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Vihti (Swedish: Vichtis) [8] is a municipality in Southern Finland. It's current population is 28.666 inhabitants. Being a northernmost part of Helsinki Region, it mixtures a semi-urban bedroom suburb to living countryside with old manor houses and large amounts of unspoiled nature.



First written mention of Vihti is dated 1433, but official founding year in considered to be 1507, when St. Bridget's Church was built and first vicar was appointed. Municipality as a legal entity was formed in 1867, after law regarding municipalities was approved in 1865. Town of Nummela started to grow in 1873 when railway station in Helsinki - Hanko was opened. Despite the newly opened railway connection, Vihti remained quiet and small countryside dominated by numerous farms, until the 70's and 80's light-weight industry started to boom the economy and Helsinki's massive growth expanded further and further to Helsinki Region. Nowadays, population has almost tripled from year 1950 (and Nummela's population almost tenfold) and municipality, especially in Nummela, continues it's rapid growth, mainly thanks to tremendous amount of jobs in Helsinki area.


Vihti can be divided into three areas:

  • Nummela Current municipality seat, home of night clubs and most of shopping options and such with population around 15.000. Nummela is located between two lakes and it's center is divided to two by railway track.
  • Vihdin kirkonkylä (often abbreviated as Vihti kk) Old municipality seat with certainly more historical feel than modern Nummela, yet with population of around 5000 lacks the commercial buzz of Nummela. Church in top of the hill dominates the landscape. Shops and restaurants are around bus station or along main street Niuhalanraitti.
  • Elsewhere there are farms, forests and smaller villages with virtually non-existent shops and restaurants, but with some of the Vihti's highlights, such as Ojakkala with ski resort and golf club, Tervalampi with old manor house and gateway to Nuuksio National Park and Olkkala famous for it's stunning old manor.

Note the confusing naming: Vihdin kirkonkylä is referred as "Vihti" in bus windows and road signs. So, be aware, that "Vihti" can refer as whole municipality or certain town, depending on context.

Tourist information

Vihti's Tourist Information is located at Niuhalanraitti 21 in Vihti kk. You can call them +3580440511411 or email [email protected] They do have Facebook-page at


Despite having name in Swedish, Vihti is officially unilingual, where only 1.7 % of population is Swedish-speaking (notably less than some of its neighbors) and Swedish is virtually non-heard around, so it's better to use English instead. As everywhere in Finland, vast majority of population speak understandable or fluent English. Other than English, you can try German from major European languages.

Get in

By plane

Closest airport for domestic and international flights, is Finland's busiest Helsinki-Vantaa, located about 50 km away from Nummela. Travel to airport by car takes about 45 minutes. Buses from airport to Nummela charge 9.20 € and bus trip takes 55 minutes, including a transfer in Espoo.

By bus

Around 50 buses daily connect Nummela to Helsinki, bus takes 35 - 60 minutes and charges 9.30 €. Around 25 services run to Vihti kk, 65 to 105 minutes (often including a transfer at Nummela), 10.50 €. Buses from Helsinki depart from Helsinki bus station's long distance terminal (and, of course, eventually arrive there while travelling to opposite direction).

Express services from Pori and Rauma to Helsinki take and leave passengers on Highway 2 intersections at Nummmela and Vihti kk. Price from both cities to Nummela crossroad is 38.10 € and running time is equal three hours and 15 minutes.

Neighbor towns Karkkila and Lohja are within 30 minutes of bus rides and tickets are around 5 € with approximate 15 daily connections from both.

Number of services are given for weekdays, price examples to full price adult ticket with no supplements. Note that bus services are less frequent on weekends and buses departing between 23 and 05 charge night supplement.

By train

Although Nummela grew from railway station and railroad itself is still prominent feature of local geography, there is no longer passenger trains on railroad, only occasional cargo trains. If you are travelling by train, however, you can select "Nummela" as your destination while buying your train ticket and you will receive notably reduced price for Helsinki - Nummela bus.

By car

The municipality is located in a triangle where Highways 1, 2 and 25 are crossing, so it's easy to reach Vihti by car. Some examples from some major cities:

  • Helsinki (45 km / 40 min): Drive Highway 1 towards Turku, then take Highway 2 towards Pori
  • Lahti (115 km / 90 min): Drive Highway 4 towards Helsinki, in Mäntsälä take Highway 25 towards Hanko
  • Tampere (172 km /two hours): Drive Highway 3 towards Helsinki, in Hyvinkää take Highway 25 towards Hanko
  • Turku (128 km / 80 min): Drive Highway 1 towards Helsinki, turn left to Highway 2.

Get around

In practice, everything within the centers of Nummela and Vihti kk can be covered easily by feet. Both places do, however, have some hills (eg when reaching the Vihti Church or Nummela flying center).

There is no public transport system in Vihti. That said, couple internal buses do run to remote villages (Ojakkala, Olkkala, Tervalampi etc) and about 25 daily connections link Nummela and Vihti kk (15-30 min, 3.60 €). Buses do run most frequently on schooldays.

Taxis are, as everywhere in Finland, new, effective, honest - and expensive. Main taxi stands are at Nummela and Vihti kk bus stations. By phone taxi can be ordered by dialing 0100 4114 (Nummela) or 0100 4115 (Vihti). Normally you can get taxi with no problems, but during the weekend nights the queues can be remarkable.

Hertz offers car rentals in Nummela [9]


  • Pyhän Birgitan kirkon rauniot (Ruins of St Bridget's Church), Kirkkoniementie, Vihti kk, [1]. Always open. Only medieval church of the region, which doesn't either be operating or had totally perished, these small ruins stand in beautiful cape, with nice view to lake near it. In summertime occasional religious services. Free.
  • Vihdin kirkko (Vihti Church), Kirkkotie, Vihti, 358 9 3478500, [2]. Jun - Aug 12.00 - 15.00. Vihti's current major church is built in 1772. Beautiful graveyard surrounds the church, yet most funerals nowadays take place elsewhere. Limited opening hours, but can be arranged outside opening hours by dialing to vicar's office (see number below) Free.
  • Nuuksion kansallispuisto (Nuuksio National Park), (Tervalampi), 358 205 64 4790, [3]. Always open. This small yet interesting national park offers plenty to see for nature lovers, with no cost. To get there by public transport, take bus from Nummela or Vihti kk. Look further details from it's own article Free.
  • Hennolan kotieläinpiha, Lepluhdantie 73, Ojakkala, 358 9 2271649, [4]. Jun - Aug 11.00 - 18.00. This small farm stocks wide variety of farm animals (pigs, chickens, cows, sheep, goats, horses) to watch plus idyllic cafe. Open only in summer months. Adult / child 7 / 3 €.
  • Vihdin museo (Vihti Museum), Kirkkoniementie 1, Vihti kk, 358 9 4258 3185, [5]. Sun 12-15. Vihti's museum is in two different houses. Standard display features life of 19th century. Very limited opening hours during the winter, but shall have more opening hours during the summer. Adult / child 2 € / free.


All of the municipality, except perhaps the semi-urban twist of Nummela is located by beautiful nature. And as Everyman's Rights allow visitor to enjoy as freely as native Finn, there is multiple options, including skiing, swimming, trekking and more.


While Vihti isn't exactly shopper's haven, it boasts totally adequate shopping options for most circumstances.

Groceries and such can be easily (and with most inexpensive price) found in Nummela's two competing hypermarkets: Citymarket and Prisma. If you are staying longer and looking for cheap trekking equipment, fishing equipment, tools, car spare parts and alike, your best bet is Hong Kong. Nummela is also home of innovative textile company Globe Hope, which have a factory outlet at Harjutie 14


Eating in Vihti might not be immortal experience, due to non-existent top-flight restaurants, but you should be able to eat decently and with inexpensive price throughout the day.

Some better options are:

  • Cantina Antonio, Pisteenkaari 4, Nummela (At market square).
  • Heng Feng, Tuusantie 3, Nummela (Close to bus station).
  • San Pietro, Vihdintie 3, Nummela.


Vihti's night life concentrates to Nummela. It has surprisingly vibrant scene to its size on weekend, while on weekdays bars and clubs tend to be rather quiet.

  • Cantina Antonio, Pistenkaari 4, Nummela (At market square). While Mexican restaurant at daytime, this one doubles as crowded disco / night club during Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights
  • Ned Kelly's, Pilkkukuja 1 (Adjacent to Market square). On weekdays laid-back cafe / bar, turns into crowded night club on weekends. Especially popular with younger locals.


  • Air Hotel, Lentokentäntie 5, Nummela (Nummela airport), [6]. About a mile away from town central, Air Hotel is next to Nummela's leisure flying center 85.
  • Selli Majoitus, Linjalankuja 3 A, Vihti kk (At Vihti kk's bus station), [7]. This option offers lodging in old police station's premises. If looking for longer stay, they do have really affordable weekly and monthly plans. from 60€.


Vihti's Tourist Information is located at Niuhalanraitti 21 in Vihti kk. You can call them +3580440511411 or email [email protected] They do have Facebook-page at

Get out

Following cities and towns can be reached directly from Nummela by car / bus, distances in parentheses.

  • Helsinki (45 km / 28 mi) capital city of Finland
  • Turku (127 km / 79 mi) old capital at west coast
  • Hanko (100 km / 62 mi) charming southern harbor town
  • Lohja (19 km / 12 mi) mid-size modern town, with interesting mine museum and medieval church
  • Hyvinkää (49 km / 30 mi) industrial town, important railway hub
  • Pori (200 km / 124 mi) old town at West Coast, home of Pori Jazz -happening
  • Rauma (213 km / 132 mi) one of Finland's oldest town, with stunning wooden Old Town.
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