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Guidelines for hotel listings on Wikitravel[edit]

Hello. First, it appears that you are working for Mercure, so please read Wikitravel: Welcome, business owners even if you're a publicist, a manager, or some other type of employee, and don't actually own any hotels.

Secondly, it's important for you to have a look at Wikitravel: Accommodation listings.

I have yet to revert (delete) or detout any of your listings, but I can already see that you are at variance with guidelines here that pretty strictly limit how much location information there can be in a hotel listing. You should give clear street addresses without including the name of the town (which should be the same as the town the article is about) or post code, and then you may include information about only extremely close places in "directions." The description has to be of the hotel, not how close it is to shopping, the airport, etc.

Another way you are likely to run afoul of volunteer editors here is by putting your listings first for no good reason. Put your listings first if they belong there alphabetically only.

After you've read the links I've provided for you, if you have questions, feel free to ask here or in the Wikitravel: Travellers' Pub. Thanks.

Ikan Kekek 06:31, 7 August 2012 (EDT)

I just checked your list of contributions. It's too long, considering that you are trying to sell the location every time, so far as I've seen. If that's the case, I will for the time being revert (delete) all your edits. Feel free to edit accordingly and repost within the guidelines in the links I've given you. Ikan Kekek 06:33, 7 August 2012 (EDT)
Hello, I do not understand why my articles are wrong since they are based on the same form that the other ones in the accomodation category. [unsigned: WHS]
First, please put your comments at the bottom of the talk page and sign them by typing 4 tildes in a row (the "~" key). I couldn't find your reply at first because you appended it to the beginning of my first post, so I moved it down to the bottom of the page.
That said, based on your question, I think you have not yet read Wikitravel: Don't tout, Wikitravel: Welcome, business owners, and Wikitravel: Accommodation listings, nor any of the specifics in my editing summaries where I reverted edits by you (and if you want to read those, click "View history" in each article). I also gave you very specific comments above, to which I'd add: You must include rates in every hotel listing. After you've read the pages I've given you links for, please ask me a more specific question if you still have one. Ikan Kekek 01:07, 8 August 2012 (EDT)

Hello and thank you for the information. Sorry I didn't receive your mail at first and that is why I have added one more time my hotels. I just have a question concerning the rate, I found out that not all the hotels are displaying their rates. Is it really mandatory to put rates to edit articles? Thank you so much and sorry for the inconvenience. [WHS unsigned]

Yes, it is mandatory to list rates. The fact that some other listings are out of compliance in this respect is not really material. Even in the best of circumstances, volunteer editors have limited time and do not see or have a chance to enforce everything, and sometimes, when very few hotels are listed, a decision may be made to temporarily leave up entries that should have rates listed but don't. But what's really a red flag is when there's a listing that's clearly posted by someone associated with the hotel that doesn't list rates but is somehow promotional (either by using touty words or by trying to sell the location in the description). Ikan Kekek 06:47, 8 August 2012 (EDT)

Hello, I will implement the remarks you give us. However, concerning the rates, it is going to be complicated given that our rate are changing continuously, following seasons, promotions, demand and so on. They vary on a daily basis and as wikitravel is a long term content, we do not feel confortable to put wrong information. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by WHS (talkcontribs)

Hi. In that case, you should specify a price range to give the listing long term accuracy (Eg, $120-170). Another option is to actually write that the prices vary, depending on the day of the week, current specials, demand, season, local events or whatever. Thanks! JamesA >talk 09:18, 8 August 2012 (EDT)
WHS, your points are well taken, but I think that listing the rates as merely "variable" is insufficient for a traveller to have at least a general idea of what a room is likely to cost. My best advice is to for you to post a ballpark figure, as per James' first suggestion, and come back now and then to maintain the accuracy of your listings. Ikan Kekek 20:24, 8 August 2012 (EDT)

Hi WHS. I have reverted the changes you've made today because you are not following the guidelines that have been outlined for you. Please make sure your edits follow these guidlines or your account will be blocked and any future posts you make will be reverted. IBobi talk email 16:11, 22 August 2012 (EDT)

HiIBobi, which guidelines are you talking about? I have been respecting every element I have been asked. I am completely inspiring of what already exists on each page. If you delete my article that take me a lot of time, why do not you delete every article similar to mine on these pages?

WHS, as you have been explained, you need to include the price range for your listings. You should also add a sentence or two that are specific to each hotel to make it relevant to the city you are posting it in instead of posting the link in several sites without giving any information to the readers. Please edit the posts you have made adding these changes.
IBobi talk email 14:16, 23 August 2012 (EDT)