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Changes to the page about Slovenia

Mariborko, I noted that you made a number of somewhat questionable changes to the page about Slovenia, like adding vain emotional words ("quite", "impossibly", "little more advanced", "snowy peaks", "freezing winters", "beautiful coastline"), adding a misleading sentence on tipping (accompanying it with an exclamation mark, which is not as innocent in English as it is in Slovenian), making a few more points about Balkan-oriented and fist-fighting eastern Slovenians (come on, really?), and, for a reason I don't understand, changing "Slovenian" to "Slovene" through entire page (note that the form "Slovene" is being avoided and replaced with "Slovenian" due to negative connotation of the former due to another meaning of English word "slovene"). Why changing the order of Adria flight from "Europe" and "Balkan" to "Balkan" and "Europe"?! What purpose does it serve? The "Bosnian style coffee" is served in Vienna or anywhere else in Europe as well, so a foreigner might expect something completely different, exotic (and be disappointed, of course). Besides, the English used is rather poor "emerging castles", "woody mountains", "some say it's Balkan", "and Croatian in all region", "vast minority"(?!), "except for coast", "little more dangerous"

Given all that, it is obvious that the page will need some grammatical and factual fixing. However, following the rules of collaboration on Wiki, I am inviting you to present the objective arguments for your changes before I start working on it. JanezDemsar 07:49, 10 August 2010 (EDT)

Peter Fitzgerald told me to go ahead with removing the "prose" in the Respect section, so I already did so. I gave arguments for all changes on the talk page. I left the rest of the page for after I get your response (or after I give up waiting, whichever comes first ;). JanezDemsar 10:52, 10 August 2010 (EDT)