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I am, therefore I wander. (Or wandered. With two kids, I barely get to the local bodega these days!)

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While New York City has been my primary home for the last twenty years, I've done short stints living in London and Paris as well. I've traveled extensively, with many visits in many years, in Burma and India. I love spending a little of each summer in Tuscany and Provence and visit Paris every opportunity I get. In between all this, I've managed to visit dozens of European countries (with Spain at the top of the list) and a few others in Asia and the middle East. The list, for what it's worth: Australia, Austria, Barbados, Belgium, Bhutan, Burma, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Laos, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam. Some of these places so long ago that any information I have is useless - Hungary in the 1980s probably bears no resemblance to Hungary today, and, I'm sure, the Laos of today does not look like the Laos of 1996! Some I keep going back to (France, Spain, Greece, Burma, Barbados, and India top that list). Some, the GDR for example, are no longer extant!


English, Hindi (pretty darn good!), Spanish (picked up on the streets of New York and half way decent) and very basic Burmese (can't find that anywhere on Wikitravel:Babel).

Recent wanderings

(Trips within the US not included.)


I'll be wandering for all of August. Partially in the land that the Internet forgot (Burma) so I'll barely get to check my email let alone see what's going on in Wikitravel. When I get back in September, if my babies (New York City with children and London with children) haven't grown up, I'll help them add a few inches! Also need to trim some more fat from New York (city) and push the New York articles toward becoming good travel guides. And, figure out how to make maps. This is fun, thanks Wikitravel!

I'm working on


Excessive amounts of wine, over-indulgence in turkey, and the thought of schlep-ing self on the subway at 6:30am tomorrow. HELP!


At least you know someone missed you!! Don't let those bullies shut you up!!! Kick their butts!!!! 2old 16:44, 18 February 2008 (EST)


Was he the one that said "Opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one." He may have used a different part of the anatomy, I am not sure. I am sure WTP is very important to some, you and I need to make sure that their interests never overide the interests of They seem to operate under the "Winning through superior fire power" method of operation (which I am quite familiar with). While I see both sides of the debate, one should error to the safest position, which personally, I do not think has been done. This is a very young project and the goals seem to be different from one person to another. When a problem like this comes up, at least the brakes should be put on and preventative measures applied. The Contributors/Administators/Bureaucrats appear to have limited ability to install/delete/fix some problems and IB seems distant from the problems. I think it best to rise above the storm and move on with any improvements we can make to the project. Issues like that with the license of photo's, will work itself out at some point in the future. My main objection at this point, is that Maj and Evan are no longer participating, although they are in more of a position to profit from the contributions of others than anyone other than IB. Maybe they have a reason, that I do not see, and although I seem to be judging them, it is not with prejudice. I still appreciate their founding of this project and I think it will be valuable to many in the future. I sincerely appreciate your contibutions/comments and I hope you continue without personal restriction. 2old 14:37, 19 February 2008 (EST)


I think wikitravel is a great idea and will do fine with or without you me and dupree (jpatokal). I have to disagree with this sort of mentality. Without you me and dupree, there would be no wikitravel. This sort of attitude usually goes away with maturity. As the contibutors and the site mature, both will improve. We seem to be dealing with some very intelligent and well educated contibutors. The abuse of well meaning contributors is inexcusable, but we have no wikipolice to send after them. I suggest you ignore such comments just as you would a visitors adolescent child. On the subject of WTP, I have no problem with that and I hope they make lots of money, especially the founders, but I guess it is fine for those who also do an excellent job on Cities they wish to have printed. I also question the lack of other ads, but I guess it really is not my business. I would prefer ads to a very slow site, that seems to be getting slower with each contribution. My guess is that IB is waiting until they have a very good product beore selling it. Wikitravel outshines the rest of the travel sites incluing Route66. 2old 12:23, 20 February 2008 (EST)