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For people in the mountain Province of Bac Kan, where the soil condition the climate is not favorable for planting the vegetables, the vegetable harvest is in the primeval forest is source of food is mainly enriched meals, their daily. And for the Tay and Nung in the mountainous village, Bac Kan, vegetable sponge rock is one of those vegetables forest forget belong. Tourists have Vietnam visa to follow with the local people go into the forests, to humid places, more shade cover, such as ravines, banks of streams, you easily see the vegetable sponge rock. Trees processed sponge rock-like ferns, but smaller than, the old leaves below the root, not dark green which is the color black. Old leaves wrapped around the branches leaves, branches leaves blue smooth straightening can be high about 50 – 60cm, curved bench as the elephant trunk at the top. Her children go to the forest often picking on the stems of vegetables dờn non green people's trees have trunks plump bitches about processing delicious dishes for family meals. Beyond the mountains picking vegetables to have delicious feast served family then it's worth it. Vegetable sponge rock year-round, but most immature, plump, meaty is best vegetables picked at after the flood season until the scent of spring fade. Vegetable sponge rock non picking of fried garlic or fried with beef, pork are very suitable to wake up, smell fragrant. Vegetable sponge rock fry to the island mild, quick cooking because it's very fast nine, cook over fire vegetables will lose sweetness and cool, crispy and delicious. Vegetable sponge rock fed into medium crispy, medium sweet as sweet as the sky, just carry a slightly viscous-viscous, cool bars like the basella alba, bring the scent of private forests and mountains very special. Salad special this is not the mountains that well, nor for sale in the plains, should have the opportunity to go to Bac Kan, you don't forget to villages and ethnic regions to be sipping the delectable mountains. Source: Du Lich