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American living in United States.


I am great at Geography, love the Linux philosophy, and think this is a wonderful site.

Loves, Hates and Wishes

Thanks to Peterfitzgerald and Globe-trotter for the (adapted) table lay-out.




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Upcoming travel plans



I plan on updating the pages in Washington and Oregon a lot, because I know my local area best. I also am working on translating some pages into for practice and service.

How I travel

I haven't seen this on other profiles, but this could be a very interesting experiment on what different users look for...

How I choose where I am going

Currently I am interested in going places I know people and have family. Short trips are done too...

What I bring

  • Basic requirements (clothes, toiletries, ID, Money, Phrasebook)
  • My iPod for those long waits, flights, drives, etc.
  • Camera
  • Computer for inexpensive communication

What I look for in hotels

  • The basic necessities everyone will agree on, bathroom, bed, cleanliness, etc.
  • Some sort of breakfast
  • Wi-Fi is important for blogging and writing home.
  • Convenient location is important for wasted time.

Places I look for

  • Interesting Museums
  • Colleges
  • Nice restaurants, doesn't have to be expensive.
  • Cultural icons
  • Capital buildings, I find them to have a lot of good information.

What I buy at places I have already been to

Things that catch my eye mostly

  • Books on the location and culture
  • A shirt with the name of the place
  • Interesting things (artwork, music, good things that will last)

What I buy and bring home from foreign trips.

  • A book on the country's history
  • A small pennant of their national flag, a lapel pin with the flag, and a shirt with the name and flag.
  • A little bit of the currency (no more than 20 USD)
  • Souvenirs that have significance to me, books on an icon, a common piece of art, something that on their culture.


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