka 30, +48 (0/22) 826 30 95 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 826 30 95).


  • Mercure, al. Jana Pawła II 22, +48 (0/22) 620 15 21.
  • Maria al. Jana Pawła II 71, tel. +48 22 838 40 62
  • Novotel Warsaw Centrum, ul. Marszalkowska 94/98 (About a two - three minute walk from the main train station), +48 (0/22) 621 02 71 (, fax: +48 (22) 625 0476), [51]. Located a stone's throw from the Palace of Culture and Science the Novotel is easy to reach and comfortable rooms. If you ask for room one of the higher storeys you're more than likely going have an amazing view in any direction.
  • Old Town Apartments Rynek Starego Miasta 12/14, tel. +48 22 826 78 43. (in Old Town)
  • Royal Route Residence ul. Chmielna 1/3, tel. +48 22 692 84 95 (near ul. Nowy Świat)
  • Hotel Metropol, ul. Marszałkowska 99a (Adjacent to the Polonia Palace Hotel and opposite the Novotel), +48 (0/22) 32 53 100 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 628 66 22), [52]. Great location - caddy corner to the Palace of Culture and Science. If you get a room here don't expect much of a view, unless you consider an intersection and the Novotel a view. Rates start at €99 for a single room or double room with one bed. A double room with two beds will set you back €119. Suites are also available.
  • MDM Hotel, pl. Konstytucji 1, +48 (0/22) 33 91 600 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 33 91 608), [53]. Rates start at €130. (52.2223,21.0165)


  • Warsaw Marriott Hotel, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79, +48 (0/22) 630 6306 (fax: +48 (0/22) 830 0041), [54]. checkin: 4PM; checkout: Noon. The Marriott is located steps away from the Warszawa Centralna train station, in the new heart of the city. If you want a room with a view, you can't go wrong here, especially because the building is one of the tallest in Warsaw. Depending on the location of you're room, you'll have a view of the interesting Palace of Culture and Science. Plus, this is where George W. Bush hangs out at when he is in Warsaw. Rates vary from as low as v69 (rare) - €350. (52.23345,21.0012195)
  • Le Royal Méridien Bristol, Krakowskie Przedmieście 42/44, +48 (0/22) 551 1000 (fax: +48 (0/22) 625 25 77), [55]. checkin: 2PM; checkout: Noon. Rates start at €129. (52.242964,21.003199)
  • Hotel Le Regina Warsaw, Kościelna 12, +48 (0/22) 531 60 00 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 531 60 01), [56]. Very comfortable hotel, that wants to go out of its way to make its guests comfortable. The hotel is located in the Old Town, but can be a little confusing to find, so be sure to take a cab or have the front desk to arrange for you to be picked up. Rates start at €120 and go as high as €1,200. (52.253868,21.007404)
  • Hotel Rialto, ul. Wilcza 73, +48 (0/22) 584 8700 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 584 8701), [57]. Rates vary but can be as low as €98. (52.22517,21.00899)
  • Holiday Inn, ul. Zlota 48/54 (Steps away from Warszawa Centralna train station), +48 (0/22) 697 3999 (fax: +48 (0/22) 697 3899), [58]. checkin: Noon; checkout: Noon. Ever heard of a four star Holiday Inn? Well, welcome to an alternate universe. Though the lack of some amenities (such as a pool) may raise questions about the meaningfulness of the four star rating, the staff's attention and service is easily four star.
  • InterContinental, ul. Emilii Platter 49 (Around the corner from Holiday Inn, near the Warszawa Centralna station, and just steps from the Palace of Culture and Science), +48 (0/22) 328 8888 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 328 8889), [59]. The five star InterContinental is one of Warsaw's tallest, best designed, and most luxurious hotels. The hotel optimizes it's commanding height by using wide windows to provide breathtaking panorama views of Warsaw. Be sure to stop by the fitness center for the best view. All rooms have at least 32 square meters of space, spacious bathrooms that come equipped with a bath and a separate shower, and minibars. For the long term traveler the hotel has 75 appealing longterm apartments, which start at just €80 a day, but are billed in monthly installments. High speed internet connection is available for a fee for those staying in the standard rooms. The hotel is in the process of installing WiFi on club floors and replacing TVs with flat screen TVs. Each of the three restaurants have welcoming atmospheres and the E. Wendl cafe on the ground floor would be a great place to kick back to a coffee and some chocolates. Rates may be as low as €60 for advanced bookings. €120 - 180 during the week.
  • Polonia Palace Hotel, ul. Jerzozolimskie 45 (The hotel is located on the same side of ul. Jerzozolimskie as the Marriott, but is at the opposite end of the Palace of Culture and Science), [60]. Luxury hotel in the dead center of Warsaw. Police warn to watch out for prostitutes that congregate in the area and occasionally approach guests in order to take advantage of the wealthier travelers. Rates start at €149 for a single room.
  • Sofitel Victoria Warsaw, ul. Krolewska 11, +48 (0/22) 657 8011 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 657 8057). Located a short distance from Nowy Świat, the Sofitel Victoria Warsaw Hotel is the prime real estate for visitors who would like to tour the Old Town on a whim.



  • Casablanca Internet Cafe, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 4/6, +48 (0/22) 8281447 (, fax: +48 (0/22) 826 6786), [61].

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