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Rick grew up in a remote place with beautiful wilderness but many strange customs -- namely, Northern Ontario, Canada. Specifically, he spent the majority of his youth in Sault Ste Marie, to which he has now inexplicably returned. In the interim, he's lived in places as varied as Kitchener-Waterloo, Victoria, Woodstock (Ontario), and Maebashi, Gunma-ken, Japan.

He subscribes to the hacker ethic; as such, he's interested in information sharing, cooperative creativity, and open source and free software. Other interests include paintball, hiking, cycling, geocaching, philosophy, cooking, role-playing games, and martial arts, to name a few.

Pages I'm planning to contribute to (hopefully, eventually...):

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Disjoint, Incoherent Notes

  • Vic: Laurel point, JJ Morgan's, Moxies, University Club
  • Food: Where to get it when you're cooking it yourself
  • mosquitoes
  • hospitals / emerg