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Hi all. I'm Vidimian, hailing from [[Tekirdağ]] in [[Eastern Thrace|Thrace]], northwestern [[Turkey]]. I have lived all my life in Tekirdağ except for seven years between 2001 and 2008 when I resided in [[Istanbul]] (in [[Istanbul/Sultanahmet-Old City|Fatih]] for the first two years and then in [[Istanbul/Asian Side|Kadıköy]] in the next five years). I can probably provide answers for questions on these cities, as well as many other places in Turkey, but I have not declared myself a [[Wikitravel:Docents|docent]] for any of them in the fear of not being able to answer the hardest questions. :-)
One of my goals in Wikitravel is to get the article of my much beloved (and relatively little touristed) home region of [[Eastern Thrace]] up to at least [[Wikitravel:Region guide status|guide status]] but that's a ''very looong'' way off.
I'm one of the [[Wikitravel:Administrators|administrators/janitors]] here. Needless to say, this doesn't give my opinions any more weight or authority than anyone else's.
You can also see me editing English and Turkish versions of [[:Wikipedia:|Wikipedia]], albeit very rarely. I'm perhaps one of the few Wikitravellers who got accustomed to using MediaWiki and [[Wikitravel:Wiki markup|wiki markup]] at Wikitravel first and then go on editing Wikipedia, not vice versa. I also contribute to English and Turkish versions of [http://hitchwiki.org Hitchwiki], a wiki devoted solely to [[Tips for hitchhiking|hitchhiking]], but nowhere near as much as I contribute to Wikitravel although I still have some tips to add there. I also go by the username 'Vidimian' at these wikis, too.
* [[User:Vidimian/Test|Test page]]
<small>''Please help us in our effort standing against the Internet censorship law proposed by the Turkish government by signing the petition [https://secure.avaaz.org/en/no_internet_censorship/ here] and spreading the word. Awareness is among the greatest things that make life so (in)valuable. Thanks a lot! &ndash; Vidimian, May 19th, 2011''</small>

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