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='''Maw Tin Zun Pagoda Festival'''=
'''Mawtinzun Pagoda''' is one of the attractive places that can appeal to the heart of the Myanmar (Burmese) people. It is also one of the most popular temples for not only Myanmar but also international tourists. Those with a keen interest in architecture should visit the monsoon pagoda and celebrate the festival every year. And also by visiting the pagoda, you will see the merging the Pathein river into the Andamen Sea at there.
If the “Ma Ma Pathein Thu” Patriotic Song spread along the Ayeyarwaddy River, this time is the beginning of the MawTinZun Pagoda Festival. Mahāmakuṭaraṃsi Hsandawshin Myat Mawtin Pagoda in Hainggyikyun Distinct, Ayeyarwaddy Region holds Buddhist festival every year.
According to the Myanmar Calendar, the festival is celebrated on a monthly basis, with the English calendar being in February and March. Since we only hold one festival a month, so we should go to the Myat Maw Tin Pagoda (Mawtinzun pagoda). The festival is held from the full moon of “Dobodwe” to the full moon of “Daboung”. Nowadays it is not time for the festival to start at any time but it is possible to come to the pagoda at any time of the day.
Myat Maw Tin Pagoda is a Buddhist monastery in Ngapudaw Township in Ayeyarwaddy Division. Religious pilgrims from all over Burma have been abroad ships and ships. And also they come by cars.
During the festival the religious flag were displayed on the roofs of the ships. People who find themselves decorating their plastic balloons with bamboo poles may be inclined to attend the festival. Village music is also being broadcast to the audience, and the desire to go to the pagoda is further stimulated.
On the way back home, You can go to Pathein; Myaung Mya; Wakema;  Maubin and pay a visit.  You can also visit the historic city of Hieikyi and enjoy Kyaikti Pagoda. You can get there by boat to Kyaunkkalaut; by car to Ngwe Taung (Snake Mountain); by Motorcycles;  and you also can take a walk or walk at there.  On an unforgettable journey, the rocky cliffs along the waterway are glowing and glowing in the sky.  Offshore and coastal waters;  The sound of the waves and the waves;  and the white waves are rising on the shore.  Enjoy cool air and cool scenery.  It is also very fun to take a bath in the Ngwe Taung .  Clean and fresh seafood, sweet coconut milk is also available.  The festival market is located on the sandy beach and boasts the natural beauty and beauty of the sea.

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