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Vitré (Breton: Gwitreg; Gallo: Vitræ) is a town in the département of Ille-et-Vilaine, in the region of Brittany, France. Vitré lies on the edge of Brittany, near Normandy Maine and Anjou. The town has been designated a ville d'art et d'histoire, a town of artistic and historic significance, by the Ministry of Culture in recognition of its rich cultural heritage.


Vitré is a medieval town very beautiful with a rich cultural heritage. It is a very good exemple of the medieval cities with castles, churches, very old houses (15th century), historic monuments, parks and nature. The site of Vitré was occupied in Gallo-Roman times. The name Vitré comes from the Gallo-Roman name "Victor" or "Victrix", after the owner of a farm in the region. The year 1000 marked the formal birth of Vitré, when the duke of Brittany Geoffrey I bestowed feudal powers upon Riwallon Le Vicaire, who was charged with keeping this strategic area as a buffer zone of the "Marches of Brittany".

Get inEdit

Located east of Brittany, the city of Vitré is crossed by the expressway which prolongs motorway A 11, while the motorway of the Estuaries. As in the whole of the Ille-et-Vilaine département, the communes of the country of Vitré are accessible by these expressways (Paris - Rennes).

The Station of Vitré has a lot of trains' stops. The easiest way to get to Vitré from Paris is through Gare Montparnasse. There are trains almost a few per day and the ride is 1hrs and 56 min.

The airport is in Rennes - Saint-Jacques (40 km ≈ 25 miles).

Get aroundEdit

Vitré is unique in that urban transportation is free for all routes.



  • Castle of Vitré: The current Vitre Castle was founded around 1050 by Baron Robert I on a ridge next to the Vilaine River Valley. Around 200 years later, 3 towers were built in a triangle shape, giving it the general geometry that can be seen today. Over the next 300 years it was added onto by other noblemen. It currently lies in the state that it was in during the 16th century. The castle contains a museum (4 euro entry) and the city hall. The castle courtyard is free to enter and gives you a good perspective of the architecture.
  • Remparts, Claviers' Tower, Bridole's Tower
  • Rochers-Sévigné Castle
  • Château-Marie (17th century)
  • Hôtel Ringues de la Troussanais (Renaissance)
  • Medieval streets (Beaudrairie, Poterie, d'Embas, etc.) and places (Marchix, Station, Château, Notre-Dame, etc.)

Religious heritageEdit

  • Saint-Nicolas Chapel (1500): near Castle of Vitré)
  • Notre-Dame Church (14th century): Has multiple gables and associates flamboyant gothic decoration with Renaissance motifs.
  • Tower of the ancient Saint-Martin's Church (15th century)
  • Saint-Martin Church (19th century)
  • Sainte-Croix Church (17th-19th century)
  • Protestant Church
  • Convent of Bénédictins (Tribunal)
  • Convent of Augustins (17th century)
  • Chapels, calvaries situated in the city and countryside

Other monumentsEdit

  • Menhir "La Pierre Blanche" (Beauvais Road to Pocé-les-Bois)
  • Hôtel Sévigné-Nétumières (18th Century)
  • The Station (19th century)
  • Old barracks of 70e régiment d'infanterie
  • The Grand Park


Visit the city, museums, religious heritage, golf, etc.


Souvenirs of Vitré


Traditionnal CuisineEdit

  • Le Potager, 5 Place du Général Leclerc.  edit
  • La Soupe aux Choux, 32 Rue Notre-Dame.  edit
  • Le Petit Pressoir, 20 Rue de Paris.  edit
  • Au Vieux Vitré (dans le centre historique), 1 r Embas.  edit
  • Restaurant Le Chêne Vert, 2 Place du Général de Gaulle.  edit
  • Restaurant Le Saint Yves, 1 Place Saint-Yves.  edit
  • ""Restaurant, 21 bd Rochers.  edit
  • Le Coligny, 5 Place de la République.  edit

Regional CuisineEdit

  • Le Pichet, 17 Boulevard de Laval.  edit
  • Auberge Saint Louis, 31 rue Notre-Dame. Site classé XVe siècle, terrasse, à deux pas du Château et près de l'Église Notre-Dame. Situé sous les porches  edit
  • La Taverne de l'Ecu, 12 Rue Beaudrairie. Cadre médiéval du 16 ème siècle  edit


  • La Gavotte, 7 Rue des Augustins. (au pied du château, produits biologiques et ambiance bretonne  edit
  • L'Auberge du Château, 34 Rue d'Embas. Maison à pan de bois du XVe siècle, au pied des anciennes fortifications  edit
  • Crêperie La Gourmandise, 26 Rue Embas.  edit
  • La Fleur de Sel, 4 Rue Notre Dame.  edit
  • Crêperie des Arts, 1 Rue Duguesclin.  edit


  • Mac Donald's, Place Villajoyosa (Forum de la Trémoïlle),.  edit
  • Varto Kebab, 4 rue Duguesclin.  edit

International CuisineEdit

  • Hao Heng, 9 Rue Garengeot. Chinese  edit
  • La Médina, 3 Place Notre-Dame. Moroccan  edit
  • Pizzeria L'Arlequin, 25 r Beaudrairie.  edit
  • L'Ecuyer, 2 Rue Garangeot.  edit


  • La Source, Le Bouffort (Direction La Guerche-de-Bretagne). Nightclub  edit
  • Le Jack Daniel's, 14 Rue de Brest (direction Rennes et Fougères). Nightclub  edit
  • Bressañ Pub, 3 Rue de la Trémoïlle. Nightclub decked out as a medieval building.  edit
  • Le Chêne Vert, 2 place du Général de Gaulle.  edit
  • Les Voyageurs, 28 rue Garengeot.  edit
  • Le France, 9 place du Général de Gaulle.  edit
  • L'Hakuna, 26 rue Neuve A front of gare-station, very nice bar for a nice moment..  edit
  • Le Guy XVI, 24 Rue Embas.  edit
  • Le Machin Truk, 25 Rue Embas. Popular student bar  edit
  • L'Aston Bar, 7 Rue Embas.  edit
  • Le Billy's Bar, 44 Rue Poterie.  edit
  • Ewan Café, 32 Rue Poterie.  edit
  • Le Triskell, 26 Rue Notre Dame.  edit
  • Le Chat Noir, 24 Rue Notre Dame. 15th century interior  edit


  • Hôtel Ibis, Boulevard Châteaubriant.  edit
  • Hôtel-Restaurant L'Espérance, 21 boulevard des Rochers.  edit
  • Hôtel Restaurant La Grenouillère, Route Ernée (RD 777).  edit
  • Hôtel du Château, 5 Rue Rallon. checkout: 11 am. This is a family run hotel by a husband and a wife (who actually don't speak English but are very friendly). This hotel is located right next to the bottom of the castle in an historic building. It is a very short walk to the historic areas of Vitre. 55-70 euro/night.  edit
  • Hôtel Le Minotel, 47 Rue Poterie.  edit
  • Hôtel Le Petit Billot, 5 place du Général Leclerc.  edit

Get outEdit

It is fairly easy to travel in France, therefore it would be clever to take advantage of the beautiful cities and coastal scenery in Brittany (Rennes, Dinan, Fougères). Saint-Malo, a wonderful coastal town on the English Channel, is only 45 minutes by TGV and usually costs less than €10. Buses are also available for less, but take a bit longer.