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“Jack of all Trades”

Cabinet maker, builder, English teacher- adult education at the Volkshochschule Munich, Germany, Ticketing and Reservations Egypt Air Munich Office, tour organizer, Crepe King and Caterer, retired DJ and webmaster among other talents!!.

Started the website: as a hobby 7 odd years ago!!

I speak English natively and Kiswahili fluently, and speak German to some extent.

Originally from “Bongo”- Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, mixed Tanzanian/German, grew up in the UK.

Currently trying to implement the Botanic Country Resort

Zanzibar Magic also plans to go into natural herbal alternative medicine, seems like health is the future.

Some places I have traveled to:

   * Norway
   * Holland
   * France
   * Italy
   * Egypt
   * Kenya
   * Uganda 
   * U.A.E
   * Austria 
   * Germany
   * Zanzibar
   * Tanzania
   * UK