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Do not email me directly - wikis are collaborative tools, and any issues should be raised with the community and not with me personally. If I have reverted or changed one of your edits and you don't understand why please check the history for the article in question or, if you see a blinking red dot on the top-right corner of your screen, read your talk page - I make an effort to leave a pointer to the relevant policy or guideline when I modify someone's edit. Read the referenced policy and it will almost always make it clear why an edit was removed. If, after reading the Wikitravel policy, you still have questions, use the article's talk page to discuss your issue. If you disagree with the policy then suggest changes on the policy's talk page (but please read the existing discussions first).
Blocking a beautiful view on South Georgia Island in 2004.

Ryan Holliday

I'm Ryan, and I travel to cold places when I can afford to do so - I've been fortunate enough to nearly bankrupt myself by making three visits to Alaska and three trips to the Antarctic. Occasionally I'm found on roadtrips in the United States living in the back of a Subaru, and in moments of temporary insanity I may also lead groups of friends to the Galapagos Islands to swim with sharks and whales.

When not traveling my home is in Culver City (near Los Angeles). Other places where I've slept in the same room for extended periods of time have included the Bay Area, Cleveland, Nashua (NH), and to a lesser extent Phoenix, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur.

Photos, travel logs, contact information and other nonsense can be found at I'm also to be found at

Experimental pages

To do

  • Bots for pages without isIn, status, disamb w/ no disambiguation page, pages that currently trigger the blacklist, listings without http in the URL, etc.
  • Finish cleaning up the Hawaii articles, which are a mess of incorrectly-placed listings.
  • Finish adding "Get out" sections to all US states. I'm up to North Dakota.
  • Play around with some new UI concepts - User:Wrh2/Sandbox.


My first contributions to Wikitravel. Looking at edits made prior to reading every single guideline and policy makes for a humbling reminder of why it is important to be patient with new contributors who don't fully "get" how Wikitravel works :)