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==About me==
Fucktard go away, OldPine runs this place now!
I live in [[Ballymote]], [[County Sligo]], [[Ireland]].
I speak English and a little bit of Irish (''Gaeilge'').
I am a '''[[Wikitravel:Docents|docent]]''' for [[Ireland]], with particular emphasis on [[Sligo]], [[County Sligo]], [[Ballymote]], [[Manorhamilton]] and others.
If you wish to contact me about any of these places, please [[Special:Emailuser/The.Q|e-mail]] me, using the word "WIKITRAVEL" in the subject line.<br>
You may also leave a message on [[User Talk:The.Q|my talk page]].  I will reply on your talk page if you have one.  However, be aware I may not check my talk page every day, so if it's urgent, e-mail me (I check that '''Most''' days).
==Places visited==
I have visited the following countries:
{| width='75%' border='1' cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0
! Location visited...
! ...and when visited
| '''[[Ireland]]''', all over <small>(well, I do live there!)</small>
| 1970 onwards
| '''[[Scotland]]''', [[Edinburgh]], [[Loch Ness]], [[Mull]] and others
| 1980, 2002
| '''[[Switzerland]]''', [[Zurich]], [[Lugano]]
| 1990
| '''[[France]]''', [[Taizé]], [[Paris]], [[Perpignan]]
| 1991, 1998, 2003, 2006
| '''[[Canary Islands]]''', [[Gran Canaria]], [[Fuerteventura]], [[Lanzarote]]
| 1992, 2000, 2004
| '''[[England]]''', [[Cambridge (England)|Cambridge]], [[Coventry]], [[London]] and others
| 1994 onwards
| '''[[Turkey]]''', [[Bodrum]]
| 1995
| '''[[Thailand]]''', [[Bangkok]], [[Phuket]]
| 1997
| '''[[Greece]]''', [[Rhodes]]
| 1998
| '''[[Balearic Islands]]''', [[Menorca]]
| 2002
| '''[[Portugal]]''', [[Lagos]] and [[Alvor]], [[Algarve]]
| 2005, 2007
| '''[[United States of America]]''', [[New York (city)|New York]]
| 2007
==To Do==
* Continue to update the following pages as and when I can:
::[[County Sligo]]
==As seen on...==
I can also be (infrequently) seen on [[:Wikipedia:User:The.Q|WP:en]], [[:Wikipedia:ga:User:The.Q|WP:ga]], [[:shared:User:The.Q|WT:shared]] and [[:Commons:User:The.Q|WM:commons]].

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Fucktard go away, OldPine runs this place now!