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Sex tourism, for this discussion, is travel that includes engaging in sexual activities which might be illegal or less available in other areas. These would include:

  • prostitution
  • homosexual activity
  • strip clubs or other sexy shows

In general, we choose to mention the locations for such activities. For example:

However, going into detail is not required. For example, the following would be inappropriate:

  • locations or listings of bordellos and bars where prostitutes can be found
  • pricing info for prostitution, beyond a general comment on the range in a country or city article
  • "quality" information on prostitutes in different destinations, beyond a few general comments

Sometimes the term sex tourism specifically refers to travel for the purpose of sex with children. We very strongly prefer not to include information on this. Many Western countries have laws which allow prosecution of their citizens for this, even if the act takes place in another country.

Note that this policy applies whether or not the sexual activity in question is legal in the destination.

See also: illegal activities policy

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