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I am, therefore I wander. (Or wandered. With two kids, I barely get to the local bodega these days!)
While [[New York City]] has been my primary home for the last twenty years, I've done short stints living in [[London]] and [[Paris]] as well. I've traveled extensively, with many visits in many years, in [[Burma]] and [[India]]. I love spending a little of each summer in [[Tuscany]] and [[Provence]] and visit [[Paris]] every opportunity I get.  In between all this, I've managed to visit dozens of European countries (with [[Spain]] at the top of the list) and a few others in Asia and the middle East. The list, for what it's worth: [[Australia]], [[Austria]], [[Barbados]], [[Belgium]], [[Bhutan]], [[Burma]], [[Canada]], [[China]], [[Czech Republic]], [[Egypt]], [[France]], [[Germany]], [[Greece]], [[Honduras]], [[Hong Kong]], [[Hungary]], [[India]], [[Italy]], [[Laos]], [[Mexico]], [[Nepal]], [[Netherlands]], [[Norway]], [[Portugal]], [[Spain]], [[Switzerland]], [[Thailand]], [[Trinidad and Tobago]], [[Tunisia]], [[Turkey]], [[United Kingdom]], [[USA]], [[Vietnam]]. Some of these places so long ago that any information I have is useless - Hungary in the 1980s probably bears no resemblance to Hungary today, and, I'm sure, the Laos of today does not look like the Laos of 1996! Some I keep going back to (France, Spain, Greece, Burma, Barbados, and India top that list). Some, the GDR for example, are no longer extant!
English, Hindi (pretty darn good!), Spanish (picked up on the streets of New York and half way decent) and very basic Burmese (can't find that anywhere on [[Wikitravel:Babel]]).
=Recent wanderings=
(Trips within the US not included.)
* '''2008''': [[Honduras]] in April.
* '''2007''': [[India]] ([[Delhi]], [[Mumbai]], [[Chennai]], [[Kerala]]) in August. [[Barbados]] in April. [[India]] (rural areas of [[Orissa]] and [[Chhattisgarh]], [[Mumbai]]) in February.
* '''2006''': [[London]] (January - July). [[Burma]] (lots of revisits and [[Mrauk U]], [[Pathein]] and [[Sittwe]] for the first time) in March. India ([[Delhi]] and [[Chennai]]) in April. [[Amsterdam]] in February. [[Paris]] in February and May. [[Venice]] in May. [[Athens]] and [[Santorini]] in July. [[Prague]] (hated it!) in May.
* '''2005''': [[India]] ([[Mumbai]] and [[Goa]]) in September. [[Italy]] ([[Tuscany]] and [[Umbria]]) in August. My second child made her appearance in March!
* '''2004''': [[France]] ([[Pau]], [[Biarritz]], [[Midi-Pyrenees]], [[Paris]]) in August. [[Spain]] ([[Murcia]], [[Almeria]], [[Velez Blanco]]) in May. [[India]] ([[Delhi]], [[Rajasthan]], [[Chennai]]) in March. [[Egypt]] ([[Cairo]], [[Luxor]], [[Aswan]], [[Alexandria]]) in February.
=I'm working on=
*[[Yangon]]. MOS, beefing up sights, adding to the listings.
*[[London with children]].
*[[New York City with children]]. Desultorily.
*[[Paris with children]]. Very desultorily.
*'''The Manhattan Project''' Reducing the number of districts and streamlining the [[Manhattan]] pages.
*[[Barbados]]. Re-districtified. But a long way to go on this page.
*[[Myanmar]] cities. [[Pyin U Lwin]] is already pretty good (better than the LP version!) and I'll get [[Hsipaw]] there soon. [[Mandalay]] needs a ton of work. [[Myitkyina]], [[Mrauk U]] to follow soon.

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