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Hey, so, I like the way this looks. Some comments:

  1. I'm really unhappy with the way MediaWiki works with tables -- that is, not at all B-). I think anything with tables in it -- like the CIA Factbook imports -- is inherently hard to collaborate on. It separates people into HTML-haves and HTML-havenots.
  2. The columns on that upper table don't balance out very well. The middle one is much longer than the other two.

Just my 2 cents. -- Evan 09:28, 1 Nov 2003 (PST)

Actually, here's a third cent, which is: Main Page is traditionally elitist, and at some point -- after it gets vandalized a couple of times -- we're going to have to protect it, like Wikipedia does. So, maybe the first problem isn't so bad. -- Evan 09:30, 1 Nov 2003 (PST)