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Ventura County

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Ventura County

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This is where you should put facts about the region. Links to the surrounding region -- like New England in the Connecticut article -- are helpful, as well as a link to the country. Rough borders for the region are a good thing to put here, too.


It's usually a good idea, if there are a few prominent cities in the region, to list them here, since that's often all that travelers are looking for. Regions without sub-regions, though, just have cities in them. List links to each city, with a brief description for each. If there are more than about 10 cities, or there are clear or traditional sub-regions, consider breaking the region article up. If there really aren't any cities to list, leave out this section.

  • City 1 -- industrial port city but a good starting point
  • City 2 -- fun and funky, great nightlife
  • City 3 -- warm beaches and slow lifestyle
  • City 4 -- ancient castles and inspiring museums

Other destinations

Sometimes a region has destinations that aren't really cities; for example, large national parks. List them separately here, with descriptions, if they exist. Otherwise, leave out this section.

  • Park 1 -- incredible mountanous park, great hiking
  • Park 2 -- great rock formations and wildlife viewing


This is a more subjective description of the region -- what it's like, why someone would want to go there, the culture and atmosphere, the history, the weather, what makes it different and distinct from other regions.


If there are any language issues with the region that are different from the country as a whole, or the surrounding region, point them out here. Regional dialects of the national language, for example, are worth listing, as well as large local minority languages. Even local slang or sayings can be helpful to a first-time visitor. Consider linking to the phrasebook for the local language, if it's different from the country's language. If there really aren't any language issues, just leave this section out.

Get In

This is where you would note the best arrival points to start exploring this region from. For example, it would be worth listing Phoenix and Albuquerque as good starting points for the American Southwest. You can also give driving directions from large nearby cities that readers might be coming from. Save the nitty-gritty details of how to get to the main entry points for a region for their city pages, though. If there's just no clear entry point for the region -- say, like the American Midwest, just leave this section out.

Get Around

This is where you'd give general information about how to get around the region once there. What are ways to see this region: by train, by car, by bus? Are there other options? This is also a good place to list regional travel discount passes or other purchasing options. Save point-to-point details for the individual city articles, though.


This is a great place to describe the regional cuisine. Are there any specialties that travelers should try while they're in this region? Immigrant or minority populations with their own cuisine? Try to mention lots of types of food, and keep people on special diets -- like vegetarians or people eating kosher -- in mind. Don't mention individual restaurants or such in the region article -- save that for the individual city articles.


This (kind of badly named) section is for all kinds of nightlife, not just drinking. Are there regional specialties for alcohol, wine, beer, etc.? What about music and entertainment, like honky tonks for Texas or folk music in the Maritime Provinces? What is there to do in this region that makes it different?

Stay Safe

If there are any particular safety issues -- crime, weather, etc. -- for the region in general, list them here.

Get out

This is for suggestions for moving on from the region. Are there other nearby regions to visit? If you don't have suggestions, leave this section out.

External links

If there are Web sites about the region that you haven't linked to in the article text, you can list them here. Try to concentrate on first sources, like official Web sites for the region.