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I am Ryte from Vilnius, Lithuania. I am traveler, also like photographing too. My visited countries are mostly in Europe, also Canada and Japan. So, at the end of 2019, later was added quarantine time, I got a lot of free time and decided to try editing on Wikitravel. I started my creating, writing and editing for Calabria region. Later, I edited Sicily, but only half of work of it, when there was need of my help on Ruta 40. On this route, there left only several towns for me and I will be back to Sicily pages again. I don’t count all the small corrections and edits of cities in different parts of the world.

The positive from all this work is that, I got to know small part of huge Wikitravel world, got experience in editing there, also got to know new cities and places, studied new stories, events and traditions, touched on other languages, deepened my knowledge in other areas, especially in architecture.

Also writing here, I want to thank people, who helped me during my travels in the cities I have visited.