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Uzhhorod (Ukrainian, Russian: Ужгород, Hungarian: Ungvar, German: Ushhorod) is a city in western Ukraine, the administrative center of Zakarpatska Oblast (Transcarpthian Region). Its population is 120,000 people.


Uzhhorod is the administrative centyer of the youngest region in Ukraine - Transcarpathia, which was annexed to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1945. Until that it was part of Czehoslovakia and before 1919 it was Hungarian. The population of Uzhhorod is multiethnic. The nmajority of the natives are Ukrainian, but there are a lot of Russins (immigrated here after World War II), Hungarians, Slovaks, Germans, Jews and Gypsies. A foreigner has to be very patient with the natives, because some of them will be glad to help you, but some might like to make your life tougher. Anyway, Uzhhorod is a very interesting place to visit because thre cultures (the European West and the Ukrainian and Russian East) cross here.

Get in

By plane

Uzhhorod has a very small airport (IATA code - UDJ). There are flights only to or from Kiev, Simferopol and Moscow. There are plans to close the airports in a few years.

By train

It is the easiest way to get to Uzhhorod by train from the direction of Budapest or Kiev. Uzhhorod has a very nice new railway station with restaurants, shops and even a small hotel. You will need to get on a taxi or a marshrutkato get to downtown.

By car

The newly renovated M06 highway connects Kiev with Budapest and runs through Uzhhorod. Driving from the direction of Budapest (Chop) you need to go straight after Rizivka through Mynay. If you Drive from the direction of Kiev (Mukachevo), you need to turn right after Rozivka. The road from Rizivka-Mynay will take you as far as Zakarpattia Hotel (the city's largest hotel) and then Petofi Square in downtown.

By bus

There are daily buses from the Hungarian Nyiregyhaza, from Slovakian Kosice, Michalovce, from Polish Krakow and from Kiev and Lviv.

To see

  • The Uzhhorod Castle (built in 9th century)
  • The Greek-Catholic Cathedral (circa 1646)
  • The Transcarpathian Architecture and Lifestyle Museum (in front of the castle)
  • The Transcarpathian Bokshai Museum of Art (in the old City Hall)
  • Old Downtown
  • Nevitsky Castle (5 miles from the city)
  • Goranska Rotonda (the oldest building in the city)

<gallery> Image:800px-Griechkat kathedrale uschhod.jpg|The Greek-Catholic Cathedral Image:Uschhorod synagoge.jpg|Transcarpathian Philharmony Image:800px-Ukraine-Uzhhorod-Railway Station-5.jpg|Uzhhorod Central Rail Terminal Image:790px-Uschhorod oblastnarada.jpg|The Regional Administration Building Image:800px-Uzhhorod-city.jpg|Downtown Image:380px-Uzhgorod Roman Catholic Church.jpg|Roman-Catholic Cathedral Image:800px-Ukraine-Uzhhorod-Castle-15.jpg|The Castle Image:800px-Ukraine-Uzhhorod-Streets-4.jpg|Korso - the main street <\gallery>

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