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Valencia is a beautiful old city that is well worth a visit.

There used to be a river running through the centre of the city but the river was redirected a while back and so now there's a beautiful park where the river used to be. This is a very nice place to while away any free time you have in the city on a sunny day.

Valencia has a a fantastic festival each March called Fallas in which local areas buil big papier mache models depicting... well, everything really. At the end of a week displaying the 'fallas' the they are burnt - which is fun. Another feature of Fallas is the fireworks. God - those fireworks! You can't escape them. It's like the city's a war zone for a week - they wake you up early in the morning and go on through the day. Each day in the main square of the city - the Plaza del Ayuntamiento (at 2pm) There's a thing they call Mascletá. This is 120 kilos of gunpowder translated into a lot of noise. It has to be experienced to be understood.

Actually, these people : can explain the city a lot better than I can, so...