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Utqiaġvik (Alaska)

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North Slope Borough : Utqiaġvik (Alaska)
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Utqiaġvik (Alaska)

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Barrow is a city located 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle on the Arctic Ocean in Arctic Alaska. The tiny village holds the distinction of being the northernmost settlement in the United States, and the northernmost settlement on the North American mainland. The residents are primarily of Inupiat ("Eskimo") descent.



Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°F) -7 -11 -7 6 24 38 45 43 34 19 4 -5
Nightly lows (°F) -19 -23 -20 -7 15 30 34 33 27 10 -6 -17
Precipitation (in) 0.2 0.2 0.1 0.2 0.1 0.3 0.9 1.0 0.6 0.5 0.3 0.2

Check Anchorage's 7 day forecast at NOAA

Get in

With the exception of an annual summer barge service, Barrow is a fly-in-only city. The airport, Wiley-Post Will Rogers Memorial Airport, is located directly south of the city.

By plane

  • Alaska Airlines [1] offers several daily flights from Fairbanks and Anchorage.
  • Frontier Flying Service [2] (formerly Cape Smythe Air) now also offers air service from Fairbanks. They also continue on to serve surrounding villages.

Get around

By foot

Barrow is very small, and is actually a flat desert that almost never receives large amounts of snow. So it's easy to get around by foot even in the winter. During the colder months, you can walk directly across the frozen freshwater lagoons. Just bundle up and beware of the wind chill!

By taxi

There are several cab companies in town. They are always driving about, and can be flagged down easily. Rates vary between $5-$9 around Barrow proper and Browerville.

By car

UIC Car Rental, located near the Barrow Airport, provides car rentals. Availability can be limited during peak times. 907-852-2700. Gasoline can also be very expensive, as the price is set only once per year.

By bus

The city bus runs M-F 7am-7pm and can be a good option for daily commutes. Visitors, however, will probably be happier taking cabs due to the convenience, as well as the fact that cab fare for a group of 2 or more people will end up costing less money because the bus charges per person.


  • Palm trees at shooting station
  • Fresh water lake
  • Whalebones
  • NARL / DEW line relics
  • Satcom Array
  • Point Barrow


  • Iñupiat Heritage Center A museum with many fascinating Iñupiat (Eskimo) displays and artifacts. [3]
  • Polar Bear PC Internet Station 5146 Boxer Street, Barrow, AK. [4]
  • Tundra Tours Inc. 1200 Agvik St, Barrow, AK. 907-852-3900.
  • Join the Polar Bear Club! Go see Fran Tate at Pepe's North of the Border restaurant. She'll arrange to have you frozen, then she'll feed ya! Fran is colorful...
  • Bird watch. Finish your life list with the bird list from the King Eider Inn.


  • Stuaqpak AC Value Center. Find everything you need in this all purpose supermarket and supply store with deli.


There are a number of decent restaurants in the Barrow/Browerville area. Expect to pay approximately $15-$20+ per meal at most restaurants.

  • Arctic Pizza 125 Apayauq St, Barrow, AK‎. 907-852-4222.
  • Arctic Thai 5146 Herman St, Browerville, AK‎. 907-852-5719.
  • Browers Restaurant‎ PO Box 310, Barrow, AK. 907-852-3456. Occupies the most historic building in town, the 19th-century whaling station and store built by Charles Brower, who introduced 'Yankee' whaling techniques to the Iñupiat and sired one of its most illustrious families. The restaurant serves a long menu of American and Korean dishes. Big windows look out on the beach and a famous whalebone arch is just outside.
  • Northern Lights Restaurant 5122 Herman St, Browerville, AK. 907-852-3300. Has a very comfortable, clean dining room and is operated by a charming family. Their menu goes on and on, with the owner's own Chinese food, plus deli selections and burgers, and great pizza.
  • Orties Filipino Fast Food Barrow, AK‎. 907-852-5721.
  • Osaka Restaurant 980 Stevenson St, Barrow, AK. 907-852-4100.
  • Pepe's North of the Border 1204 Agvik St, Barrow, AK. 907-852-8200. The most famous place in town thanks to an appearance owner Fran Tate made with Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show some 20 years ago. They serve large portions of familiar American-style Mexican food, steak, and seafood. The bus tours come here for lunch and Tate hands out souvenirs. Be sure to sign up for their Christmas card list, they'll send you a unique card and gift.
  • Sam and Lee's Chinese Restaurant
  • Shogun Teriyaki House 1906 Pakpuk St, Barrow, AK. 907-852-2276.
  • Stuaqpak Food Court AC Value Center (shopping center/general store) deli.
  • East Coast Pizzeria, 507 Kongosak St. (On the corner of Ogrook and Kongosak), 907-852-2100. Pizza, philly cheesesteaks, salads, and spaghetti.



  • Stuaqpak Food Court Located in the AC Value Center (stuaqpak = large store).

Bars and Clubs

  • NOTE The sale of alcohol for purchase is banned in Barrow, although minor importation or possession is allowed. [5]
  • Browers Restaurant‎ Barrow, AK. 907-852-3456.


  • Airport Inn 1815 Momeganna St, Barrow, AK. 907-852-2525.
  • King Eider Inn 1752 Ahkovak St, Barrow, AK. 907-852-4700. [6].
  • Top of the World Hotel 1200 Agvik St, Barrow, AK. 907-852-3900. [7].
  • Arctic Hotel 907-852-7786‎

Get out

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