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I am Geert, a Belgian who lives in Switzerland...

My favorite places on earth (in that order): Greek Islands, Iceland, Cook Islands, Ireland, Big Island. While writing, I noticed they're all Islands ;-)

As a Belgian, I love to eat and to try out local foods in different countries. I fail to understand why anyone would want to eat pizza in Greece, schnitzel in Italy or hamburgers in Switzerland. They should stay at home and watch television.

I declared war on touts, scammers and other forms of tourist ripp-off lowlifes and can be quite direct. If you are here because I have been deleting one of your edits you might be one of them. In that case i don't like you and you cannot make me. All others please talk to me and I am happy to help. From time to time it happens that I de-Americanise some articles, especially security related ones, sorry for that ;-)

I'm a passionate traveller, at the moment i am travelling the world for 3 years, started may 2009. I try to share my travelling experiences as good as possible here in wikitravel.

Oh yeah, and i think there are too many english teachers on wikitravel, taking out funny sections and focusing on grammar, making it a boring encyclopedia instead of a travelguide ;-P

On this trip i have been so far:

Further Ideas if there is still money left: