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(Places visited)
(Places visited)
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| '''[[Portugal]]''', [[Algarve]] and [[Lagos]]
| '''[[Portugal]]''', [[Algarve]] and [[Lagos]]
| 2005
| 2005
|- '''[[Balearic Islands]]''', [[Menorca]]
| '''[[Balearic Islands]]''', [[Menorca]]
| 2002
| 2002

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About me

I live in Ballymote,note to self, create a Ballymote page. County Sligo, Ireland.
I speak English and a little bit of Irish (Gaeilge).


I am a docent for Sligo, County Sligo Ireland and Ballymote (when I create it).
If you wish to contact me about this, please e-mail me, using the word "WIKITRAVEL" in the subject.

Places visited

I have visited the following countries:

Location visited... ...and year first there
Canary Islands, Fuerteventura 2000
Canary Islands, Gran Canaria 1992
Canary Islands, Lanzarote 2004
England, Cambridge 1999
England, Coventry, London and others 1994
England, London 1994
France, Taizé 1991
France, Paris 1998
France, Perpignan 2006
Greece, Rhodes 1998
Scotland, Edinburgh, Loch Ness, Mull and others 1980
Ireland, all over well, I do live there| 1970 (!)
Switzerland, Zurich, Lugano 1990
Thailand, Bangkok, Phuket 1997
Turkey, Bodrum 1995
Portugal, Algarve and Lagos 2005
Balearic Islands, Menorca 2002

As seen on...

I can also be (infrequently) seen on the English language Wikipeida and (even less frequently) on the Irish language Wikipedia, Vicipéid