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Traveller presently residing in Daejeon, South Korea. As seen in Tokyo, and numerous townships and hamlets across the Australian outback. I like pie.

My present goal here on Wikitravel is to get maps up for major destinations in South Korea as well as adding logical Get Out and transport route links to prominant tourist destination articles (two things I wish I had at first when coming here). All completed maps have SVGs up on /shared for easy updating and general dicking around.

  • Done: Jeju Island, Jeju City, Seogwipo, Mt Halla, Daejeon, Dunsan-Expo Park
  • To do: Daejeon (Subway + Express Bus #1, #2), Yeosu, Geoje, Busan (General Overview).

Wikitravel really has the potential to help South Korean travel, given most local guides seriously pander to cultural propaganda: even photos cannot be trusted as representative of a location. Country needs to ban photoshop usage something chronic. Every time you use a lens flare, God kills a kitten.