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[[User:Zenogantner/Wishlist|My wishlist]] for WikiTravel.
[[User:Zenogantner/Wishlist|My wishlist]] for WikiTravel.
[[UNESCO World Heritage List|World heritage]] sites I have visited:
[[Aranjuez]], [[Ávila]],
[[Barcelona]], [[Berlin]] (Museumsinsel), [[Bruges]],
[[Cáceres]], [[Córdoba]], [[Cuenca]],
[[El Escorial]], [[Granada]] (Alhambra y Generalife), [[Hildesheim]], [[London]] (Tower), [[Mérida]],
[[Insel Reichenau]], [[Rome]],
[[Salamanca]], [[Salzburg (city)|Salzburg]], [[Segovia]], [[Strasbourg]],
[[Toledo (Spain)|Toledo]],
[[Vatican City]], [[Venice]]
Other Spanish towns I have visited: [[Almuñécar]], [[Benavente]], [[La Granja de San Ildefonso]], [[Priego de Córdoba]], [[Puebla de Sanabria]], [[Santander]], [[Tordesillas]], [[Valladolid]], [[Zamora]]
Spanish-German dictionary for [ ding]:
=== Plans ===
I need time for researching these topics, which I will have in April or May ...
**restaurants: Taw Yuan, that Kurdish one, Nagoya, the japanese one near Castellana ...
**bars: the one in c/ Limón, La Taberna Chica
**some words on VIPS, Gino's and other franchising systems
**the three big museums
**places quite near to Madrid ([[El Escorial]], [[Alcalá de Henares]], [[Toledo]])
**the metro
*[[Trujillo (Spain)|Trujillo]]
*[[Freiburg im Breisgau]]
*write down my [[Corsica]] trip in 2000
=== Bookmarks ===
=== Bookmarks ===
*[[Pulau Tioman]]
*[[Pulau Tioman]]

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I do not travel a lot at the moment.

I lived in Madrid for about one year. I also lived in Singapore for a while. I am listed as a docent for Rosenheim, Freiburg and Hildesheim, so feel free to ask me questions about these towns. Please e-mail me, as I do not visit Wikitravel too often these days ...

My wishlist for WikiTravel.


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