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Veg-friendly air travel

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** One vegetarian option is typically available by default
** One vegetarian option is typically available by default
* '''Thai Airways''' - vegetarian friendly.
* '''Thai Airways''' - vegetarian friendly.

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Nowadays most airline companies offer veg meals on demand but with significant variations between carriers. Although some companies will offer the option to choose a special meal during the booking process (and a select few will even include a vegetarian option by default), in most cases it is necessary to order a meal separately, by calling a company hotline for instance. These must be ordered as early as possible as some companies will not accept to cater for special meals with less than 72 or 24 hours advance notice.

Quite a number of vegan and vegetarian options are possible and it is possible to switch between them (if available) to get a twist on your meal:

  • VGML - Strict/Pure Vegetarian (Vegan) - Usually the default vegetarian special meal.
  • VLML - Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian / Western Vegetarian
  • AVML - Asian Vegetarian - Spicy Indian food
  • VJML - Vegetarian Jain Meal (Vegan)
  • VOML - Chinese Vegetarian (Vegan)
  • RVWL - Raw Vegetarian (Vegan)
  • FPML - Fruit Platter (Vegan).

List of veg-friendly and unfriendly airline companies

Veg-unfriendly airline carriers are defined as:

  • not offering any prebooked vegetarian option
  • routinely failing to deliver prebooked vegetarian options and/or particularly unpalatable ones.
  • Air India - vegetarian friendly
    • No need to book a vegetarian meal as there is an Indian Vegetarian option available by default. The basic option to choose between is indeed Veg/Non-Veg.
  • Royal Air Maroc - vegetarian unfriendly
    • One contributor faced the absence of his booked vegetarian meals on 3 out of 4 flight experiences with Royal Air Maroc in 2011. The only VGML-coded meal he got between his hands was poorly defrosted boiled vegetables...
  • Royal Jordanian - vegetarian friendly
  • Swiss - vegetarian friendly
    • One vegetarian option is typically available by default
  • Thai Airways - vegetarian friendly.
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