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(i haven't studied hindi for 4 years now)
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{{disclaimerbox|I'm off for a school trip to [[Uttaranchal|Aurovalley, UA]] from the 30th of March to the 6th of April. You can mail me at [email protected].com}}
Hi, I'm Upamanyu Mallik 17.
Hi. I'm Upamanyu Mallik and I live in [[New Delhi]], [[India]]. I'm 13 yrs old. I recently joined wikitravel and i think it's a great online travel guide. My mom and dad say that the articles are swell and that the star articles beat Lonely Planet any day!!
So three cheers for wikitravel !!!
I also manage basic Sanskrit.
==Current/completed articles==
*[[Delhi]] - have to start working on it
*[[Nainital]] - usable but quite informative
*[[Shimla]] - completed, nearly perfect
*[[Dehradun]] - done, lacks images
*[[Pune]] - have to MoS listings, sort Get Out
*[[Two days in Mumbai]] - have to sort out Day 2
*[[Western India]] - finished, well... nearly
*[[Rail travel in India]] - I like this one although many others don't!
*[[Calcutta]] - am trying to districtify the city
*[[Sacred sites of India]] - trying to get the basics done
Hi, I'm docent for [[India]], [[Delhi]] and [[Calcutta]]. Feel free to e-mail your queries (write "WIKITRAVEL" in the subject) or post a message on my user-talk page.
==Places I've been to and my favorite photos==
*[[Wikitravel:Manual of style]]
*[[Wikitravel:Policies and guidelines]]
*[[Wikitravel:Travellers' pub]]
*[[Wikitravel:How to describe yourself]]
*[[Wikitravel:Image policy]]
*[[Wikitravel:List of Wikitravellers by location]]
:::[[Himachal Pradesh]]
::::[[Corbett National Park]]
[[Image:JaswantThada Lake.JPG|thumb|280px|[[Jodhpur|Jaswant Thada Lake]], [[India]]. Credit: [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]].]]
[[Image:City Blue Ramparts2.JPG|thumb|280px|[[Jodhpur|Brahmpur and the ramparts of Mehrangarh fort]], [[India]]. Credit: [[User:Jpatokal|Jpatokal]].]]
[[Image:Gateway of India.jpg|thumb|280px|[[Mumbai|The Gateway of India]], [[India]]. Uploaded by: [[User:Ravikiran r|Ravikiran r]].]]
[[Image:Backhill.jpg|thumb|280px|[[Berneray|Backhill, just after dawn]], [[Scotland]]. Credit: [[User talk:Jkirriemuir|Jkirriemuir]].]]
:::[[Andhra Pradesh]]
::::Araku Valley
:::[[West Bengal]]
::::Diamond Harbour
:::[[Tamil Nadu]]
:::[[Madhya Pradesh]]
:::[[Uttar Pradesh]]
==Other wikitravellers I like/appreciate==
*[[User:Ravikiran r|Ravikiran Rao]] - a really nice person who helps me a lot
*[[User:Cacahuate|Cacahuate]] - another nice guy who's just returned to [[Los Angeles|LA]] after spending a year in [[India|my country]]
*[[User:Jpatokal|Jani]] - really makes top-class contributions and is quite a linguist (see his babel)
*[[User:WindHorse|Windhorse]] - haven't figured out his real name yet!!!
==[[User:Upamanyuwikitravel/Travel plans|Travel plans]]==
This page is where I do my planning. I try to look up good places to go to, what to do there, where to stay. After I'm finalized, I take advise from a docent (See [[wikitravel:Docents]]) / another website and pack my bag!
==Hindi version==
I'm working to translate some wikitravel-related stuff to Hindi so that I can launch a Hindi wikitravel. See my [[User:Upamanyuwikitravel/Sandbox|sandbox]].
And the Hi:Wt launched yesterday. See []

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Hi, I'm Upamanyu Mallik 17.

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