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Thanks for starting editing -- looking forward to more contributions! --[[User:Evan|Evan]] 01:19, 13 Apr 2004 (EDT)
Thanks for starting editing -- looking forward to more contributions! --[[User:Evan|Evan]] 01:19, 13 Apr 2004 (EDT)
==You rock!==
Thanks for the spelling corrections!  For what it's worth I spell even worse in French. ;) -- [[User:Mark|Mark]] 17:36, 2 May 2004 (EDT)
:I just wanted to say the same thing.  I really appreciate the hard work you put in to fixing bad spelling like mine! -- [[User:Cjensen|Colin]] 01:17, 5 May 2004 (EDT)
:I just feel the same, it's great to see that someone cares and reads all those articles and stuff one writes. -- [[User:Fido|Fido]] 17:31, 15 Sep 2004 (GMT+6)
Thanks for fixing problems in articles, even when you've never even been to those places. (I first noticed when you fixed [[Switzerland]] on 2004 Aug 1).
--[[User:DavidCary|DavidCary]] 13:32, 9 Aug 2004 (EDT)
You are thorough to the point of being scary.  I will never, ever, EVER misspell "accommodation" again :P [[User:Wrh2|Wrh2]] 13:59, 17 Feb 2005 (EST)
Hey, thanks for the spelling corrections... I spelt "accommodation" wrong too >_<
And I '''do''' know how to spell official! Honest! It was just after 2am... and stuff... lol.
Thanks.[[User:Lionfish|Lionfish]] 20:16, 6 Mar 2005 (GMT)
==== you don't rock ====
I disagree with you regarding American spelling for Commonwealth countries.  Please see [[Wikitravel talk:Spelling]]. [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]] 05:29, 7 May 2004 (EDT)
==Unpacking links==
I hate to spoil all the great work you have been doing but please check out why [[Wikitravel:External_links#Unpack_links|Wikitravel unpacks external links]].  Hidden links are fine on a webpage but useless on a printed page ''(as the URL is printed after the link)''. Showing the full URL ''(or being aware it will show when printed)'' is more helpful to the traveller .  I edited your recent contributions to [[New Zealand]] about YHA and Backpackers to show the full URLs ''(and had my misinterpretations explained to me too - so I will have to rethink my edits)''. -- [[User:Huttite|Huttite]] 09:08, 21 May 2004 (EDT) ''(Additional comments added after [[User talk:Huttite#Unpacking URLs|discussion on my talk page]]: [[User:Huttite|Huttite]] 19:40, 21 May 2004 (EDT))''
:I am sorry if I confused you, that was not my intent. I was confused myself but did not know it! I have moved the conversation that was on [[User talk:Huttite|my talk page]] to [[Wikitravel talk:External links#Unpacking URLs]], so that others can share my enlightenment! Thank-you for making a contribution that has challenged my misconceptions and forced me to rethink what I was doing. -- [[User:Huttite|Huttite]] 00:36, 22 May 2004 (EDT)
==New Zealand Islands==
I think [[Other Islands (New Zealand)]] should move to [[New Zealand islands]].  Please discuss at [[Talk:Other Islands (New Zealand)]]. -- [[User:Huttite|Huttite]] 08:57, 11 Jun 2004 (EDT)
==Disambig Reading In Bristol Article==
Thanks for that. Considering I wrote most of the text in the Reading article, I
should be shot for introducing those ambiguous links. ;-) [[User:Chris j wood|Chris j wood]] 12:21, 19 Jun 2004 (EDT)
Just wanted to say really nice, professional looking work on [[New Zealand]] destinations! Keep up the good work, we want to take a trip down there next year and will need a good guide! [[User:Maj|Majnoona]] 02:02, 25 Jun 2004 (EDT)
I meant "deafinitely". See [[Talk:Washington (D.C.)]]. -[[User:PierreAbbat|phma]] 10:35, 6 Jul 2004 (EDT)
Hi. Thanks for your note on this.
Hum. I just took the [[Wikitravel:List of common misspellings]] as being correct, along with the fact that 'busses' certainly feels mis-spelled to me.
Having checked, the Oxford English Dictionary (usually definative on english english) says the plural of bus is 'buses ''US:'' busses', and Websters (my only US english dictionary) allows either. From personal experience I've never noticed the other spelling in use in the US, but that could just be chance. However I've just visited the web sites of NYCTA in [[New York (city)|New York]], MARTA in [[Atlanta]] and MUNI in [[San Francisco]] and they all seem pretty sure that they operate buses and not busses. So I'm guessing that busses is not the normal US spelling, even if it is acceptable.
The [[Wikitravel talk:List of common misspellings]] contains a discussion on this. It seems like the consensus was that wikitravel should standardize on buses, although it is a bit confused (with alright).
Given all that, are you happy that I leave the entry in the list of common mispellings, and I don't reverse out my changes?. If not then I think we need to move this discussion to [[Wikitravel talk:List of common misspellings]].
-- [[User:Chris j wood|Chris j wood]] 11:02, 23 Jul 2004 (EDT)
== Spelling ==
Just one other guy who wants to thank you for tidying up my spelling mistakes soon after my changes. Although, in the meantime, I should have learned that a millennium is a millennium is a millennium *g*. But after all, I wonder if I really make so few mistakes. --[[User:EBB|EBB]] 03:26, 30 Jul 2004 (EDT)
==Thanks again==
Thanks again for fixing up my terrible spelling. -- [[User:Mark|Mark]] 16:18, 12 Sep 2004 (EDT)
Oops, didn't realize that the Jing'an page actually existed...  I took its single sentence of content, merged it into [[Shanghai/Nanjing Road]], and added a redirect. [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]] 22:21, 14 Sep 2004 (EDT)
Aw man!  I can't believe those spelling errors I put into Manzanar.  Thanks again, and I'll just keep trying to learn how to spell. -- [[User:Cjensen|Colin]] 02:07, 28 Sep 2004 (EDT)
== Spelling in Paris ==
Hey, sorry to bother you about this, but ''Arrondissement'' really is spelled that way.  It's French, which is why we put it in italics, although the word is used in English too when discussing districts of Paris.
Also the name of the map really is ''Paris Pratique par Arrondissement''.  That's French too, and is also in italics to so indicate.
On the other hand thanks so much for correcting my ''English'' spelling errors. ;) -- [[User:Mark|Mark]] 04:01, 11 Oct 2004 (EDT)
:No worries.  I mainly just wanted you to know why I was reverting the bulk of your changes.  All is well. -- [[User:Mark|Mark]] 21:04, 11 Oct 2004 (EDT)
==Rioja versus Rica==
Hi there thanks for all your efforts regarding Wikitravel and spelling.
*[[La Rioja (Spain)|La Rioja]] - Rioja wine and fossilized dinosaur tracks  + *[[La Rica (Spain)|La Rica]] - Rica wine and fossilized dinosaur tracks 
Unfortunaltely did you change Rioja into Rica which is wrong. Rioja is name and it is used like that in Spanish and in English as well (UK, at least).
[[User:JensANDMarian|Jens]] 11.59 19 Oct 2004
== Image Frame on Cologne Blue Skin ==
Thanks for finding the issue of Image Frame on Cologne Blue Skin.
I rearranged the position of image as work arround. Please check [[France]] now.
I explained in detail at the '''Pub''' -[[User:Bijee|Bijee]] 00:52, 8 Nov 2004 (EST)
== Administrator nomination ==
Hey, so, I just put up your name as a nominee for admin status (see [[Wikitravel:administrator nominations]]). I'd like to know if you're interested in the job. The pay is terrible and the benefits non-existent, but we have a great volleyball team. Anyways, let us know the scoop. --[[User:Evan|Evan]] 17:13, 9 Nov 2004 (EST)
:See below. Can we put on hold for a while? --[[User:Nzpcmad|Nzpcmad]] 15:05, 21 Nov 2004 (EST)
::If you want to accept the position, but not actually do anything adminy for awhile, I think that'd be okay.  On the other hand, if you just want to put off thinking about it for awhile, that's okay too.  I think you'd make a great admin whenever you're good and ready.  Hope you're feeling better! -- [[User:Cjensen|Colin]] 20:01, 21 Nov 2004 (EST)
== Back ==
OK - I'm sort of back. Went away for a while and picked up a bug and was laid very low. Will fix up all the sp errors as the energy levels return! --[[User:Nzpcmad|Nzpcmad]] 15:05, 21 Nov 2004 (EST)
:Take care of yourself! It's good to have you back. --[[User:Evan|Evan]] 23:52, 21 Nov 2004 (EST)
== Malay spellings ==
While I remain eternally in awe of your quest to spellcheck all Wikitravel, I suggest caution with Malay names: the largest bus company in the country, for example, really ''is'' called [ Transnasional].  You can also find a train station called ''Stesen Sentral'', take the ''KLIA Ekspres'' train, etc etc. Thei laik fonetik spelings! [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]] 01:03, 14 Dec 2004 (EST)
:I've started putting a little <nowiki><!-- sic --></nowiki> note next to place names which are incorrectly spelled English words. (Like Café Art's in Geneva) Do you find that sort of thing helpful? -- [[User:Mark|Mark]] 02:03, 14 Dec 2004 (EST)
== Good spelling catches ==
Thanks for the typo fixes in [[Aberystwyth]]... -- [[User:Jdunlevy|Jdunlevy]] 17:40, 18 Jan 2005 (CDT)
Similar thanks for [[tips for cycle trips]]. How embarassing to have a typo in my first major edit... [[User:Padraic|Padraic]] 15:51, 3 Apr 2005 (EDT)
== Thank You. ==
Dear Nzpcmad: thank you very much for fixing my spelling mistakes in the Buenos Aires and Fargo pages.  It was very nice of you .  Thank you for fixing my spelling errors.    Cheers, Titus
Thanks for fixing the spelling in my additions on [[Denali National Park|Denali]]. -- [[User:Repayne|Rob Payne]]
== Thanks again! ==
I'd like to thank you once again for your valiant efforts in copy editing!  I think we should start a Wikitravel Most Valuable Player award for you. -- [[User:Mark|Mark]] 16:30, 8 Jun 2005 (EDT)
:You know, there's this little award called a [[MeatBall:BarnStar|BarnStar]]. The tradition, in the wiki world, is to add the image to the user page for people who've made exceptional contributions to the wiki community. In true wiki style, ''anyone'' can get one and ''anyone'' can give one. Although it's originally from the MeatBall wiki, it's used all over wikidom. There are even different categories of barnstar on Wikipedia (see [[:WikiPedia:Wikipedia:Barnstars on Wikipedia]]).
:So, here's one for Nzpcmad: for continuous dedication to improving the quality of all of Wikitravel's guides, one word at a time, I dedicate to you this barnstar:
:As the saying goes: you rock! --[[User:Evan|Evan]] 17:12, 8 Jun 2005 (EDT)
::Thanks folks - we keep on trucking - one word at a time! --[[User:Nzpcmad|Nzpcmad]] 15:30, 9 Jun 2005 (EDT)
I'll add to the list of thank yous - you've corrected me all of over the place... I get in a hurry and mess everything up! :)  Thank you!! -- [[User:Ilkirk|Ilkirk]] 17:55, 28 Nov 2005 (EST)

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