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| image=[[Image:Florence bridges.jpg|noframe|250px]]
<!-- this is a secret, hidden comment. it is awesome. -->
| flag=[[Image:it-flag.png]]
| location=[[Image:LocationItaly.png]]
| capital=[[Rome]]
| government=republic
| currency=euro &euro; (EUR)
| area=301,230 sq km
| population=59,619,290 (Jan 2008 est.)
| language=[[Italian]] (official); minor [[German]], [[French]] and Slovene-speaking communities
| religion=predominately Roman Catholic (official) with mature Protestant and Jewish communities and a growing Muslim immigrant community
| callingcode=+39
| tld=.it
| timezone=UTC +1
| electricity=230V/50Hz (European or Italian plug)

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nothing to see here...