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Vieques is a relatively small, rural island about 18 miles East of Puerto Rico. It is about 22 miles long and 4 miles wide.

Vieques is an island municipality with two main towns. Isabel Segunda or Isabel II is where most of the island's population lives. Isabel II is on the northern side of Vieques. Esperanza is a smaller town which caters more to tourists. It is on the southern side of the island facing the Caribbean Sea.

Vieques has ferry service several times a day from Fajardo and once a day on weekdays to Culebra. It is also serviced by an airport with service to Fajardo and the Isla Grande and LMM international airports in San Jaun.

Vieques maintains a rural character, despite increasing tourist interest. Horses and chickens run wild in the streets. Expect to hear chickens and dogs during the night and morning while you're trying to sleep.

Places to visit in Vieques

Esperanza's tourist attractions are mostly arranged along "The Strip". Here you will find *Banana's*, the first guesthouse on the island. There is also a small museum.

Isabel Segunda has the last Spanish fort built in the Caribbean (an interesting contrast to El Morro in San Jaun).