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(west india)
(i haven't studied hindi for 4 years now)
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Hi. I'm Upamanyu Mallik and I live in [[New Delhi]], [[India]]. I'm 13 yrs old. I recently joined wikitravel and i think it's a great online travel guide. My mom and dad say that the articles are swell and that the star articles beat Lonely Planet any day!!
Hi, I'm Upamanyu Mallik 17.
So three cheers for wikitravel !!!
==Current/completed articles==
*[[Delhi]] - have to start working on it
*[[Nainital]] - usable but quite informative
*[[Shimla]] - completed, nearly perfect
*[[Dehradun]] - done, lacks images
*[[Pune]] - have to MoS listings, sort Get Out
*[[Two days in Mumbai]] - just finished writing up the 2nd day
*[[West (India)]] - finished destinations, will sort ou the rest in due time
Hi, I'm docent for [[India]], [[Delhi]] and [[Calcutta]]. Feel free to e-mail your queries (write "WIKITRAVEL" in the subject) or post a message on my user-talk page.
==Places I've been to==
***[[Himachal Pradesh]]
****[[Corbett National Park]]
***[[Andhra Pradesh]]
****Araku Valley
***[[West Bengal]]
****Diamond Harbour
***[[Tamil Nadu]]
***[[Madhya Pradesh]]
***[[Uttar Pradesh]]

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Hi, I'm Upamanyu Mallik 17.

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